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Homestar: Mainly, I just want to keep [Marzipan and The Cheat] from making out.

Strong Bad: Euw! The disgust! It won't wash off!
Homestar Runner, "Date Nite"

A mostly comedy trope. Two people are in the process of getting together and having a date. The more they try to keep it on the down-low, the more likely it is that everybody they know is spying on 'em . . . possibly with the specific goal of ruining the thing, which may result in a Bad Date.

Truth in Television, although perhaps not as common as portrayed in fiction.

Examples of Date Peepers include:

Anime and Manga

  • Angel Densetsu: Ikuko, Ikuno and Takehisa follow Ryoko and Kinato around during a date and work to ensure that it isn't interrupted. Their efforts were completely in vain, as every important character in the series then proceeded to show up to do just that.
  • Detective Conan: Sato and Takagi have a date in an Amusement Park with half the police force, trying to make it fail without being seen.
  • You're Under Arrest: Miyuki and Nakajima's date in the third OAV. Small subversion in that the date was per orders of their boss, after a rather bad misunderstanding that involved them and Natsumi.
    • And further subverted in that Miyuki was fully aware that they were being watched the entire time. When the romantic moment is ruined by an All Officers dispatch call, Miyuki looks straight at the bush her partner is hiding in and tells Natsumi that they had better get going.
  • This happened in Mahou Sensei Negima, during Negi's date with Nodoka at the school festival there were at least 5-6 other girls there watching 'em.
    • Earlier on, it's subverted. A couple of girls see Negi and Konoka and follow them around, thinking they're on a date. They even call the class president to inform her of what's going on, and she promptly drags both herself and Negi's roommate Asuna over to find out. Turns out that Negi and Konoka were buying birthday presents for Asuna.
    • Asuna's date with Takahata also has more than a few spies trailing along.
      • Plus, Asuna and Negi's date in practice of that date had everyone aware of Negi's aged-self tagging along.
    • And Konoka's and Setsuna's "outing". Really, it would be easier to count the times Akamatsu hasn't done this.
  • When one of the girls in Wedding Peach tries to go out with the guy they are rivals for, the other two do this.
  • The friends of main characters Haruna and Masaru in Monkey High have become pure kings of this trope, spying on them at all times and popping up inopportune moments, even following them around school.
  • Otomen also has this, though it's justified because Juta is basing his story off of Asuka and Ryo's relationship.
  • Ranma ½: While Ranma and Akane have never technically been on a real date, whenever those two have a romantic (or assumed to be romantic) moment alone together at the Tendo's house, you can be sure that the Tendo and Saotome families are either spying or eavesdropping. They've also been real moment killers every now and then due to this.
    • A more specific example would include the time when Akane was tricked into going on a date with Ryoga. At first, she thought it was a challenge and that somebody wanted to fight her... then she finds out it's not and that Ryoga thinks it an actual date. Ranma shows up out of jealousy, pisses her off, she gives him the good ol' megaton punch, then decides that she really will go on a date with Ryoga. Ranma shows up out of jealousy again and tries to mess it all up. Hilarity ensues.
    • Let's just face it. Everybody has spied on Ranma and Akane at one time or another. The entire freaking school spied on them once.
    • When Ranma goes on a date with an old man's spirit, Akane and the man's grandson follow them to spy. They watch from a bush, eventually.
  • Turns up in Urusei Yatsura, of course, most notably a date between Miko Sakura and bumbling dark wizard Tsubame. One Running Gag during the story was the watchers trying to find places to hide, only to find them already occupied by other couples trying to get a little heavy petting in.
  • Also happens in Maison Ikkoku, with Godai's grandma behind it. It's hardly surprising that all of his neighbors took part, considering how nosy they all are.
  • Happens a few times in Sailor Moon; the first movie pretty much starts with the team spying on Usagi and Mamoru.
  • Used in one of the early second season episodes of Code Geass when Lelouch and Shirley go to the mall together. Several of their friends from school follow them, since everyone knows Shirley has had a crush on Lelouch for a long time. Then there's the added twist that they are also being spied on by the Britannian government, since Lelouch is secretly Zero, a simultaneous Magnificent Bastard, Well-Intentioned Extremist, and Dark Messiah. Lelouch, naturally, proceeds to play everyone involved.
  • In Mariasama ga Miteru, Yoshino spies on the date between her grande soeur (and cousin) Rei and one of the winners of the Valentine's Day contest.
  • The date doesn't even have to be real to invoke this trope. In Kamen no Maid Guy, when Naeka goes to the festival with the leader of the Breast Fanclub, she has the other two Fanclub members, her Those Two Guys and both of her maids spying on her. Kogarashi attempts to boost the romantic atmosphere (and it works), but Fubuki misunderstands and ends up ending the whole thing by knocking the leader's head through a tree when she flings a lamp at him.
  • As pictured above, this trope was used in Naruto Konoha Gakuen Hen, a comedic Omake inspired by the second Naruto Shippuden ED which is set in a High School AU. Naruto goes on a date with Hinata and they're spied on by Sakura, Ino, Shikamaru and Chouji, among others.
  • Subverted in The Prince of Tennis, where the three times this trope is invoked... it's NOT a date, but something else. Ryoma and Sakuno went out only to get her racket fixed by a Cool Old Guy that Ryoma knew beforehand, a gorgeous girl that Kawamura was seen with once was the Hot Shounen Mom of his Forgotten Childhood Friend, and An only said she was in a date with Momo to keep him from running away from their friendly outing.
  • In Ah! My Goddess, Skuld discovered that her attempt at apologizing to her first serious crush was spied on by Keiichi and both her sisters. Urd just laughed it off, Keiichi tried to apologize while laughing nervously, but Belldandy looked positively mortified about what she was doing.
  • Happened in one episode of Kodocha when Sana, Akito and Tsuyoshi spied on Asako as she went out with a co star from one of her films, under the impression she was cheating on Rei. Hilarity Ensues and of course, not everything is as it seems in the end.
  • Eyeshield 21 plays with this. Sena finds a letter in his locker asking him to meet someone who is obviously a girl. Almost the entire Devil Bat team tries spying on him on this "date" for their own reasons. (The Huh-Huh Bros. can't believe Sena is getting some, Mamori is so happy to see him grow up, Suzuna is jealous, etc.) Turns out it's not a date, but a warning from their future opponent.
  • Played completely straight in Ladies versus Butlers! by Sernia Iori Flameheart when her classmate and rival Tomomi goes on a date with her childhood friend Akiharu to resolve her feelings towards him. Not that it works much, seeing as the guy is basically an Idiot Hero with a bad case of Obliviousness To Love and a certified Marriage To His Job.
  • Ouran High School Host Club has this in the episode/chapter Hikaru and Haruhi go on a date. The other Host Club members are wearing Paper Thin Disguises as they peep. In the manga the club members plan to spy on Tamaki and Haruhi's first date... in Paper Thin Disguises.
    • Though in both dates, they do their best to help out the couple in question. And for Tamaki, they even stop the Zuka club from trying to ruin his date.
  • Full Metal Panic: Fumoffu had Kaname going on a date. Sousuke and Kyoko however took it up on himself to make sure she's not disturbed. While the two were observing the date dressed in suits and wearing shades, some Yakuza started molesting Kaname. Cue Sousuke stealing his signature Bonta-kun costume and wiping the floor with the thugs without alerting Kaname to his presence - or so he thought; Kaname knew it was him when he shot one of the thugs out of habit then quickly stuffed the gun behind his back upon realizing it, she appreciated it anyway.
  • Parodied in a Gundam Seed Destiny H-manga. As Athrun is about to snog Meer Campbell, several characters peek their heads in the doorway. When Athrun stops to look, they pull out cameras. His response is to shoot at them, which sends them scattering.
  • The Mermaid Melody Pichi Pichi Pitch manga nearly has this as a Running Gag with poor Rina and Hamasaki.
  • Happens in chapter 26 of Kimi ni Todoke, although Sawako and Kazehaya weren't officially on a date.
  • In episode 14 of Girls Bravo Fukuyama and Kirie follow Yukinari and Miharu around on their date.
  • In To Love Ru Darkness, Nana, Momo, Mea and Yami all group together to spy on a date between Run and Rito. Shortly after, Yui also begins to spy on the two, though doesn't join with Momo's group.
  • In the first Tenchi Muyo! movie, Tenchi and his harem go back to the year 1970 to protect his parents from a time-traveling anomaly. While on a casual walk, the two are interrupted by Ryoko and Ayeka, who egg them on. Tenchi scolds them for, basically, risking a Grandfather Paradox.
  • Shuffle has two potential love interests, one Handsome Lech, and one Camera Fiend set up a date for a couple. Don't expect them to let the date happen naturally.
  • Okusama wa Mahou Shoujo has a beach episode where two people in a love triangle go out on a date. The third one isn't quite happy with that.

Fan Works

  • The core of the My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic fanfic "Once Bitten, Twice Shy"'s humour lies in the Gambit Pileup between two vastly different sets of Date Peepers trying to give Twilight and Fluttershy help on their dates. Fluttershy's team: a down-to-earth farmer and a sophisticated dressmaker. Twilight's: a reckless speedster and a lunatic who is literally too weird for magic to explain. Is it any wonder everything went to Yeah That Place?


  • A variation in Wasabi: as Jean Reno's Disappeared Dad character and his daughter are on a bonding Shopping Montage, they are followed around by the Yakuza men. Hilarity Ensues as Reno uses creative ways to deal with them without her noticing.
  • Who can forget the "lovely" date between Darla and Alfalfa (including sabotage by the members of the gang) in The Little Rascals movie?
  • Vada and Thomas J follow Vada's Father and Shelley on the Bingo date in My Girl. She yells "Bingo!" in from the window and Hilarity Ensues.
  • Not just dates. Ceiling River is watching you procreate.
  • A highly comedic subversion happens in Shoot'Em Up. The baby alerts the hero to the presence of multiple hitmen during sex with his Love Interest. He ends up dealing with them all without breaking stride, so to speak.
  • Stargate: When Daniel has a sensitive conversation with Shau'ri and admits his attraction by sharing a long kiss with her, two local boys look in on them, apparently highly amused at this development.


  • One of the many subplots of The Baby Sitters Club super special #7 is Kristy inviting Bart Taylor over to hang out. Her little siblings tease her for having a date, and are seen peeking and giggling at the pair throughout various intervals. Eventually they all wind up sitting in the living room together, much to Kristy's embarrassment.

Live Action TV

  • A hobby of Dr. House vis a vis Wilson, Cuddy... pretty much everybody.
  • 7th Heaven. Just 7th Heaven.
    • To elaborate: Simon and Ruthie peep on Lucy's first date with Jimmy Moon, followed by Mary getting Eric to interrupt them. Ruthie and Lynn Hamilton and their mothers spot Lucy and Keisha kissing boys at the movies. Eric tends to spy on his kids' dates in general to make sure they don't go further than holding hands. Simon and Ruthie spy on Matt and Heather. Mary and Lucy watch Robbie and his girlfriend. A few of Lucy's ex-boyfriends spy on her date with a new guy (though mostly to tell the guy how great Lucy is and how lucky he is to have her).
  • In Power Rangers Dino Thunder, the other Rangers use their surveillance equipment to spy on Ethan as he has his first date with Cassidy. When things start going wrong, Tommy Oliver actually uses his invisibility power to provide assistance.
  • Luke, Rani, and Clyde in The Sarah Jane Adventures, although they don't know that it's a date at first. They thought she was hunting aliens.
  • White Collar: Peter has to pretend to be a wealthy bachelor as part of a sting to catch Black Widow Selena. When she suggests they go to his place, he panics (since that would probably result in her figuring out that he's married), so he takes her to Neal's apartment instead, calling ahead so he can commandeer Neal's dinner with Sara. Neal and Sara get the call at the last minute and sneak into a side room to spy on Peter and Selena.
  • In a first-season episode of Full House, Jesse invites his girlfriend over when he thinks the Tanners are going to be away. Fog derails their plans, though, and when they come home, Jesse can't spend any time alone with the woman for the rest of the family walking in on them, including a baby Michelle toddling up to the pair while they were kissing.
    • An earlier episode had Jesse, then Joey, kissing a woman. DJ and Stephanie watched from the top of the stairs going "ewwwwww!"
    • DJ and Stephanie enjoyed doing this with Danny and Vicky in later seasons.
  • The younger four Brady siblings are seen spying on Marcia's dates a few times. Marcia even lampshades it once, telling the guy to just ignore them.

Video Games

Web Comics

Western Animation

  • Happened in an episode of Doug where the entire non-adult cast spied on Doug and Patti's first date.
    • Doug and Patti themselves spied on what they thought was a date between her father and Roger's mother. It turned out Roger's mother was just thanking Mr. Mayonnaise for tutoring Roger.
  • In The Replacements, Reilly's entire family (including the talking car), spied on her first date, even going so far as to impersonate the wait staff in the restaurant.
  • Danny Phantom: Both Danny and Sam spied on each other with their respective date with assumptions that their not-quite-not-yet-significant-other is up to no good. Not in the same episode, mind you.
  • Hey Arnold: Helga loved doing this.
  • Jenny, Brad, Sheldon and Tucker all spied on Nora Wakeman during her dates in "Mama Drama" on My Life as a Teenage Robot though Nora wasn't really trying to keep her romantic life secret.
    • Sheldon also went to great extents with this when Jenny had a date.
  • A mild example happens in Voltron: Legendary Defender, with Beezer the robot during Lance and Allura's first date. The robot showed up while the pair were kissing, but only to take their picture so they'd have something to remember the date by. The picture is later seen on Lance's nighttable in the final scene of the last episode.
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