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Dead Space 1

  • For this troper the divider death was frackin' hilarious.
  • In chapter 4, when going to the bridge, a Brutes head burst through a black window at the side, after shooting at it, it will pull away. Directly above the hole in glass is a sign reads: "Visitors! Must sign in at guard house." Looks like someone made the guard pretty angry at newcommers.
  • The intro the hydroponics level includes a massive Scare Chord - to some tomatoes being watered. Fuck you, you smarmy shipboard AI.
  • Killing the first brute really can cause something like this:

 Isaac:(Kills brute in two seconds)

Hammond:(Five seconds later) Your weapons can't punch through that things armor! Shoot in the back Isaac!

Player:I just killed that thing!

  • In the waiting room of the Ishimura Clinic in Chapters 2 and 5, one side of the room is in near-total darkness, but shining your flashlight on the wall reveals a shitload of graffiti, including this gem:

 Original line: WE ARE SO FUCKED

Later addition: Hey its ok to be fucked

Dead Space: mobile

  • In the Interquel for the iPhone, we get this gem from Tyler in Chapter 4:

 Vandal: (Reaches a locked door.)

Tyler: Vandal, that door is on quarantine lock. You have to backtrack about 300 meters, take a right through the utility area, then GET OVER THAT MINE SHAFT AND... (chuckles) Just screwing with you! Try it now, lock's open!

Dead Space: Ignition

Dead Space 2

  • Just take a minute to mash the stomp button for a minute or so. The following Cluster F-Bomb you get from Issac is pretty hilarious.
    • After being jumped by a necromorph or surviving a really frustrating battle, it's also a very good stress reliever.

  Isaac: stomp stomp GOD DAMMIT stomp stomp stomp MOTHER stomp FUCKER stomp stomp FUCKING stomp DIE!

  • The ending. Especially considering how the first game ended.

 Isaac: sits in the shuttle cockpit, unwinding from the day's events. A look of apprehension flashes across his face, as he recalls the ending from Dead Space 1. Ominous music play, he hesitantly turns his head...

Ellie: [sitting idly at the controls, sees Isaac staring at her] ...What?

  • This little exchange.

 Ellie: It looks like the Necromorphs are starting to swarm into the Ishimura, through the Medical Bay. Thankfully, you don't have to go through there.

PA: Unexpected Obstruction ahead. Emergency stop initiated. Welcome to: The Medical Bay.

Isaac: Crap.

  • Hot wiring the drill. Ellie calls out that she thinks she's fixed it and Isaac doesn't get a chance to correct her.

 Ellie: I'll try to get it started from up here.

Isaac: (under his breath) Or maybe I just rewire it from down here...

Ellie: What was that? I didn't hear you.

Isaac: Uh, nothing. Nothing.

    • After hotwiring:

 Ellie: Hey! I got it!

Isaac: Well, actually, I-

Ellie: Isaac! Hurry up and get on!

  • This little exchange off-screen between Ellie and Stross after Stross has stabbed out Ellie's eye with a screwdriver - she's not happy, to say the least:

 Stross: The patient's not cooperating!

Ellie: Fuck you!!

  • The reward you get for beating 'Hardcore' mode. Ever wanted to fight necromorphs while acting out the playtime of a 10 year old boy? Well now you can!
  • When Isaac is first battling the Stalkers:

 Daina: Isaac, I-

Isaac: NOT NOW! [Gunfire]

  • When Daina's attempt to capture Isaac get's interrupted by the Earth Gov Gunship, keep an eye on the Unitologist goon still trying to hold Isaac in place. His expression when noticing that Isaac has a suit that is space worthy(for a few minutes anyway) while he doesn't is priceless, considering they're getting sucked into space.
    • Unintentional during the same scene. Isaac being held in place by two unarmed man barely taller than him, while he still holds his Plasma Cutter, Pulse Rifle, Javelin Gun, Nail Gun or Line Gun in his hands, is strangely hilarious.
  • All of Isaac's and Ellie's scenes in the mines. From their banter on who really got the giant drill started, to how much fun he's having fighting off waves of Necromorphs ("Oh yeah, fun times"), Ellie apologizing about having to mine through more goo, and then this crowning cherry:

 Isaac: So how do we get in there?

Ellie: Straight ahead. We do have a giant drill.

Isaac: You know I'm riding on top of this, right? Ellie? Ellie? Ellie! Ellie!

[cue rumbling and cut to Isaac launching face-first onto the ground]

Isaac: Holy crap that hurt.

  • This earlier exchange, which is worth a chuckle:

 Isaac: You're CEC?

Ellie: Heavy equipment pilot Class 4. You?

Isaac: Engineer.

Ellie: Nerd. Figures.

  • In Severed

  Gabe: Balls!

  • In Chapter Eleven, a drag tentacle grabs you and pulls you through a hole out into space. As you are pulled, sparks fly everywhere as stone makes contact with your suit. However, you could be wearing the Hacker Suit, which is only a jacket and jeans, and still get sparks flying everywhere. Why? Because Isaac is literally Made of Iron!
  • Though not canon, this Ask Isaac Tumblr blog has no shortage of hilarity.
  • The introduction and pre-fight dialouge to The Battle in the Center of the Mind with Marker-Nicole can be pretty hilarious.

 Marker-Nicole: Thank you Issac... now, time to die.

Issac: What?

 Issac: But Strauss said we could destroy the Marker!

Marker-Nicole: Not if we consume you first!


  • Some fans have thought that when [[spoiler:Gabe got his legs blown off he said goodbye legs when he actually said goodbye Lex
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