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Listing separate CMOAs in Dead Fantasy is probably an exercise in futility, but nevertheless:

Before we begin, it must be pointed out the the mere existence of Dead Fantasy is a CMOA for Monty Oum, who created the entire series by himself. While working 9 to 5 at his day job. Despite almost going broke from the costs of producing and distributing his movies, he never even considered making money off them. Yes, he is just that awesome.

Part I

  • Rikku's determination to protect Yuna comes off as quite admirable. She saves her life at least four times! The best one is when Yuna is plummeting down a Bottomless Pit. Rikku grabs Kasumi and throws her into Yuna, forcing her to teleport both of them to safety. Pure genius.
  • Hitomi kicking a giant stone block beneath Rikku and Yuna, and then, as the girls and the block are flying around, hitting the block, breaking it in two parts, with each one hitting one of the girls mid-air. Awesome!
  • Tifa's Big Damn Heroes holds a special place in the hearts of all FF7 fans.

Part II

  • Rikku fighting off Ayane while standing on her hands. Why? Because it's awesome.
  • Tifa's 16-or-so-kick-combo against Ayane. She starts hitting, and just keeps going and going...
  • The Final Fantasy girls coordinating a team attack, which has Tifa using Time Magic to freeze the DOA girls, followed by Rikku knocking them into each other, allowing Yuna to blast all of them with a Bullet Rain attacks ala Dante, all of them being magical bullets and homing directly at the enemies. One of the most impressive attacks in the series so far.
  • Kasumi held back Tifa, Yuna and Rikku by herself, allowing Ayane blast that tower to hell. Just as Tifa gets within inches of stopping Ayane's attack with a jumping punch, Kasumi teleports herself right in front of Tifa and takes the punch straight to the face just so she can teleport them both to the base of the tower. That took balls ovaries of steel.
  • After Ayane's charged, destructive attack, the FF girls run and jump from the tower, and soon, the DOA team starts chasing them. You think for a moment, "No way, they ain't gonna... ", but then they stand on the wall as they fall, the teams approaching one another, and you realize: "Yes! They ARE going to fight like that!"
  • Tifa gets another one during the aforementioned wall fight, when she grabs Kasumi's head and grinds it against the wall while they're falling, smashing two pillars and a platform along the way. Ouch.
  • Tifa's Suplex-->Fire-->Gravity-->Ultima combination.
    • Possibly Flare-->Demi2-->Ultima
  • Team Final Fantasy and Time Magic. DOA never stood a chance.
  • Yuna initially seems unaffected by the Hastega buff. She tries to shoot Kasumi about ten times unsuccessfully due to her Teleport Spamming. Then she jumps off the wall and, without warning, unleashes a massive Bullet Hell attack that even a Touhou player couldn't dodge.
  • Tifa takes on all four DOA girls by herself to retrieve a pair of potion bottles, despite being exhausted and ready to keel over. And she wins by using said potions, including as improvised weapons.
    • A theory is that they were an Elixir and Hero Drink. Full Heal + Power-Up= Major comeback!
  • We have Tifa literally running across lava to deliver a flaming dropkick to an opponent's face.
  • Big Damn Rinoa. When Rinoa steps into the fight, it's a showstopper: she freezes an entire lake of lava solid and descends to the battlefield on great glowing wings, first joining the melee dual-wielding gunblade and chakram/shield, then whipping up an enormous tornado and hurling huge stone blocks at the DOA team once they're caught in it.
  • Valor Form Kairi.
  • Rikku and Kairi's double team attack on Ayane.
  • Yuna has a blink-and-you'll-miss-it moment, when she points one gun at Kasumi and the other above her head. She then fires both simultaneously without looking or aiming. Kasumi teleports to dodge the first shot... and gets nailed by the second. Yes, Yuna apparently knew where she would be before her.
  • It gets even more insane when you realise this is only one quarter of a combined attack, which has to be perfectly synced so Rinoa can blast the whole DOA team at once when they crash into each other from four different directions. Oh, and they are fighting on stone blocks inside a tornado with no way to even see what their teammates are doing.

Part III

  • Pretty much one long CMOA for Hitomi. Included among her acts of pure awesome is ripping a piece of the floor off and chucking it at Tifa to block a Fire spell.
  • Tifa throws Hitomi into a wall but she lands on her feet and counters with a hurricanrana.
  • Tifa hits Hitomi with a darkness spell. This backfires. Spectacularly.
  • Hitomi punching Tifa's materia out, including catching a Quake materia and instantly using it right back on her. Let's rephrase that for emphasis - a blind Hitomi, having had absolutely no magical powers beforehand, takes on Tifa, who is jacked up on about 50 materia, and wins by punching Tifa so hard the materia fall out of her.
    • About half of them were knocked out of Tifa with Hitomi's finishing blow!

Part IV

  • This episode comes off as another Crowning Moment for Monty himself. The beautiful scenery in the flower fields (which sadly didn't last long) could make the developers of the Final Fantasy VIII's flower field cry with envy!
  • Yuna switches Spheres to a Summoner... and then the Aeons start to arrive.
  • The Kasumi clones killing the Final Fantasy summons.
  • Big Damn Cloud. To get an idea of how awesome this is, watch the live audience version, and check out how the crowd goes absolutely ballistic when he shows up. Most of the intros got major cheers in the live showings, but this is the biggest.

Part V

  • Tifa's true CMOA. Wounded, battered, bloodied, and with absolutely no materia, she holds off dozens of ninja who are apparently not subject to Conservation of Ninjutsu.
  • Particularly the part where Tifa uses a garage jack as an Improvised Weapon, and manages to drop about seven ninjas in half as many seconds, finishing the last off by deflecting another's dropped sword into his chest.
  • After a moment of reflection on how the hell she managed to get into this situation, Tifa - now with special pincushion action - stands up and releases a wonderful Death Glare, then charges. She pulls the sliced-in-half steel bar that was left in her hand up, and shoves the cut end of it through a ninja's face. Let's go over this again. She shoved a pipe through a man's face. She then goes clean up a support beam to the second floor walkway, completely ignoring the arrows decorating her frame, grabs a ninja around the waist and hurls him backwards to the bottom floor. She then casually kicks another ninja in the chest and is about to give Hayate her opinion on the matter when he Flash Step punches her across the room. I do hope I'm not the only person redoing their Final Fantasy VII save and trying to make Tifa a tank.
  • A massive one after she gets a sword shoved through her arm in addition to about a dozen arrows all over her body. She stumbles for a moment, clearly in horrible pain and about to go down, but instead of giving up, she rips the sword out of her arm, gets back on her feet, and runs forward to slice a ninja in half at the waist. That moment got almost more cheers than anything else during the live showings.
  • Hayate gets special mention, as he only attacks Tifa twice in the entire fight - the second blow putting her down for the count. The first time she tries to hit him, it looks more like she got repelled by some force field. He does actually punch her, it's just so fast, you have to go frame by frame to even see it.
  • Big Damn Ryu Hayabusa.

Part VII

  • It's not much, but according to a recent pic, Rinoa will have an aerial battle. Involving jet fighters.
    • Here's the pic: [1]


  • Though we've only seen a small portion of it from a preview, said portion contains Kairi stealing the show when she lets Naminé take over and completely own Momiji with her Keyblade wings and moves apparently inspired by one Nu-13.
  • This is then followed by Ryu dashing forward to tackle Momiji out of the way of a very lethal looking strike which, upon hitting the ground, summons Vincent Valentine, who looks quite nonchalant as he and Naminé make to continue the fight.
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