Having been around for many decades, it's not surprising that some things associated with tabletop gaming have fallen from popularity.

Tabletop Games

  • Drizzt Do'Urden was the hottest thing in Dungeons & Dragons, before the Wolverine Publicity, Overused Copycat Character, and all the bad Fanfic. Now, say "I love Drizzt books" on-line and many RPG players will think you're saying "I am a 13-year-old boy who has never read anything else in his life."
    • This is not helped by the fact that said 13-year-olds still love to create Drizzt imitations in about every MMO known to man. If you see any sort of dual-wielding darkish kind of elf in an MMO, chances he'll have a name suspiciously similar to "Drizzt". Even that seems to be a Dead Horse Trope now.
    • This might be partially because the Drizzt books rely on the assumption of the reader that dark elves are evil. If the only dark elf you've ever heard of is Drizzt, you're going to lose something.
  • In The World of Darkness games:
    • Having a character with a trenchcoat and a katana has become cliche and passe. The initial popularity was aided by the fact that in some editions, swords are more powerful than guns and katanas are the most powerful sword.
    • In The Nineties, Vampire: The Masquerade gained a very low reputation in Poland for having players that were insufferable goth stereotypes. It ended in the establishment of WoD-free zone at a major convention.
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