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Identity of Characters WMGs

The original players who left DM of The Rings are the starting players

Frodo is the GM who is actually trying to make a good campaign with little railroading. Sam is Jim. Merry didn't like the setting and thus didn't get involved. Pippin is Ben. Furthermore when they left Frodo was leaving to play Star Wars the RPG!

The GM's name is George.

He will reveal it eventually.

  • And the last sentences of the comic will be:
    • "GM: Well, you won. How was the campaign?
    • Sally: Super! Thanks, George!
    • Pete and Jim: Yeah, most parts were awesome.
    • Pete: ...but you could cut the talking a little.
    • Ben: Well, I've got to admit, this was pretty good.
    • GM: Yeah, kinda epic. Wonder how good would be a film made out of this..."
  • No the GM IS George Lucas if he was born in 1970 and thus hadn't lost his writing talent yet.

The GM is David Morgan-Mar

I ask you: has David Morgan-Mar ever not been the GM in any of his numerous webcomics?

  • Also, the in-universe DMM takes ideas from the other players' antics and uses them in Wands And Warts.
    • And in that universe, David uses his ideas for Notes and Nazis, and in that one, for Mutants and Miscreants, and so on.

Pete is a troper who had his life ruined by TV Tropes.

While most of the characters can be called the Meta Guy, Pete refers explicitly to tropes and such with his drinking game. On top of that, he doesn't seem to really care anything at all about the actual story of the game, only his own character that he can control. The reason: he went too far into the infosphere of the tv tropes wiki, ruining any storyline in any medium for him forever. That's why he's a Munchkin- it doesn't require anything plot-wise and he doesn't have to care about the story. It's also why he's a big old jerk who doesn't like to play along with anyone's story plans.

Pete was the DM in DM of the Rings.

  • His justification for being substitute GM was that he had the most GMing experience of everyone in the group, aside from the GM himself.
  • His Railroading-heavy GMing style seems to resemble that of DMotR's DM.
  • His first name is Pete. Maybe his last name is "Jackson?"
    • Aside from the Railroading, the two styles are pretty different. (DM of the Rings wants to tell a story and couldn't care less about fights, experience, and loot, Pete couldn't care less about story, bit will want to design encounters, and has more of a loot and experience focus.)

The players (and GM) are Time Lords

When they're done the game, they'll decide that it would make an awesome movie and time-travel to find a younger George Lucas. The differences between the game and the not-yet-future movies? YOU try figuring out what actually happened when you have five different people telling you what happened.

And also, we didn't have any Doctor Who WMG for this yet.

  • No, you fool, they are obviously Haruhi Suzumiya. All of them.

The Game Master will turn out to be the GM of the "DM of the Rings", who learned his lesson from that campaign. Ben was one of the players.

It's explain why the Game Master is doing a space opera.

Steve from Irregular Webcomic is the GM.

At some point he'll say something to the extent of 'This campaign's a bit stroppy!'

After finishing Star Wars, they'll start a new campaign- The Order of the Stick.

Pete is Belkar, Annie is Elan, Ben is Roy, Jim is probably Haley, and Sally is Varsuuvius. They'll get a new player for Durkon, obviously.

  • Really? Seems that Sally and Annie should be switched. Sally is more crazy, but story-oriented, thus explaining Elan's trope-happy-yet-incredibly naive personality, and well...Soul. Splice.
  • Belkar must be the least optimised character in the entire Order (at least since Elan Took A Level In Dashing Swordsman). No way is he Pete's character.
  • Durkon is obviously played by a a more relaxed Pete, note how Dwarves are one of the most cheesed out Core races of Dn D, and Clerics are so powerful when not used as a heal bot that this troper's friend refuses to play one after his last one out shown the Fighter and Wizard simultaneous, while still healing back in 3e.
  • They could have the new player Corey to play Belkar, if Pete is Durkon.

The GM is a GIRL!

It's so obvious.

  • Don't they refer to him as, well, "him"?
    • Only in-character, when the GM is using male NPCs.
    • Pete is shown as being of the mind that girls don't play RPGs at all. I forget whether he knew the GM previously, but if he didn't, he doesn't show the same sort of reaction to the GM that he did with Sally or Annie. If the GM were a girl, then either A. Pete knew her previously and thus wouldn't likely be all "OMG a girl?!" at Annie, or B. he would've gone, "OMG a girl GM!?" at some point.
    • Short hair?
    • Bifauxnen?
    • I thought of this myself, but unfortunately they do refer to the GM as 'him' in strip 100.

The GM's name is Luke.

And he'll play Luke Skywalker in Episode IV, when Sally takes over as GM.

  • At least partially Jossed; Corey is playing Luke, and the regular GM is still G Ming.

The players are the same ones as the Fantasy and Space themes in Irregular Webcomic.

Jim is Kyros and Serron. Ben is Iki Piki. Sally is either Draak or Dwalin. Annie is Paris and Alvissa. Pete could be Mordekai.

Newcomer Corey is going to be Luke.

Pete's nephew Corey seems to like computers a lot, so much that, when he is told that role-playing games are played with paper and dice, and in person, he seems surprised. Given his status as a newcomer to the Tabletop RPG scene, it makes sense that Corey will be Luke.

  • Confirmed!

Greedo is a Red Herring.

The set up for Jim's characters dying is to throw us off. He really is going to be Han Solo next, but the writers are trying to mess with us.

  • They did say in a translation thread (for the strip where Anakin kills the Greedo of the movies) that "That solves that problem", meaning Greedo is dead, so this does seem likely.

Future In-game Roles WMGs

The players in episode 4 are the children of the original players.

  • Episode 4 is called "A New Generation". They've got similar names to the original generations, but who's to say it's not Jim Jr., or named for their parents' sibling or old friend?

Annie will play Han Solo, Jim will be Leia, Pete is still R2.

The latest comic has Jim suggest Annie to play a pirate now that Anakin is "dead", with Padme dying Jim might want to play a similar character as Leia. Ben might switch to Luke who could be a GM PC, while Sally can do some character jumping between C3 and Chewbacca (admit it, she would love it and she created the character). In episode 5 she could take control of Yoda again.

In Episodes IV-VI, Han Solo will be played by Annie and Jim will play Leia (or vice-versa.

Han and Leia's initially antagonistic relationship in episode 4-5 will be represented by Jim and Annie's current relationship troubles, then at the end of episode 5 they'll get back together to coincide with the scene of Han being frozen in carbonite. Luke will be a DM PC, Ben will play Obi-Wan until his death, then switch to Luke. Sally and Pete will reprise their roles as C-3PO and R2-D2 respectively.

  • Han's Big Damn Heroes moment at the end of Episode 4 seems like the sort of unexpected character development Annie would be fond of. Not likely Jim would be subtle enough to play Han's original, mercenary character.

In Episodes IV-VI, Han Solo will be played either by Jim or by Ben.

Jim seems to fit the character well (although we all know how well the Irregulars stick to the character from the movies), and Ben dies not long after they met Han (who at that point was an NPC) in a bar, and he was a good character to take over.

After Qui-Gon dies, his player will roll up a new character - Han Solo.

You can't get more Han Soloy than Qui-Gon's player. Similarly, Annie will probably take over Luke after Anakin turns evil.

  • Problem: What does he do while he's waiting for Han to actually join the plot?
    • "Let's see this new character you've rolled up, Jim. Huh... you named a former Jedi after a dinosaur? Oh, excuse me, after Count Dracula and a dinosaur..."
  • Yeah, Qui-Gon dies two movies and 30 years before Han Solo's ever on screen. Maybe at that point the player will leave, and come back later, but that's a stretch. And why would Annie stop playing Anakin after he turns evil? If it were by her own actions (which, given recent strips is very likely) why would she stop playing the character she's deliberately built?
    • Games get really hard to manage if you have players on both antagonist and protagonist sides working against each other.
      • That just adds more opportunities for jokes, doesn't it?
  • Jim has officially slipped into the high heels of Amidala as of Qui Gon's death.
    • Which makes Han fit as his next character even better.
    • How so? As Padme, he'd have kids (Luke and Leia) and then if he takes over as Han he'd be hitting on his own (in-game) kid. That'd be kinda... off in some ways.
      • If Jim plays Han, Annie has to let Vader become an NPC and switch to playing Leia... Or it could be the other way around. Again.
        • Which she has done, so this is quite possible.

After Qui-Gon dies, his player will roll up a new character - Amidala.

It'll take a lot of persuading from Ben and Annie, because Jim won't want to play a female character. But it'll happen.

  • A recent strip showed that Jim may be interested in Annie. He's going to try to express that through role play - and he'd balk even more at playing a gay character.
  • This would explain why Amidala goes on the full adventure in Attack of the Clones, and the adventure only starts when she arrives.
  • It would also explain the fact that Amidala is totally cool with Anakin massacring an entire village full of Sand People.
    • Meh, Sand bastards had it coming. And considering it's D&D, he probably killed them for XP.
      • And after Annie makes Anakin go evil and Amidala dies they both roll up new characters: Han Solo and Leia. And Obi-Wan rolls Chewie.
  • Also, he recently got to know that he can earn XP with good roleplaying. So he will "abuse the rules" by having all those Amidala/Anakin scenes with Annie.

Totally called it. Okay, not his motivation, but still.

Pete plays Chewie.

Being incredibly strong, good with ranged weaponry, and gave up speech and wearing clothing as negative traits.

  • Alternatively, Sally could make up the Wookiees. I mean, they are like giant teddy bears.
    • Ewoks more so. Waitaminute...
  • Umm..what? R2's alive in all 6 movies, so why not just keep playing him?

Jim will take over Anakin letting Annie play 'that queen chick'

It would make the slaughter of the sandpeople make more sense. And maybe some more of the 'Jim and Annie relationship causes Anakin's decent' from the other direction.

  • Jossed -- for now, at least. It's possible that Jim and Annie will switch characters later, but rather unlikely.

Sally will switch to C-3PO when she realizes how ridiculous Jar-Jar is

Fandom wishes aside, there's only a handful of scenes with Jar-Jar in them for the rest of the trilogy, so she needs a new character (or to be Put on a Bus, but nobody wants that). Who better than the prequels' other comic-relief scrappy in desperate need of image rehabilitation? As far as an in-universe justification, it's been two years since the first campaign, more than enough time for Jar-Jar and his accent to become an Old Shame.

  • Alternatively, she will take over Mace Windu, Yoda, or some other Jedi. Someone that can actually fight.
  • Somewhat confirmed. Sally has thrown a tantrum and rufuses to continue playing. Whether she will reenter as another character remains to be seen.
  • She just changed to Dex, but seeing that Ben is pointed to Kamino, and she make her character to stay at the diner, she probably need to change character...again.
    • This troper is starting to think she's going to end up playing all the really weird minor characters that show up, sorta like a freelance NPC.
      • As of this comic, she's taken over C-3PO, so it looked like this one was right...
        • ... until she started playing Mace Windu in this one. Ain't no stoppin' her.
          • And then she changed back to Jar-Jar to make the senate speech, and is currently controlling C-3PO again while the GM is away. So, uh, maybe she'll play both C-3PO and Windu and switch between them, or something?
            • And now, as of this strip, she has switched to Yoda, and the GM has put his foot down and said "NO MORE CHARACTER SWITCHING!" meaning she'll probably be Yoda from now on. She might still do some switching, though...
        • ...There is no way the writers weren't watching this page.

After Qui-Gon dies, Jim will either take over as GM or help the GM make the planets for the next game.

Remember, Jim knows geophysics, and he helped explain Naboo a little bit better with the things he picked up from the map the GM had and Sally's underwater thing.

Ben will re-enter as Lando Calrissian after Obi-Wan is killed in Episode 4

This explains why there is no mention of what would become a major character until halfway through the second to last movie.

Jim will play Luke, Annie will play Leia and Ben will re-enter as Han Solo after Obi-Wan is killed in Episode 4 (and Lando when Han is frozen). Pete will control both the Droids and Sally will play Chewbacca.

Prior to Obi-Wan's death, Han is only a NPC. Pete controlling both the droids may end up being through the Leadership feat or something.

In the Original Trilogy setting, Jim will play Leia and Sally will play Han.

  • Just a hunch. It would seem like Sally would want a giant teddy bear as her best friend (even though she's trying to act "grown up" in the AOTC setting). And with Jim playing Amidala all gung ho, Leia would be a natural extension. "Into the garbage chute, Flyboy!"
    • I'd venture that Sally will want to play Chewie instead. Think about it, it's exactly the kind of character someone who likes to play "cute" aliens would want to play, but at the same time wants to look good in front of her friends. "Okay, so he's basically a furry teddy bear alien... but he's totally tough and strong! I swear! "

Sally is going to take over as GM for the next campaign

The shift in tone will be because she'll have grown up even further by that time. Various retcons or inconsistencies will be because she doesn't have the previous GM's notes. This will explain the change in quality between the prequels (not to hate on the current GM, he's not bad, he just doesn't have the natural storytelling aptitude Sally does) and go with the general theme of passing things on to a new generation that "A New Hope" was all about.

  • I actually thought of this and wanted to add it. It makes perfect sense, as her role in Attack of the Clones has switched almost solely to description and playing NPCs. Also, don't know if a GM ever roleplays himself, but I have this idea that the GM's name is Luke....
  • I third this one. The GM even seems a bit to be grooming Sally for the role, making a point of having her do the "set design" for Kamino.
  • I fourth this one but because it seems in universe time has passed just as time between movies does, and having Sally GM for the current players kids (except Pete on R2),
  • I fifth this, because the current group is cracking apart at the seams so badly it'd require an Author's Saving Throw to keep them all together. Sally's removed enough from things to look back later with rose-colored glasses and run a new game from the fragments of the old.
  • Sixth-ing this, or some form of it any way (timeskip with maybe new players and an old standby). It's a cool DM trick to pull out really old characters, especially when they're -your- (or someone you know) character; it makes them that much more heroic. The current cast is pretty much playing characters with a vastly reduced role in the original three movies; they show up, look cool, and go away again (or they're dead). Having new kids of the old cast would make for one heck of "Luke, I am your father" meta-game moment (though may be too dark for the strip). At any rate (as that's unlikely), looking at them... Anakin, Padme, Obi, Yoda, R2. Anakin becomes Darth; given the strips real life events, this is predicated by the as-yet unnamed conflict between Anne and Jim. Given what we know of the movies, at some point, Obi and Ana fight and both of their characters die (or go away at any rate). This would be Jim and Anne breaking up poorly. Come the big reveal in the original trilogy and the very emotional moment between Luke (who would suit Jim) and Vader, Anne surprises the group by showing up that session and reconciling with Jim. Han, Chewie, R2, Leia, C3, and Lando... Han and Leia are -Pete- and Sally. Ben becomes Chewie and the droids. R2 in the original is much less munchkin-y whereas Han is basically a no-name smuggler who somehow manages to hang with powerful people and thumb his nose at both rebels and empire. And he has a cool ship - one can see Pete getting a sidekick and such for being 'normal'. Or him just growing up. And then Sally could have a 'She grew up moment'. Though on the other hand, if Ben is Luke and Sally is Leia, then the 'He's my brother!' moment could be funny. ARGH!
  • I'm going to go out on a limb and call bullshit on the "Sally will be GM" theory. It simply doesn't make sense. Consider the imagination shown by Sally in designing characters, races and planets for the prequel trilogy. Now consider the fact that basically every world visited by the characters in the original trilogy are single biome planets. Unless Sally undergoes some serious character decay (which seems incredibly unlikely given that her imagination is running strong at this point of the story), then the original GM will remain. Sally will continue with her current role of designing characters and creatures and adding variety to the maps created by the GM.

With the exception of Pete, none of the players will play their character from the third episode to the fourth..

It's too big a leap, and everyone will adopt new characters for the new campaign... except Pete, who refuses to give up his XP. My guesses: Ben: Plays Luke. Jim: Plays Han Solo Annie: Plays Leia Sally: Plays C-3PO Pete: Plays R2-D2.

The GM will have great delight in playing Ben's old character against Ben, and turning Annie's character into the main villain.

  • I think that would be too obvious. Personally, I'm going for:
    • Ben: Han ("Without precise calculations we could fly right through a star, or bounce too close to a supernova and that'd end your trip real quick, wouldn't it?")
    • Jim: Leia (if he likes playing Padme)
    • Annie: Luke (he's the most dramatic)
    • Sally: Chewbacca
    • Pete: R2-D2

Sally will someday become the most epic DM ever.

  • To the point where she'll make a living off of being a game designer. Look into your heart, you know it to be true.

Episodes IV-VI will be a different campaign played by different people and ruled by a different GM

The characters that were in episodes I-III will be reprised by the original players for the simple reason of them transplanting the characters into the campaign. Eventually, the old GM and players will return and assist the new GM and players, perhaps Episode VI?

During the escape from the Invisible Hand, Sally will temporarily take over Palpatine

The battle sequence at the beginning of Episode III will probably take more than one session in-universe (especially if deleted scenes are included), so they'll stop right around the time they fight Dooku, then come back next session and Sally will be back. She'll get bored and want to do something in-game, but there's no way to justify Yoda or Mace or some other character appearing out of nowhere, so the GM will just let her control Palpatine until they escape the ship. And he was originally meant to have average stats being just a politician, but Sally or Ben will point out that he's a retired Jedi and demand better stats for him. The change in Palpatine's personality and making him stronger will be responsible for Dooku dying, and Anakin's subsequent fall, and also convince the GM to use Schrodinger's Gun to make him the evil Sith Lord we all know and love.

Jim isn't coming back

The GM will keep playing Padme as a NPC, then kill her off once it's certain Jim's not returning.

Jim is coming back, but as Palpatine:

Jim gets bored of playing a "Girlie goody goody" so he opts to play as a Jedi again. The GM says no, but allows Jim to play as Palpatine (a 'former' jedi) to shut him up. Jim agrees, because this means he can play as a (former) Jedi with even more power and influence than Padme (and even gets to run both sides and fight with Jedi). Order 66 occurs when Jim realizes that he really isn't allowed to be a true Jedi, so he says "If I can't be a Jedi, than no one can!" and orders the clones to kill them all.

Jim will be Luke, Ben will be Obi-Wan still, Pete will be R2 still, Sally will be C-3PO, and Annie will be Han.

  • Although when Obi-Wan dies Ben takes over the new NPC they just got Leia.
  • Sally may change characters a lot because she is prone to do so.
  • Chewie will be an NPC thrown in that Sally makes up when Han first appears.
  • Vader will not be a PC simply because they don't know who Vader is until Episode 5 in the Luke, I Am Your Father moment.
  • Has Anakin's last name even been revealed in the comic? There's no way to avoid not showing the end of Episode III's "Anakin Becomes Vader"... but the reveal is that Darth Vader is Anakin Skywalker.

R2 will be, if only briefly, a GMPC.

Whether that means Pete will permanently leave the character, I don't know. I see it happening something like this: Episode IV opens with Pete and some other player (Sally seems likely, as she's played 3PO before, but it could be anyone) as the droids, who land on Tatooine, get captured by Jawas (Pete fails his Fortitude save) and get rescued by Luke, another PC the GM was waiting to introduce. The session then ends, and Pete does not attend the following session so the GM uses R2 to introduce Ben's character back into the story. Pete may return to R2 afterwards, or else roll up a new character or leave the game entirely.

Jim plays both Han and Chewie.

  • Jim plays Han and Chewie.
    • I contend that this is foreshadowing that he will play two characters. Han and Chewie share practically every frame they're onscreen, not to mention (Movie)Han has certain traces of Jim's gung-ho attitude, making them the logical choices.
  • Annie plays Luke.
  • Pete plays R2-D2.
  • Ben plays Obi-Wan for A New Hope. After that... ?
  • Sally plays C-3PO in A New Hope, then switches to Lando (and briefly switches back to C-3PO for the beginning of Return of the Jedi).
  • Vader is an NPC... for now.
  • Leia is also an NPC, if only for A New Hope.

This also sets up something interesting - if Annie's playing Luke and Jim's playing Han, consider the beginning of Empire Strikes Back.

Jim will play a character who dies during the campaign.

Both of the characters played by Jim have died. They will turn it into a Running Gag by giving Jim a character that will die during the course of the campaign. This can possibly mean that Jim will take over either Palpatine or Vader, who are the only central characters I can remember dying during the original trilogy. I think it's more likely that Jim will take over Palpatine and turn him into a Large Ham with Insane Troll Logic, explaining some of the stuff done by the Empire in the original trilogy ("Our moon sized battlestation got blown up? Build another one! And this time make it bigger!")

  • Confirmed as happening off-panel. Jim has just died as Captain Antilles, & apparently he bit it with 3 other characters (including Kyle Katarn & possibly Bail Organa) each in their respective first sessions during the interim.

Ben will play multiple characters that get quickly killed soon after being introduced.

Obi-Wan dies in the Death Star but there are no major characters that Ben can play as until Lando in the next movie. Ben will play as Biggs and give him lots of characterization before being hit with a string of bad rolls, killing him. Then he will play as Dack before being killed again by horrible rolls. He will then play permanently as Lando.

Pete will play Han, Sally will be Leia, Ben will be Luke.

Lately, Sally seems to have jumped on the power gaming bandwagon to Pete's approval and their dialogue suggests a lot of interaction outside of the game. After the time skip, Sally and Pete will become a couple over the course of the campaign much to Ben's annoyance.

    • Isn't Sally, you know, still a young teenager while Pete is at least in his 20s, since he's friends of the characters who were established as being in college back in Episode 1 (which is a couple time-skips ago by now)?

To repeat from the above: Ben will be Luke.

This is mostly based on the "Well Done, Son" Guy stuff that has been introduced with Ben recently. The only other logical choice is for Annie to take the role, but then who's gonna play Vader? ...Jim, maybe?

Also, at complete random, I'm guessing Pete will be Lando.

Darth Vader will be an NPC

Annie and the GM went to considerable length to act out Vader's creation while everybody else was out of the room. Plus, Anakin is never referred as Darth Vader in the actual D&D storyline. Thus the GM will play Vader as an NPC as a means of preserving the Twist.

Annie will play Vader again after The Reveal

After the Luke, I Am Your Father Reveal, everyone in the party will know about Vader being Anakin. Annie will resume playing him after this point.

Nobody except Pete will be sticking with the same character throughout the game

  • Ben is already planned to come in as Han. He will switch over to Lando after Han gets frozen in carbonite, and probably switch back later.
  • Jim will be set up with Luke, who is much more suited to the GM's preference for Arc Welding.
  • Annie will assume control of Obi-Wan temporarily (he had originally been planned as an NPC). Just as Obi-Wan mentors Luke in-game, she will be mentoring Jim in properly roleplaying a character. Jim will alternate between decent roleplaying and his more typical behavior. During/after the Death Star section, Annie will regain control of Leia.
    • The Romance Triangle will follow the movies. It will start off as Jim and Annie's RL relationship carrying over into the game, but eventually Annie decides to pursue an in-game relationship with Han. There will be significant tension over this.
  • Sally will realize that Threepio is a pretty crappy character stat-wise, and switch over to Chewbacca by the start of Empire.
  • Sally and/or Annie may briefly take control of Wedge during the assault on the first Death Star.

Nobody except Sally will be sticking with the same character throughout the game

  • (Timeframe: Jim has died on the Tantive IV). Jim will be unable to make the next session, before returning as Han. Annie is about to be captured and will play as Luke for a while. Ben returns as Kenobi until the Death Star escape then takes over Leia (low chance) or takes over Luke while Annie returns to Leia (better chance) for the rest of Episode IV. Ben's attendance becomes restricted (med school? residency?) resulting in Luke's Split the Party status in Episode V - and Pete doubles as Chewbacca after being caught on the split (bonus XP for being Huge and unintelligable). Dagobah is Ben and the GM running a secondary set of sessions to keep level parity. After Han is frozen Jim plays as Lando.

Luke won't be a PC

In an attempt to deliberately recreate the accidental PC-ifying of Anakin, the DM will introduce Luke, make a big deal of him being the Chosen One, and have him hang around while Jim's characters all get killed. The players, being players, will completely ignore this.

Jim will play Han

We now know that Annie plays Leia, and in the movies Han and Leia hook up by the end of the OT. Romantic sideplot developing as a result of their out-of-game relationship, anyone?

  • Now that he'll be playing Greedo, it certainly seems viable that he would switch to Han after Greedo gets shot.

Jim will play multiple characters who get killed off almost immediately after being introduced

He apparently played several one-shot characters in the sessions before Episode IV started, and since then has played Captain Antilles (choked by Vader) and is about to start as Greedo (shot by Han). Future characters will include:

  • Bail Organa (killed in the destruction of Alderaan).
  • A rebel spy aboard the Peace Moon (shot by the other PCs).
  • An X-Wing pilot during the attack on the Peace Moon (shot down).
  • Luke's copilot on Hoth (dies in the crash).

Eventually he will settle on Lando, and everyone will be surprised when he lasts until the end of the session.

Jim is about to reappear playing Obi-Wan.

This will fulfill his intention of playing a character "with a really detailed background" who is unlikely to die - or so he and the rest of the party thinks. This will make it genuinely shocking (to the players) when he dies at the end of Episode IV, and bend the overall plot towards seeking vengeance on Darth Vader.

Ben will play Chewbacca following Obi-Wan's death

Thus, the dream team of Ben & Jim (as Han Solo) is reunited at last. Or it could be flipped, with Jim taking Chewie and Ben taking Han, providing an interesting Love Triangle as Han and Leia's relationship from the films comes into play.

Ben will switch to playing Wedge Antilles, then Lando Calrissian after Ben's death

He plays Wedge for the Death Star and the Battle of Hoth, and in this version it's Wedge who both concieves and excecutes the plan to destroy the AT-A Ts (it seems like the kind of thing Ben would do). In this version Wedge is killed or captured after Hoth so Ben switches to playing Lando and plays him until the end of the game.

Future In-game Plot WMGs

Anakin gets tired of playing a good character.

Making Darth Vader.

  • More likely Darth is just the result of Annie responding in-character, if overly dramatically, to every nasty twist sprung on her. Imagine it - the GM says: "Your mother dies in your arms." Regular player: "Oh, that sucks. Do I still get XP for completing the mission?" Annie: "Okay, I'm traumatised and stricken with grief. Because I'm a brooding teenage boy I look for something to lash out at... okay, I've killed all these guys. That's going to leave me even more traumatised, isn't it?"
    • Looks like it so far.
    • And Anakin's devious smile in 520 adds more evidence that he's playing both sides. Maybe in this canon, the Emperor will be the puppet of Darth Vader? That would be incredibly awesome, actually. Or, hey, why not? Adding a new WMG...

Annie will go Dark Side because she breaks up with her boyfriend.

In a recent strip, she mentioned that she was already dating someone, and there's already her tendency to play Anakin as melodramatically angsty as possible. If something bad happens in the real world, say she gets dumped, it's quite possible she'll project that frustration into her character and make him do things like threaten and force choke his love interest, or slaughter sand people.

  • And she implied she's lying because of who asked her. Plus Ben already said to Jim that she's not seeing anyone.
  • To combine this with a previous theory, Jim will take control of Padme as his character, and he and Annie will start dating, causing the romantic subplot between Anakin and Padme. Anakin's switch to the Dark Side will be caused by a breakup with Jim, which will be why Anakin force chokes Padme.
    • All but confirmed now. At the second campaign's end, after Anakin and Padme's wedding, Jim asks Annie out and she accepts. Two years later, when the third campaign starts, Annie is obviously upset about Jim and Pete mentions that they've been going out.
    • Partially jossed - Annie and Jim have made up, but this hasn't stopped Anakin's fall to the Dark Side. Of course, they made up after Anakin had already slaughtered the younglings, so the partial bit is important - Annie is enough of a thespian to keep on going from the characterization that has already been established, and when the pre-making-up characterization includes manipulating your head of state into executing the rest of your organisation and killing innocent children looking to you for help...

Annie will have no remorse in killing sandpeople and younglings.

As seen in strip 192, Annie has no remorse about blowing up the Trade Federation ship and killing anyone on. To her, it's merely to show that she's not to be messed with. After the sandpeople incident, she will make her character more cold and mechanical, making her more willing to kill Dooku, the younglings, and Ben's character.

  • Sand People down.

Anakin will turn Palpatine to the Dark Side

Palpatine seems to be a good character in Episode I. This could just be an act, but the writers do like inverting Star Wars plotlines.

  • Getting more likely as of the final arc of Attack of the Clones. Annie is taking Anakin through his original development, but with no influence from Palpatine, so unless it's just coincidence that they're both evil by the end...
  • In progress as of the climax of Revenge of the Sith. Anakin takes advantage of Palpatine's emotional instability after Mace's assassination attempt to convince him that democide against the Jedi is the only solution

Yoda is the Sith

Sally doesn't protest when Anakin accuses Yoda and Windu of being Sith. Don't tell me SALLY knows how to separate in- and out of character experience.

The under-construction new moon of Naboo is the Death Star

It's an artificial moon-sized/shaped object, it's under construction, and its plans have been stolen. That's No Moon!

Dagobah happens because everyone except Luke and the GM go on vacation.

The GM uses an NPC to train Luke in a level of badass while the other characters are at Cloud City while their players are away. Annie and Lando's player are dating (or even on their honeymoon, considering how long three movies worth of RP could take), and Han and Leia's characters have their own business to attend to.

Anne will become a Munchkin

Anne will eventually just think this is all a game, which leads in her killing the sand people and the Jedi.

  • Jossed, Anne did these things because she was dedicated to playing her character as a character (but not necessarily as a heroic character).

The Game will also include...

The game will continue on past the movies to include the Clone Wars series. Both of Them. I mean think of it; Ahsoka seems like the kind of person Sally would roll up.

  • Addendum: They will, but it will be skipped over with another Time Skip.

Sio Bibble was behind everything all along.

Not sure if David Morgan-Mar will be able to find enough images of Bubble in the second or third movies, but damn, the GM would have to be crazy not to reward that kind of persistence.

Anakin will become Darth Vader because of a Face Heel Turn by Padme.

Look at how Jim's playing her: She's the one who's trying to spearhead creating an army, seeing enemies (like Bibble) where there are none, and is acting like a psychopathic lunatic in character. Therefore, when Padme starts to go mad with power and trying to create her empire, Anakin will end up having to Shoot the Dog, at which point Obi Wan will show up, misinterpret what's happened with the force choking, and attack him.

The Peace Moon will become the Death Star

Seem's pretty obvious to me. We haven't seen it yet, it's the size of a moon, and in theory it could bring about peace.

The Babies Won't Be Luke and Leia, They'll be Luke and Han

And Bail was too smart to raise the baby himself. Han will be Leia's sweetheart who ran away to seek adventure, breaking her heart. She'll want nothing to do with him, at first...

  • Jossed. They're still named Luke and Leia.

The Time Skip to the Original Trilogy Will Not Be Planned

The players will get the Republic so thoroughly messed up at the end of the third leg of the campaign that the GM will get back to them after a weekend/month/whatever and say, "I have a solution..."

The Original Trilogy will be an entirely different psionics-only Space Opera setting.

But Pete pesters the DM until he (or she, see above) throws up his (or her) hands in frustration and says "Fine! You get to be R2! Jerk. But I'm not changing the Empire setting!"

Jango Fett is Darth Maul

When he was bisected the wound was cauterised and he managed to live long enough to have his consciousness transferred into a clone body.

  • Close but no cigar. Maul was Jango's partner.

Jango Fett is meant to kill Mace Windu.

Jango is supposed to be a long-term recurring nemesis. Windu is just another NPC authority figure. For an NPC to kill off the hero's nemesis makes very little sense. Therefore, what the GM is planning is for Jango to shoot Windu in the arena fight, as part of his "destroy everything you ever cared about" scheme. Unfortunately, when they come to play that scene, the players will be feeling rules lawyer-y. So one of them will say: "Couldn't Windu block with his laser sword?" At this point the GM will feel obliged to roll some dice, with the odds carefully stacked in favour of the plot. And will then roll three ones in a row for Jango. Boba Fett will be meant to be a way of getting out of this unfortunate situation, and the GM will carefully plan out his big entrance in the later game. Unfortunately Ben will go and get himself killed by Annie before Boba can turn up, and with no plot-relevant motivation the younger Fett will be reduced to a bit part.

  • This makes even more sense now that Mace Windu's part has been taken over by Sally.
    • Jossed. The GM was pretty cool with Mace cutting Jango's head off, reminding Sally that he was a bad guy and Mace was a good guy. Sally, however, regretted her actions.

Jim becomes a muchkin (though not as bad as Pete) through the end of Episode 2 and the middle of Episode 3, and then sacrifices Padme to undo his callousness.

From the end of this comic and the rant below it. He takes "Pregnant" for the advantage hesitant enemies might give him and "Twins" to triple Padme's Force Connection. Annie gets into more and more heated discussion about it with him, Pete trying to convince him to join the Dark Side, and moments after the event horizon of Anakin's forthcoming Face Heel Turn, Jim realizes how awful he's being, waits for the twins to be born, and sacrifices his own character to show that he's truly willing to let go and role-play for the characters rather than the stats. Pete, of course, remains as R2 for the rest of the series, trying to charmconvince him back to the Statistic side rather than the Emotion side (which would be interesting if Annie stays as Vader and Jim plays Luke, since Luke's status as a "grey Jedi" would show that he choose the light side both in-game [non-Sith] and out-of-game [following the proper emotional role]).

Mace Windu was going to be boring... Until Sally makes him a Badass.

Sally has already expressed irritation that she's stuck with Red Shirt types while everyone gets to be Cheddar Monks with Laser Blades. In Mace Windu she finally has a character who can keep up with the "main" players. So when the GM announces that Windu's supposed to be a Yoda-style wimp, Sally's going to Take a Third Option In Badass and turn her character into the Samuel L. Jackson-style Person of Mass Destruction we all know and love. (For that matter, Yoda's' resulting level in Badass / Windmill-On-A-Pogo-Stick fight might be a direct result of Sally upping the ante on what Cheddar Masters can do.)

  • More or less confirmed. Sally played Mace during the fight scene, and now she's playing Yoda.

Annie will not return for Episode IV...

As a result of lingering tension between her and both Ben and Jim. (This is an extension of the above suggestion that Annie ends up in a love triangle with the two of them). Ben and Jim will return but be fairly antagonistic despite still being on the same side in the game.

...but returns for Episode V - as Lando

Explains her choice to betray Han (if he is played by Jim). They reconcile while playing, so Lando helps rescue him later.

The campaign for Episode IV gets derailed by the Random Encounter Table in the very first screen capture

At the start of the Episode IV campaign, the players are on board the Tanitive IV and about to land on Tatooine. Pete, still playing R2-D2, customized the Tanitive IV since acquiring it in Episode III, and is itching to test it out in combat. When the GM tells him he had no encounter planned to begin the campaign, Pete insists that he rolls one up. The GM does so and out pops the Star Destroyer. (One player asks if the large object the GM is adding to the game mat is supposed to be the planet.)

Anakin kills Padme because Jim breaks up with Annie

At this point, there is some crazy tension between Jim and Annie, in- and out-game. This is a natural explanation of Anakin going to kill Padme, they will date in between and Jim breaks up with Annie in some jackass kind of way.

  • Jossed, pretty much. They broke up, and then got back together before Anakin killed Padme.

Anakin won't have a Face Heel Turn

"Darth" is either a personal name, or a title bestowed on private investigators. When Annie's character becomes Darth Vader, he's just going to be trying to create a decent galaxy for his kids to live in.

  • In the D&D-verse, Darth is apparently a title used for retired Jedi.
  • Jossed.

The Peace Moon is NOT the Death Star

The whole Peace Moon= Death Star has been foreshadowed way too much. It just seems way too obvious, and Darths and Droids loves twisting the established Star Wars saga in different ways. Possibly the Peace Moon will just be a peace moon, and the players will destroy it/make sure it is never created, so a Death Star is created instead.

  • Or, the Peace Moon is the "Death Star" in the New Hope screencaps, but it really is a perfectly harmless symbol of peace. Of course, the players blow it up anyway. The second Death Star may or may not be a second Peace Moon, but either way it's getting blown up too.
    • Then how did it blow up Alderaan?
      • It was there to try and talk the warlike citizens of Alderaan out of testing a new superweapon, which backfired destroying their planet.
      • Or Alderaan shot first...

The Peace Moon/Death Star will be used to destroy Naboo, not Alderaan

The two planets are similar-looking enough to use Episode 4 Alderaan sceens as Naboo, and the plot has been tying the Peace Moon to Naboo for some time now. Its destruction would also have far more significance than a previously unknown planet.

  • Recent events have left Naboo a devastated wasteland, so unless it is somehow healed this theory won't work, but I like it.
    • Actually it's looking more and more like this is the case.

The Empire Are Going To Be The Good Guys

Or at the very least not evil. Seems to be a lot of Nice Job Breaking It Hero moments. And every so often we get a monologe about how Jim's charecters actions, via his playstyle, are pretty much compleatly responsable for every bad thing that's happened. One imagines the Expospeak by Palipatine in Return of The Jedi to Luke is going to be truly epic.

  • The expospeak probably will be epic, since the establishment of the Empire happened between campaigns (when last we saw Palpatine, he had just appointed Darth Vader Supreme Commander of the Republic Military. When Episode IV begins, Darth Vader works for an Empire opposed by a Rebel Alliance...).

Palpatine will retroactively turn evil as the result of a Schrodinger's Gun.

  • Seeing how the GM plays Palpatine as a Reasonable Authority Figure (which is in fact quite reasonable to assume from the first two movies if you watch them in chronological order), he may decide he was evil all along after the players dispose of his other villains quicker than he anticipated. My guess is that Mace and Anakin beheading Jango and Dooku respectively were Off the Rails events with both dying earlier than the GM intended, and the Grievous arc was also supposed to drag much longer. So he ran out of villains and decided and decided to pull a retroactive twist on one of the good guys.
    • Actually, if you pay close attention, you can see that the Separatists - particularly Count Dooku, know Palpatine is an evil Sith lord and that's why they want to rebel against the Republic. Dooku's been trying to tell the PCs for several weeks now, they just won't listen.
    • I've said for YEARS that the seperatists should have been for the most part genuinly well intentioned (if duped by Dooku and with nasty backing) and after their defeat turned into the rebel alliance. Now we have the chance to see the story as I would have written it! (PS: the separitists and republic are fighting because the Sith lords, who wind up in charge either way, want to see whether droid or clone armies are more badass)
      • Canonically, most surviving Separatist hold-outs did join the Rebel Alliance, once it formed, so obviously parts of the Separatist movement were genuinely well-intentioned but duped (just as many Republic loyalists were genuinely well-intentioned but duped).

The GM will run The Star Wars Holiday Special as a special Out of Character holiday game

Because I think this would be awesome and hilarious.

  • Are you saying you'd inflict the holiday special on the guys who make the comic? Monster!
    • No, he's saying they'd inflict the holiday special on us.
      • What if the GM (Sally, in her first go as GM) actually make it a kick-ass black comedy/dramatic campaign about living as an alien in a repressive, stupidly-petty, human-centric police state, a la Paranoia? Sally's love of journalism, seen during Revenge of the Sith's campaign, can explain all the weird infomercials, bad TV programs, and shitty music numbers. They're all part of her Crazy Awesome satire of the media.

Boba will be after Luke, not Han.

Boba had three possible candidates on his hit-list: Anakin, for causing the death of his mother, Obi-Wan, for causing the death of his birth father, and Mace, for causing the death of the man that raised him. He won't be able to exact revenge on either of the latter two due to dying at others' hands, and canonically, by the time the Original Trilogy comes around, only a handful of characters ever knew he was Anakin Skywalker. Meaning Boba would not even know that Darth Vader is a person he wants revenge on.

However, he hears of Luke's exploits at the Battle of Yavin, sees his name is Skywalker, correctly concludes that he is Anakin's son, and goes to seek revenge on him for his father's actions. The reason he captures Han is to lure Luke (much like Vader did), but he transferred Han to a place more advantageous to him before telling Luke he's got Han hostage, not knowing that Luke is already heading to Cloud City to rescue him.

If and when Sally GM's, the comic will use screenshots from the Family Guy Star Wars specials.

.....well, why not?

    • Sally has a bigger budget.

The players will run a The Force Unleashed campaign after episode III.

  • Jim and Annie will be away on honeymoon.
  • Pete will play Starkiller. How else do you explain the power discrepancy between Starkiller and every other Jedi?
  • Sally will play Proxy. Technically only one character, but still lets her switch personalities when bored.
  • Ben will play Juno, and get revenge on Pete for stealing the spotlight by repeatedly embarrassing him with attempts to romance Starkiller.

The aftereffects of Mace Windu's Heroic BSOD include going completely off the deep end, and an intentional Heroic RROD.

Because how else could you go from "I will never kill again" to stabbing the seated chancellor in the face with a lightsaber?

Mace Windu's Heroic BSOD will be RetConned by the DM to have been caused by Jango's "a million clones hear a lone voice cry out in terror and be suddenly silenced" failsafe.

Because the backlash of a sentient's death being broadcast straight by you to millions of other beings can really get to you, and this shouldn't be the first time that Mace has taken a life in battle within the D&D continuity.

The Jedi misinterpreted the prophecy.

In Episode 146 the commentary mentions the confusion over what "bringing balance to the Force" means. Towards the end of Return of the Jedi, the correct interpretation will be brought back, perhaps explained by the Emperor.

It will eventually be revealed that, sometime between the second and third prequal arcs, Jar Jar Binks became a cyborg and joined the Seperatists, becoming General Grievous.

I had the Jar Jar / Grievous theory since I read the third prequal novelization. Both are generals, both aliens, both helped Darth Sideous's plans without knowing it. The lower arms, when detached from the top, would be under computer control.

  • Jossed. Chancellor Valorum becomes Grievous.

Ben and Jim will be surprised to find out Annie has been Chaotic Neutral all along.

Of course the GM knew the entire time. But Ben and Jim thought she was a good guy, when all along she has only been serving her own interests, which will come back and bite them in the asses in Episode III.

Anakin's fall to the dark side is running parallel to Annie becoming more munchkin like.

Recently, Annie seems to be focusing more on stats and such than the role-play aspect. Also, in episode three, Pete, feeling outcast by the rest of the group, will take on the part of Palpatine, just so he can make them suffer. Palpatine's guiding and corruption of Anakin reflects the same of Pete and Annie.

Meanwhile, Jim has started to love actual role-play, thus he'll decide to impregnate Padme for the sake of Drama.

Finally, by the end of the series, no one will fit the same niche as they started. GM will become the The Brain, Jim The Thespian, Annie the Munchkin, Pete The Loonie, Ben the Real Man, and Sally the GM.

    • Judging by some of the recent strips, this WMG has very strong support. Anakin seems to be playing both sides, Jim has been working on his roleplaying, and Annie seems to be much more aware of the meta-game and such.

Anakin will turn to the Dark Side to kill Padme.

We know of the author's changing up of canon material, we know there is some tension between Annie and Jim, and we know in the original, Anakin became dark to save Padme. So why not the oppisite?

  • And when he/she does succeed, some thing goes horribly wrong and results in Jim's character being resurrected as Luke.

The twins won't be named during Episode III...

So nobody will know that Luke and Leia are related to Anakin and Padme until The Reveal in Episode V, just like in the movies. Jim will probably find some way to lampshade it: "Yeah, I'm going to spend the last of my strength coming up with names instead of, y'know, not dying. Pete, hand me that die, will you?"

  • Jossed. She did with some of her last words.

Mace Windu is the traitor

Darths and Droids love inverting these tropes, so why not have Anakin protecting Palpatine?

Order 66 will be the result of a secondary fail-safe installed in the clones by Jango

Considering his grudge against the Jedi, it would make sense for him to set up a fail-safe that's both impossible to stop, and offs as many of his enemies as possible. The only real question would be what causes this fail-safe to activate in the first place.

  • Considering Annie-kin's gambit to turn Palpatine against the Jedi Council has just Gone Horribly Right, the Chancellor may still give Order 66 himself.

Anakin is the Sith Lord who has infiltrated the Republic.

Maybe this is a bit extreme, but there doesn't seem to be any reason whatsoever to expect Palpatine really being the Big Bad. What if Anakin is actually the villain, and has been studying Sith teachings in the Jedi Library, or something to that effect?

Padme will become Vader and Anakin will become the Emperor.

Or at least, they'll throw things for a loop by making Vader and the Emperor someone completely different. As it is now, only Anakin and Padme have been particularly power hungry. Everyone else have been essentially pawns of the two.

Palpatine actually becomes Anakin's apprentice Sith.

Annie's offscreen discussions with the GM were about Anakin actually being the tribute-to-the-legends Sith Lord. Anakin will manipulate Mace Windu (who never knows what's actually going on) into attacking Palpatine to convince the Chancellor to become his Sith apprentice to stop the "corrupt" Jedi. Anakin will keep Palpatine in place as Emperor, though, because he's "an important symbol to the citizens of the" Empire.

  • Everything except Palpatine becoming Anakin's Sith apprentice has been confirmed.

Anakin becomes Vader... but none of the the players know it.

The GM gets everyone to believe that Anakin dies on Mustafar after the battle with Obi-Wan. Vader is an NPC (at least for A New Hope and Empire Strikes Back), Annie plays as Luke; the GM reveals at Cloud City that Vader is actually Annie's old character.

Anakin becomes Vader... but Vader doesn't know it.

Vader/Anakin loses his memory after Mustafar. The players - or maybe just whoever plays Luke - figures it out before Cloud City, and that classic scene is actually Luke revealing to Vader that Vader is Luke's father, and was once a Jedi etc.

Sallies campaign will be Knights of the Old Republic

Instead of doing a direct sequel to the campaign that The GM was running she would make a distant prequel where the Jedi are still alive and they are fighting a war against an army of the Sith. The plot of Knights of the Old Republic suits itself really well for a young DM's campaign since it is basically a McGuffin hunt but has enough Crazy Awesome moments and characters to suit her character. The campaign would just start with Jim as Revan and Ben as Carth. As the campaign went along more players would come in to play the various party members with of course Pete being playing HK-47. After they are done with the plot of Knights of the Old Republic they would probably stop for a little while but a year or two later Sally will make a campaign for KoTOR 2 explaining that campaign as being much Darker and Edgier as her getting a little older.

Yoda and Palpatine will swap bodies.

I just came up with this idea because...well, who doesn't want to see Sally running the empire?

The "dreadnought" that R2 lent to Obi-Wan that's still on Tattooine is the Millenium Falcon

What other ships are there on the planet?

It will turn out that Pete's dreadnought is that one ship that appears to have landed nose-first in Mos Eisley

Admiral Ackbar will be an elderly Jar Jar Binks

Adam Lars is Adam Lars

Adam Lars that the characters see is actually Adam Lars, son of Owen & Beru, not Luke Skywalker. Luke died while he and Adam were growing up, perhaps not surviving the development of the character sheet.

Beru and Owen are still alive

They're so crazy prepared that they killed anyone (besides Adam) who could recognize them and then faked their deaths. This certainly wouldn't be the first time that the writers have greatly expanded characters who were killed off in a matter of minutes in the movies.

Vader is will let Adam blow the Peace Moon up

It doesn't seem likely that he'd stop politicking just because all his plans were horribly ruined. This time he's just using a rebellion to wipe out the Senate.

Luke's obsession with fulfilling the quest Owen and Beru gave him will span the rest of the trilogy

That funeral pyre is for melting the droids down, in addition to cremating Vader's remains.

The spread-spectrum black-body alpha wave suppressor Pete gives Corey will be important later

I'm not sure how yet, but it seems rather McGuffin-y.

In A Universe the Players Inhabit WMGs

The nested "in the universe the players inhabit, _____ does not exist" strips will eventually finish on Dungeons and Dragons.

Because where can you go from there?

  • Nah, it would look too much like DM of the Rings. Plus, the film sucks waaaaaaay more than anything they've used so far combined.
    • My guess is that the original guess meant the game, not the movie.

The nested strips will eventually finish on a screencap comic which uses faked screencaps from a nonexistent movie.

The last line of the rant will be "The Comics Irregulars exist and are making a screencap comic based on Star Wars."

The nested "in the universe the players inhabit, _____ does not exist" strips will eventually finish on The Lord Of The Rings.

And it will link to DM Of The Rings.

The nested 'in the universe the players inhabit, _____ does not exist" strips will eventually continue on The Matrix and Pirates of the Caribbean.

I'm honestly shocked that I'm the first person to think of this.

The nested "in the universe the players inhabit, _____ does not exist" strips will eventually finish on the internet.

And it will be a 404 Error: Not Found page.

The nested "in the universe the players inhabit, _____ does not exist" strips will continue from the 404 Error: Not Found page to a world where the Internet does not exist.

350's "in the universe the players inhabit, _____ does not exist", they will show a bit from the Princess Bride campaign.

  • Seeing as 349's and 319's strips have almost comfirmed that the campaign that took place between Episodes I and II is indeed Princess Bride, 350 will show a bit of what happened in that campaign.
    • Jossed, but it was a good shot.
      • The Princess Bride could still show up in a later one, though. Of course, it would probably be different from the one in the Darths and Droids universe, as it would include Sally and Annie like the rest of the alternate universes do.
        • Then again, maybe not- the Jaws one didn't have either of those two, just Ben, Jim, and Pete.
          • And the Muppets one had Sally as the GM.

In the universe the players inhabit, George Lucas never crashed his car.

When he was young, Lucas wanted to be a race car driver, but he almost died in a car crash and went on to becoming a director instead. In the comic's universe, the reason Star Wars does not exist is because George Lucas never crashed his car and never decided not to become a racer, so he's a race car driver now.

    • But didn't one of the captions say Harrison Ford is well known for playing Indiana Jones within the Darths & Droids universe?
      • Simple, Steven Spielberg did all the directing in this universe.
        • Then who did the writing? Lucas came up with the idea of a modern pulp movie on his own.
      • Maybe he merely crashes the car * later* .

The strips will eventually end with a screen cap comic based on a non-existent or unreleased work then say that in that universe Star Wars doesn't exist

The nested "in the universe the players inhabit, _____ does not exist" strips will eventually finish on Irregular Webcomic.

This would mean that The Comic Irregulars don't exist, and thus cannot create a screencap comic based on another work.

The nested "in the universe the players inhabit, _____ does not exist" strips will continue on to Top Gear

Building on a WMG on the Top Gear page, the presenters of that show are very RPG character-ish, and one could even figure out who'd play what:

  • Jim-the impulsive Jeremy Clarkson (Hammer=Summon Bigger Fish?)
  • Ben-the Only Sane Man James May
  • Pete-the Stig (again taking Mute in exchange for phenominal speed)
  • Either Sally or Annie-Richard Hammond. Sally would fit a bit better though, with Richard's excitable nature and tendency to name cars.

Course, this all probably goes out the window once you factor in that the Comics Irregular a) might not have seen Top Gear, and b) might prefer the Aussie version.

The nested "in the universe the players inhabit, _____ does not exist" strips will continue on to Kamen Rider Dragon Knight.

They're going to run out of Western media to spoof eventually, and DK has plenty of action spots for everyone.

  • Jim is Kit/Dragon Knight, the impulsive hero who doesn't know what the hell's going on (because he didn't pay attention to the GM's backstory). He tries to get a more powerful deck, but accidentally picks up the one the GM intended to be DK's Evil Twin.
  • Ben is Len/Wing Knight, who actually did read the backstory and was rewarded by being made the savvy mentor and the Batman-esque badass (and he gets teased for giving his character a name that's one letter off his real name, even though he insists it was a coincidence).
  • Annie is JTC/Torque, the mysterious, overly dramatic and morally ambiguous "tweener".
  • Sally is Maya, mirroring her interest in reporting; initially she'd think the "spandex superheroes" thing is stupid, but starts feeling left out and the others convince the GM to make her a Rider too, resulting in him (reluctantly) derailing his plot by killing off Kace/Siren and handing her deck to Maya.
  • Pete is Vic/Wrath, the most overpowered Rider in the story. In the interest of Min-Maxing, he takes a bunch of defects like Amnesia, which the GM is cleverly manipulating to make Wrath into The Dragon (which Pete doesn't really mind). For some reason, he's also convinced that if he beats the other eleven Riders, he'll be granted a wish.

D&D is not the top level.

There are two (at least) higher-level webcomics based on The Princess Bride and Twilight.

This universe is what would happen if Pete were GMing.

Everyone has to be that Minmaxed just to survive the campaign.

  • Jossed. According to the Cast link at the top of the page, it's the usual GM; Pete is the Tin Man.

The nested "in the universe the players inhabit, _____ does not exist" strips will eventually continue on to Ralph Bakshi's The Lord Of The Rings.

The final "in the universe the players inhabit, _____ does not exist" strips will be based on religions and ancient myth.

Thank about it, what are the oldest sources of tropes?

  • The fourth-to-last meta-fic will take place in a world where the New Testament never existed.
  • The third-to-last meta-fic will take place in a world where the Old Testament never took place.
  • The second-to-last metafic will take place in a world where Classical Mythology never took place.
  • The final metafic will take place in a world where NOTHING existed. It is revealed that the universe was created by people playing a tabletop RPG.

Time Skip Campaign WMGs

The DM from DM of the Rings published his setting...

...and it's the "low-magic fantasy campaign" they play between Episodes 1 and 2.

    • Jossed. The campaign is described in Episode 260, and it is mentioned that if it were a Lord of the Rings campaign it would have been far better.
      • Although it was Jossed pretty specifically. Makes you wonder if the creators were on this very wiki...
        • We have confirmed he is in fact One of Us. So the specific jossing was probably intentional.
        • It's basically confirmed that the campaign they were playing was The Princess Bride, see below.

The fantasy campaign was The Princess Bride... from the perspective of Vizzini, Fezzik and Ignio Montoya.

In 260 we're told Jim was a barbarian (Fezzik), they were on "an important mission from the King" (with the twists DMM puts to the source material, they were probably working for Prince Humperdink), and they were stalked by the captain of the "ninja pirates" (Dread Pirate Roberts). In Episode 316, we learn there was a Miracle Man who Jim got to resurrect a character Pete thought was "unimportant" (Westley; he wasn't a PC, so how important could he have been?)

  • Minor nitpick: in the source material, those three are already working for Prince Humperdink.
    • So the theory works even better!
      • Above suggestions seem to almost be confirmed. In 319, we gain a bit more insight. The pirate ninja got away with the princess, who was his True Love. The roles appear to be Pete: Vizinni, Jim: Fezzik, and Ben: Inigo Montoya.
        • 30 pages later and there is more insight. Pete said that his character was poisoned and that they were hired to fake a kidnapping so is to gain public sympathy for a war against the neighbouring kingdom.
        • Page 406 reveals that the pirate-ninja who killed Pete had an "immunity to Iocaine powder."
        • And...confirmed. Page 410 spells it out.

The game that Pete's pissed off about was a game version of The Princess Bride

  • Evidence. Pete's demise was, shall we say, inconceivable.
    • I'd say this is more or less confirmed.

The campaign run by Annie between episode II and III follows the story of Princess Mononoke

Because it's one of my preferred animes. Also, this entry was still missing. Morover:

  • Jim plays Lady Eboshi, since now he repents of having neglectfully killed monsters that didn't deserve it.
  • Ben, thoughtful roleplayer, who tries to negociate peace, plays Ashitaka. He negociated Ashitaka's Cruise Missile arrows with Annie as a side effect of the curse.
  • Pete plays Jigo. He took short, old, fat and ugly as flaws in order to unlock "incredible ninja skills" and "personal army of ninja retainers". He was supposed to get the head of the forest god for the emperor. Annie planned on him betraying his master to side with the PCs, but he decided to betray everyone and keep the head in order for his character to become immortal. He was mostly angry that Ben ditched his character after their first encounter.
  • Sally played Moro on occasion, wanting to eat the humans. She is responsible for the description of the "gods", and the Scenery Porn. "The forest god is a deer, with chicken legs, and a baboon face that turns into a giant at night". She also played San, and that explains why Ben was so protective of her.
  • The GM didn't play in this campaign, he was to busy with exams and preparing the next instalment of Darths & Droids.

Annie's campaign follows the story of Night of the Living Dead.

A downer campaign contrary to player expectations, combined with the stuff about curing monster bites... it's gonna be official pretty soon.

    • So, in the D&D Universe, Annie invented zombies?!?

Annie's campaign was Pokemon.

Pete describes it as a "monster-hunter" campaign, & she got mad at Jim for killing all the monsters...because he was supposed to catch them. The "curing bites" business was probably a Poison attack.

Annie's campaign was Call of Cthulhu

Annie's campaign was Van Helsing

Strip 552 drops the heaviest hints yet. The campaign involved vampires, werewolves and Frankenstein's monster; Pete's character killed them all. Near the end it was randomly revealed that Pete was the Archangel Gabriel.

Jim was banned from laser swords because...

...he cut himself shaving (as in, cut his own head off). We're pretty sure the third offscreen campaign was Dark Forces if the name "Kyle Katarn" is anything to go by, and I noticed this previous nod to Dark Forces when skimming the trope page recently. It sounds like something Jim would try that would then go Horribly Wrong.

    • Spoke too soon - a strip or two later, Jim describes Katarn's death as a Heroic Sacrifice. It might still have to do with why Jim can't use laser swords anymore, but it looks like a shaving accident is out.

Ben will figure out Vader's identity.

But he won't tell anyone this because he won't realize it until after Obi-Wan Kenobi has died. Thus, any new character he creates will not have the knowledge Obi-Wan would. Ben, being a firm believer in keeping player knowledge and character knowledge separate, will be unable to reveal this in-story.

Annie's Relationships WMGs

Annie is dating Ben.

It's why they have BOTH been so evasive about her being single with the other players.

  • And with the "Ben will be Lando" guess, Lando's Face Heel Turn, and Ben and Anakin falling out between films III and IV... This has some interesting implications. Mainly, that Ben will become Good Guy Lando late in their Ross and Rachel issues, and turn after they make up.

Anne and Ben will hook up via the RPG

But there will be angst, and "You were my brother, Anakin! I loved you!" will ensue.

Annie ends up in a love triangle with Jim and Ben

Fits perfectly with Anakin being torn between the Jedi and Padme, and his eventual rejection of both.

Annie is dating the GM.

Seriously. How could we get through a comic about RPGs without invoking Dungeonmaster's Girlfriend? It's been love since first GM Note. "We worked it out together" indeed.

Jim and Annie will date for a while between Episode II and III, but will break up shortly before the new campaign begins.

This will provide much comic tension when they return to their now married characters. If no other reason, it'll make a much better explanation than what really happened in the film.


Jim and Annie's relationship will remain troubled.

Sure, they'll make up during this adventure, but then they'll fall out again and she'll kill him. Things will get increasingly petty between them, with Jim's space pirate shooting Annie's ship down in the next adventure, and Annie then torturing him and turning him into a human popsicle. Meanwhile, Ben will have switched to playing Leia after the death of Obi-Wan, leaving Jim somewhat confused by the opening to Jedi...

Annie is pregnant with Jim's baby

Think about it: Annie is upset with Jim. As of strip 440 she says she needs to talk to him about it, meaning it is something he did but doesn't know it. Jim lets real life situations affect his character, explaining why Padme is pregnant in ROTS. AND if Annie decides to keep the baby it will probably make her more emotional, explaining Anakin's mood swings.

  • This could mesh with the news that Annie lost her job. Jim will feel responsible for supporting the baby, and Annie's guilt (heightened by the hormones) will drive her to try to find a way to save Padmé.
  • Pete seems to have noticed.

The game will be interrupted because Annie goes into labor.

I dunno, just that it'd be hilarious with everyone panicking and watch, Sally will be the level-headed one.

  • Mid-session? Doubtful. Why not a hospital?

Other WMGs

The story is Imperial propaganda

Just look at its protrayal of the Jedi, and Qui-Gon in particular. Or Palpatine's predecessor, for that matter. KNEEL BEFORE VALORUM!

  • This is let down by his earlier comments, along with "I call for ice cream!"
    • On the contrary, it just makes the eventual rise of Palpatine even more of a blessing. An autocratic leaning Valorum is bad enough, but an insane one? Bring on the Empire.
      • On the counter-contrary, who doesn't love ice cream?
        • Batman.
        • As of strip 467, Grievous has turned out to be a cyborg Valorum, providing more fodder for this theory.

One of the people who makes the comic is here on this page, planting all these theories as foreshadowing for what is to come

Just wait. Soon more and more of these theories will become canon...

  • Well DMM is a troper.

One of the Comic Irregulars added the previous WMG to deflect attention from the ones that will turn out to be true...

  • LIES! That not true, that's impossible! We They would never do such a thing!

A sixth person will join the group at some point.

Since there are six main good characters in the original trilogy (Luke, Leia, Han, Chewy, C-3PO, and R2-D2), this means that a sixth person will probably join the group at some point, accounting for the six original trilogy characters. If they join in the prequel trilogy part, they'll probably take over Mace Windu or Yoda.

  • Especially if Sally continues her habit playing background NPCs.
  • Well, Ben has gone missing, but Naive Newcomer Corey, Pete's nephew, has arrived. He will probably become Luke.

Record of Lodoss War will be mentioned at some point.

One of the players will bring up the idea of adapting their current game sessions the way Ryo Mizuno did, possibly leading to a Who Would Want to Watch Us? moment.

Pete usurped the substitute GM position.

Ben has a point: why would the GM trust him to run things while he was gone, particularly since he's seen how Pete is with his 'I'm Better Than You' attitude regarding Artoo? He certainly couldn't be trusted to follow the GM's notes. Perhaps the GM had called Pete, explained the family emergency, and asked Pete to either call the others to call off that week's session or tell Ben to substitute as GM: a wiser choice, considering he's known Ben longer and can trust him and Obi-Wan was currently out of commission. But Pete, being Pete, lied and said the GM asked him to sub, giving him the reign of terror seen now.

  • Apparently Jossed, given that the original GM was not surprised at all to know that Pete had stood in for him.

The die that failed to stabilize Qui-Gon, is a Chekhov's Gun.

The ultra-luck granted to it by rolling four 1's in a row will pay off in the future. The distant future. Namely, this die will be the one that rolls the 20 that kills the .Death Star. Peace Moon. Whatever.

  • Jossed: If Pete's remarked about the dice is the truth.

Annie planned Anikin's entire fall and RotJ redemption

Her notes on his character are longer than the DM's preparation, and probably are filled with exactly how his painful childhood has warped him.

Annie is British

She calls gas "petrol".

  • It's also called "petrol" in Australia. The author is Australian, so this may simply be evidence that the game is played in Australia somewhere.
  • There are a number of other britishisms in the comic, spoken by several players, so this is probably just the Australian author thing.

Annie will die in childbirth

It's either that or become Darth Vader.

Star Wars did exist, but only A New Hope was released as an obscure B-Movie.

When they recreate Episode IV, the GM will realize that the Peace Moon/Death Star seemed a little too familiar until one of the players points out an obscure B-Movie with that exact same concept.

Anakin won't go dark side

Dooku has been trying to get the Jedi to help him, and that Palpatine is evil. Ben will start to believe Dooku, while Annie will choose to believe Palpatine, thus driving them into conflict. Both will think the other is evil, but neither of them actually will be, although one will be an unwitting pawn to either Palpatine or Dooku. If Dooku is evil, Obi-Wan will go into exile in shame, and later atone by training, and dying for, Anakin's son. Palpatine and the badly disfigured Anakin will form the Empire for noble reasons, but will have been corrupted by power by A New Hope.

  • Alternativly, Obi-Wan and Padme will have an affair, and that's what the fight will be about. Luke and Leia are actually Obi-Wan's children, and Obi-Wan will return to teach his son the ways of the force.
    • Obi-Wan doesn't have to "return", since the only evidence that Ben was hiding and not, say, meditating in the desert was Leia's "Helpmeobiwankenobiyou'remyonlyhope", which is dialogue, so easily scrapped. For the full theory, see Luke Kenobi, below.

Anakin won't become Darth Vader

Count Dooku recently mentioned he has a son, who is very like Anakin. In the final battle on Mustafar, Anakin will simply be killed, but not resurrected as Vader. Instead, Vader will be Dooku's son, who declares vengeance on Obi-Wan for his part in his father's death. (And will, of course, get it in a New Hope.) This is more likely if Dooku is indeed telling the truth. The GM seems to love making the players suffer for their wrong choices.

  • I agree with the first part of this theory, about Anakin dying, but Vader will not be Dooku's son. He will be Boba Fett. He was foreshadowed so much that he must have a larger role in episodes 4-6 than what he had in the originals. That will be the revelation at the end of Episode V. The screencap of movie Fett will be a random bounty hunter, or invlove another plot twist.
    • Agreed very much. See Luke Kenobi, below.
  • Vader being Dooku's son seems to have been Jossed.
    • Not if Anakin does become Vader.
  • This is definitely in-bounds, since they've done the reverse with Valorum: a cyborg shows up, and in Darths and Droids it's the reincarnation of an established character where in the movies it wasn't.

Luke Kenobi

  • Here's how it goes: In-game, Obi-Wan and Padme had an affair, and she got pregnant. This is what caused Anakin to kill her, which in turn causes Obi-Wan to kill him (yes, he dies in the volcanic planet). Cut to the future, Obi-Wan and his son, Luke, live in Mad-Max world. They may live with the Skywalkers due to Obi-Wan's guilt for failing to raise Anakin properly and eventually killing him, but they may just never call their roommates' names. And Obi-Wan isn't hiding or anything, he just happened to have been contemplating life in the desert when R2 arrived, and has a very good relationship with his son, which goes sour when said son decides to become a Jedi. And Leia is not Luke's sister, though she may well be an ex or something.
  • On the evil side, Boba Fett was originaly intended to come back for vengeance against Obi-Wan for killing his parents. Remember that Jango says "Obi-Wan killed both your parents". Anakin isn't on the kid's radar. Except, the PCs kill him on sight. Then the GM remembers that the family had contacts with the cloners, and says "what the hell, that guy was a clone, HERE is the real one. But he dies again. After enough clones, he decides that Boba did not turn into a bounty hunter. Instead, he is Darth Vader himself, and the "clones" are actually elite imperial soldiers, whose uniforms are designed after that of the only father Boba/Vader knew.

Valorum will become the Emperor in the Original Trilogy

It's going to be really hard to establish Palpatine to be a good guy now and suddenly shift him to, evil for the next 3 movies unless either something drastic happens to him, or Valorum got mind-transferred into Palpatine's body...unless DMM plans for the protagonist in the next 3 movies to be Villain Protagonist, that is. Or Palpatine is pretending to be good, but evil to the core...still, having some guy like Valorum as the Big Bad sounds way more fun.

  • But Valorum is Grievous. I propose Bubble is Sidious.
    • And Grievous is dead. Besides we know Palpatine is Sidious; he referred to himself as such once before, and all of the cloaked Darth Sidious scenes are shown in Palpatine's exposition flashbacks.

The Ewoks will be a result of Sally G-Ming

Search your feelings, you know it to be true.

Obi-Wan's death will be Pete's fault.

It will seem that Anakin has died, making the players think that only Obi-Wan & R2 are in both Episodes III & IV. Both Pete & Ben clearly hate each other, but Ben tries not to let his IRL emotions interfere with his game decisions, while Pete... doesn't.

  • Jossed, at least as far as Pete hating Ben being responsible. Pete is clearly just as overjoyed as the other players when Ben returns.

Sometime in the D&D universe's future, Star Wars will become a hugely successful film series - directed by Sally.

The Original Trilogy will actually be run by the GM's sibling if he has one

As for why, compare the Original trilogy with the Prequel Trilogy. The Original is more down-to-earth, a bit more gritty, and as a lot less crazy alien designs and planets, with the exception of the Ewoks in Return of the Jedi of course, whereas the Prequel trilogy is more flashy, over the top, and has a lot of weird alien designs and planets.

What does this mean exactly? Probably because the GM decided to take a break for a while, but the players want to continue playing in the campaign setting, so he calls upon his brother, or sister, to GM for them. The sibling, however, would be no-nonsense, will railroad them all the time, put Pete in his place, and disregard Sally's suggestions and force her to play only one character, which would probably be C-3PO.

To make this even more fun Jim, Ben, Annie, and Pete know the new GM, and are flat terrified of them. They know of the types of campaigns this sibling would like to run, stories chock full of Grey and Grey Morality, sadistic choices, and wham sessions. Examples of games that this sibling would have run would be game versions of Berserk, A Song of Ice and Fire, Neon Genesis Evangelion, and The Black Company. They would then be relieved a little bit when the Sibling GM decides not to GM in that fashion for the Original Trilogy campaign. By the time of Return of the Jedi though, the sibling decides to loosen up a little and give the players a little leeway, which would explain the Ewoks.

Darth Vader will be Grievous, aka Valorum

All that talk about Grievous stealing organs? It's foreshadowing. Anakin will die, but Palpatine will use what's left of him to rebuild Valorum/Grievous yet again. Crazy, I know...

  • Except that we saw Grievous burn. Valorum-into-Grievous worked because in the movies, Valorum is never seen again after he's voted out of office, freeing him up in the comic to live out his fantasies of cyborgism by replacing his own body parts while still alive. However, Grievous dies on-screen, both in the movies & in the comic; it would take one heck of a brilliant plot device to restart a deceased brain with no other organs supporting it.
    • Didn't stop Cerberus... :)
      • Cerberus basically resurrected Commander Shepard as he/she was prior to his/her death. They only used cybernetics when it was ABSOLUTELY possible. But most of Shepard's organs were restored to working order.
      • While an interesting idea it's been made clear that Vader's still Anakin.

Ben is studying medicine because either Sally or one of their parents has an impending or chronic condition.

Ben is extremely reluctant to tell Sally why he's in med school, so the rest of the family is keeping news of the condition from her, even if it's her own condition.

The GM is running campaigns with other groups set in the same universe

Think about it. Campaigns last several sessions. They most likely have one session a week. There are two years between the campaigns, which leaves a lot of time for other campaigns. Even more if he plays with 2 different groups in one week. The way I imagine it, other groups are playing campaigns based on Expanded Universe stories, and sometimes even 'our' players join them. For example, between first and second campaign with 'our' players, Annie and Ben played a campaign based on Rogue Planet, and between second and third, Sally played two, one as Yoda, one as Mace (GM talked her into playing him again because it was tied to his backstory). During the third campaign, the other group would be the one playing Republic Commandos.

Jim will get the lightsaber restricitions on Kyle loosed, then screw up again while playing DF 2:JK

So his lose of powers, in the D&D verse, will have happened twice.

Ben is dead

This is enough proof.

when it comes time for the big reveal about Darth Vader, Annie will take over midway through the "I am your father" scene

Leading to the scene being played completely straight, Ben (Playing Luke) will scream "No, no that's impossible!" while Annie will tell him to search his feelings because he knows it to be true.

Anakin was a plan between the GM and Annie to create a credible villain

Every time the party goes against a villain, they kill them before they ever have a chance to develop. So it was planned that Anakin would be played as a PC until his eventual turn to evil. And when the party was all wiped out (Save Sally and Pete) the others would have to roll a new generation to fight Vader. Of course Ben and Annie derailed this when rule of drama got in the way of the plans. Hence 4 sessions of Jim dying, the plot not moving

Ben is missing the sessions on purpose for Rule of Drama

The GM asked Ben to sit out the sessions until the plot got caught up to him. Ben agreed, made up some bullshit about not being able to make it (leading to experience players like Jim and Pete to assume he had grown tired of the game and was ditching, Trust me any seasoned GM gets these people)

He'll come back just in time for Obi-Wan to save Luke from the sand people, shocking the group.

Ben left the group after a fight with Pete

Explaining Sally's anger towards him.

A romance will develop between Sally and Corey

Calling it now. They're close in age and of opposite genders. If a relationship doesn't develop, it will at least be joked about.

Ben you should have told me!

Corey will become upset that Ben never told him his mother was evil and intent on ruling the galaxy by his father's side.

Ben's soul-searching because of Sally

Ben left to find himself because Sally's comment made him realize that he was only fulfilling his dad's wishes by going to med school and he needed to find out what he himself really wanted to do with his life.

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