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TV series

  • "Dead Duck", when Darkwing, who had died and is currently in a ghost form, says goodbye to Morgana, Launchpad, and Gosalyn. Just the sight of not just Launchpad and Morgana crying, but Gos crying broke my heart. Of course, it turns out to be a dream, but if your heart didn't break then, or when Gos and Launchpad return from Darkwing's funeral, then you really have ice in your veins.
  • From "Darkly Dawns the Duck", part 2, Gosalyn singing "Little Girl Blue", the song her late Grandfather used to sing to her which is also the code to activate a powerful machine and Darkwing's verse afterward, brought me to tears the first time I heard it in many years since the last I saw the episode.
    • The scene where Gosalyn is being taken by Bulba's men and D.W. is desperately trying to save her while shouting her name.
  • Any of the many touching moments between Gosalyn and Darkwing. My personal favorite is at the beginning of "Time and Punishment." Gosalyn tries to tag along on mission, and Darkwing tells her to stay with the ratcatcher. When she protests, he replies "I'm serious Gos, if something were to happen to you, I... (voice catches) I don't know what I'd do."
    • The entire episode is one big tear jerker for this troper. To see how Dark Warrior Duck has become so corrupted by his own sense of justice because the one person he loved (more than himself) was gone, and to see her return after all these years has a flood of bottled up emotions just flowing out. It was only worse when he felt betrayed by her near the end as well. I really felt for old DW.


  • In issue #4, it looks like Gosalyn has bit the big one and DW cradles her body whispering "This can't happen. We can't let Bulba have this. It was inspired me to come back. You've always been the inspiration. Your courage. Your honor. Having you by my side made me unstoppable. You were always my superhero." OK, we all know she wasn't going to die but still...
  • Darkwing trying to break the brainwashing on the catatonic Morgana in issue 5 of the comic. He succeeds, taking the entire issue to do so, also revealing that without Darkwing, Drake is a duck without a driving purpose. In the end, just about to give up, he tearfully says to her that if he never quit, she would never have suffered. The tear breaks her out of it.
  • The ending of the Quackerjack story in the Darkwing Duck 2011 Annual is on equal with an ending of Batman: The Animated Series. Quackerjack builds a ray to turn people into dolls. DW finds a Mr. Banana Brain doll online and someone snipes it off him from ebay. It turns out it was QJ's girlfriend in hopes of reforming QJ as he had a normal life before going totally crazy at the time DW got back in the game. Through a long manner, both the original Banana Brain and his new Banana Brain come alive and fight over him and DW breaks them up. QJ goes up to his girlfriend's house, turns himself into a doll and leaves a note saying "This is the best I'll ever be".
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