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Dead Space 1

  • Finding out that Nicole was Dead All Along in Dead Space. Despite being a Heroic Mime, I felt quite sorry for Isaac at the part.

  Nicole: I didn't want it to end like this. I really wanted to see you again...just once. I loved you. I've always loved you.

    • What got me was the animation Isaac goes through during the revelation - even though you never see his face, his body language speaks volumes for just how badly it hits him. Even worse if you read his in-game diary: he knew Nicole was dead, but kept himself in denial up until that point. Ouch.
  • The audio log from the poor bastard who cut all his own limbs off to keep himself from being a danger when he got infected--and only asks that someone tell his wife and kids that he loves them.
      • What makes it even worse? It didn't work.
  • Finally finding Acting Chief Engineer Jacob Temple and Dr. Elizabeth Cross, whose audio logs you've been listening to through half the game.
  • In the colony, in the room where you find Neumans emergency broadcast, there is a writing on the wall adressed to someones father, to not leave things unsaid.

Dead Space 2

  • Heavy Spoilers for Severed: Gabe's death in Severed. His leg is blown off and his final moments before death are fighting off a horde of Necromorphs and making damn sure his wife gets to safety before he finally dies. His final words are "I love you."
    • Lexine's reaction is heartbreaking.
  • The opening video with Nicole, while not this, adds a really huge emotional kick in the groin. Not only was her being on the Ishimura in the first place Isaac's doing (he'd encouraged her to go on the voyage because she hadn't been sure she wanted to go) and as they're talking, the video begins to cut out...and anyone who played the first game knows that communications from the Ishimura went offline a short time before the Necromorphs began slaughtering the entire ship.
  • At the beginning of Chapter 13 you Ellie gets on a gunship, Isaac walks over and activates it while she's on it. Before and after he does this you can tell he doesn't want to. When Ellie realized what was happening, her words, in a teary form (yes, it sounded like she was going to cry) where "...You bastard..."

  Ellie: No. No! No, don't you dare, don't you dare launch this ship! ISAAC!

    • Immediately after that, Isaac slumps down to the ground, and Nicole is there. They have a heartfelt conversation about how he simply can't let her go, and then:

 Nicole: Isaac. Touch me.

Isaac: (pauses, then reluctantly stands up) ...I don't think that's a good idea.

Nicole: Isaac, please. Make us whole.

Isaac: (looks away) I can't.

  • The ending, at first. You just see Isaac, alone and miserable, just waiting to die. I was so glad to see Ellie suddenly come down to rescue him just to save him from that.
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