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That's it. We're deader than tank tops!
The Cat, Red Dwarf

 "The Twilight thing ... how long do you think it's gonna be? Like ... fifteen years, ten ... when we look back on the Twilight saga and go 'Jesus Christ, what the fuck are we doing'?' Like, I was trying to think of cultural fads that were similiar to that, like, uh, disco.

And I was like, nah, you kind of make fun of disco, but disco had some merit. No, no no no no no, I was like ... Vanilla Ice, or New Kids on the Block. You know, these things that are even today like punchlines of things that we really thought were just cool as hell ... cool as ice .. that we just look back and we shake our heads and we go 'Oh my God! We had posters of that guy! Like, we bought books! We bought tickets to that!'"
Noah Antwiler, towards the end of his V-Log discussion of the Twilight: Eclipse movie.
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