Professional wrestling has taken plenty of bumps in popularity over the past several decades.

Pro Wrestling

  • Professional Wrestling itself is almost always this trope, excluding the periodic boom periods [1] where it becomes okay to admit that you're a wrestling fan without getting called a redneck. Of course, even when wrestling is on the low, wrestling companies still tend to be relatively successful. Fans cry that the end is coming far too often however.
  • WCW. Once a dangerous threat to the WWE, it quickly fell apart due to catastrophic mismanagement, eventually being bought out by its arch-rival for scraps, and its disastrous final years are what many wrestling fans today think of when they hear the promotion mentioned.
  • The Monday Night Wars put an end to shows made entirely of Squash Matches. Once shows presented quality matches on free tv, fans of either company wouldn't settle for anything else. While some may have a squash match or two to debut a new wrestler or for a joke match, a show consisting entirely of them will suffer in the ratings. And if you're a younger wrestling fan (say, ages 10 to 30), you might not even be aware these shows ever existed.


  1. The mid-'80s, for example, brought us Hulk Hogan and the Rock & Wrestling era, and the late '90s and early 2000s brought us the Monday Night Wars.
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