A cousin of the Imperturbable Englishman and Awesome Aussie, the Dashing Hispanic is a Stock Character that rose to popularity with the success of codifying franchises like Zorro. Almost always an Anti-Hero (with the occasional Anti-Villain), this character is a rogue, skilled with their Weapon of Choice be it sword, gun, bow or even their own fists, and either Hispanic in origin of that setting's equivalent.

They are charmers, always witty and quick-thinking, and popular with the ladies. Their fighting styles are more about being athletic and striking with finesses than clumsy swings or wild shots, and their actions are governed they adhere. They usually have a habit of swearing vengeance on someone who's wronged them, and god help anyone who gets in the way of their revenge. Expect this trait to be played up in parodies.

Western Animation

  • The Fairly OddParents has Juandissimo, Wanda's handsome, smooth-talking ex-boyfriend who occasionally schemes to win her away from Cosmo/.
  • Gravity Falls: In "The Deep End", Mabel falls for a suave, Mexican-accented, tweenage merman named Mermando.
  • Alejandro in Total Drama is a villainous example. He is shown to have man skills, and is admired by most of the contestants until they discover his true, sinister nature. In fact, he actually throws in Gratuitous Spanish whenever he is frustrated, and the fifth season gives him a Spanish leitmotif that is based on Zorro's theme.
  • The entire cast of Mucha Lucha is made up of dashing Hispanics.
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