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"Did you kill your father?

Sleep with your mother?

Idolize your sister, were you jealous of your brother?

Did you kick the dog? Were you beat with a strap?

Were you really abused, were you fakin' all that?

Too tense!"
Overkill, "Birth of Tension"

Franky: You gotta admit, that was nowhere near as bad as Chinatown, boy that was-

Goon: Franky, don't even bring up Chinatown.

Liz: There's no need to be sarcastic.

Dagless: Maybe if everyone who'd ever been close to you had died, you'd be sarcastic, too.

Liz: Yes, that makes sense.
The past is a gaping hole. You try to run from it, but the more you run, the deeper, more terrible it grows behind you, its edges yawning at your heels. Your only chance is to turn around and face it. But it's like looking down into the grave of your love, or kissing the mouth of a gun, a bullet trembling in its dark nest, ready to blow your head off.
Max Payne, from Max Payne 2
They were after me. It was my fault. You can't run from your past. You'll end up running in circles. Until you fall back down into the same hole you were trying to escape from, only the hole's grown deeper.
Max Payne, from Max Payne 2
Those of us who had a perfectly happy childhood should be able to sue for deprivation of literary royalties.
Chris Patten
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