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 Who lives down in Deepest, Darkest, Africa?

First verse in the opening to Kimba the White Lion

" Then I saw the Congo, creeping through the black

Cutting through the jungle with a golden track...

Listen to the creepy proclamation

Blown past the lairs of the forest-nation

Blown past the white-ant's hill of clay

Blown past the marsh where the butterflies play

'Be careful what you do, or

Mumbo-Jumbo, God of the Congo

And all of the other

Gods of the Congo

Mumbo-Jumbo will Hoo-Doo you

Mumbo-Jumbo will Hoo-Doo you

Mumbo-Jumbo will... Hoo...Doo... you...' "
—Vachel Lindsay, "The Congo, A Study of the Negro Race"
"Bongo bongo bongo I don't wanna leave the Congo oh nonononono! Bingo bango bungo I'm so hop-py in the jungle I refuse to go..."
The Andrews Sisters featuring Danny Kaye, "Fallout Civilization"
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