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A character page for the RP series known as Darwin's Soldiers. A list of character sheets as they were written by the authors during character creation can be found here.

The good guys

Recurring Characters

Dr. James Zanasiu

Former Pelvanida scientist from the biologics department and unofficial leader of the good guys. An all-around qualified individual. Author Serris' main character.

[[AC:Dr. Rudyard Shelton

Former control room admin and original Non-Action Snarker of the group. Usually does the tech and communications stuff, and is not good with guns. Author LettuceBacon&Tomato's main character.

  • The Smart Guy
  • Butt Monkey - Shelton gets beat up a lot.
  • But Not Too Foreign - Shelton has mentioned that he's not American, but other than a few odd colloquialisms and the use of "zed" instead of "z", he's pretty much the same as the rest of the team.
    • His ambiguous nationality is a Running Gag. To expand: he's used phrases or sayings from several different dialects, like Canadian, Australian, or British, but he's mentioned his mother didn't speak English, and his father was in the American Navy, but he went to school in Switzerland, yet when he lost his job he was sent to Austria...about the only thing we can say for sure is that he's European.
  • Deadpan Snarker - Oh so much.
  • Growing the Beard - Literally, in the third RP.
  • Mission Control
  • Mr. Fixit
  • The Mole - At the end of the second RP, he and Dr. Kerzach go undercover to infiltrate Dragonstorm.

Werner Donitz

The youngest scientist at Pelvanida, Werner was one of the first people to join James's team. Author f-22 "raptor" ace's main character.

  • Rebel Leader - Werner gets left behind on Gaman, and by the time the others return, he's become one of these.
  • Teen Genius - Only 18, and already working for a top-secret military research base. He's explicitly mentioned to be the youngest scientist at the base.

Dr. Josephine Smithson

Another scientist at Pelvanida. Author Mirumoto_Kenjiro's main character. Usually goes by "Dr. Joe."


An experiment created at Pelvanida, Neku is a young anthro-reptile and the first experiment to join James' team. He has a variety of powers and a crush on Snow, another surviving experiment. Author StarfallRaptor's main character.

Hans Donitz

A terrorist who switched sides to help the scientists and Werner's long lost father. f-22's character.

Alfred Byford

A construction worker who was hired as part of a crew to clean up and repair Pelvanida after the terrorist assault. Serris's character.

  • Ascended Extra - he was originally referred only as the "Bison construction worker".
  • Beware the Nice Ones - He is generally easy going but angering him will result in serious injury/death.
  • The Big Guy - He towers over the main cast at a staggering 7 feet tall.
  • Farm Boy - It is mentioned in the second RP that he grew up on a farm. At the start of the second RP, he is working in construction and he gets dragged into the whole story by Aisha.
  • Super Strength - Alfred possesses enough strength to fold a steel baton on itself, tear a gate right off its hinges or drag a large van out of a ditch with his bare hands.

Cpl. Thomas Stern

Freelance corporal, later revealed to be an old acquaintance of Aimee. Only appears in the second and third R Ps. Author Noname's main character.

Single RP Characters


A female Vixen who has robotic arms. Author MrDrake's main character.

  • An Arm and a Leg - Well, both of her arms were amputated in the past and replaced with her now, robotic arms
  • Badass - Well, she is a Vixen, and she can fight pretty well.
  • Berserk Button - She absolutely hates it when someone calls her a cripple
  • Everybody Was Kung-Fu Fighting - Well, she does need a use for her robotic arms, which can do damage

Shakila Brennan

A female black cat who is more of a techie than anything else. MrDrake's character.


Aimee's best friend since childhood, she too is a Vixen, like Aimee. MrDrake's character.


One of their friends whom has connections to the FBI. MrDrake's character.

  • An Arm and a Leg - Subject 19 had cut off his hand once, but since then, it has been healed up.
  • Cowboy Cop - He tends to not tell his superiors what is going around, trying to keep everything under control.


Jayden's FBI partner, a Coyote. MrDrake's character.

  • Obstructive Bureaucrat - Kiara fits this, as she does want to tell her superior on what has been happening, but as of late, it has been failing.


Anthro Dragon Experiment from the first RP, Siberys played an important role in the first RP, but disappeared after that. Author lbt/cty_lover's main character.

Sgt. Frederick Clyco

A Canadian soldier who brought an experimental weapon to Pelvanida in the second RP. Cautizer's character.

Aydin Marcos

A Vulpine , later revealed to be an old acquaintance of Aimee. Only third R Ps. Author Noname's secondary character.

The bad guys

Recurring Characters

Dr. Greydon/Johnson Zenarchis

The creator of Dragonstorm and The Man Behind the Man, Zenarchis is a mysterious figure who has escaped death at least once.

Dr. Ian Branston

The Thoroughbred Horse who deals with the day-to-day activities of Running Dragonstorm. He replaced Dr. Shelton as Pelvanida control room admin.

Keegan O'Neill

A Shire Draft Horse, he's the {{most recurring subordinate The Dragon}} to Dr. Zenarchis.

Howard Hicks

A Dragonstorm human, commonly seen with Montgomery. Killed in the second RP by Aisha.

Lester Montgomery

A Beagle, member of Dragonstorm who was elevated to Big Bad in Serris' story Fool's Gold.

Pietr Kozlov

A Brown Bear, former dragon until his death in the first RP. Creator of the flare shotgun.

  • The Brute - he towers over almost all the cast and possesses extreme strength. And is just as happy to use his fists or a gun in a fight.
  • Spell My Name with an "S" - His name kept switching between Koslov and Kozlov, until Serris explicitly decided it was Kozlov.

Single RP Characters


Evil, cold-hearted, practically, one evil, uncaring bitch. MrDrake's character.

  • Ice Queen - Well, she doesn't care for for Subject 19
  • Jerkass - Possibly to the lesser extent of the above.

Subject 19

Dragonstorm experiment with a short fuse. MrDrake's character.

  • Evil Is Sexy - Ahem yes....revealing clothes, has hit on Aimee once as well, Hailey thinks she's cute...I'm sure it fits


Responsible for Subjects 16 through to 19 and on how they had come to what they are like.

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