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  • The late-game sidequest "Two Wacky Terrans." This troper found the Vanilla Inscence Stick exchange to be most amusing, making up for them attempting to frame you for their slip-ups.
  • In the cutscene where Kayron meets Nicolai on a research station, Nicolai finds a bomb attached beneath his ship. Being this game's Lovable Coward, he runs for his life while Kayron...smoothly defuses the bomb like it was nothing.
  • In the cutscene where you meet with the chief of the Research Station Mandedulce, there is a team of scientists working in the background. Suddenly, the thing they're working with goes haywire and flies out of control. One of the scientists notice Eona watching and hastily pulls down a blast shield to hide the accident.
  • "According to Directive 26, Paragraph 5 of the Trope Protection Act, a mention of the Arrack's Verbal Tic is called for on the Darkstar One Crowning Moment of Funny page."
  • This exchange between Kayron and Eona in one sidequest. They have to take out a shipment of Mandroids for the Thul, who have decided to ban them.

 Eona: Wow, I could do with one of those. Easy to handle, helpuful, clearing up my stuff...

Kayron: Taking over for the co-pilot when she wants to have a lie-in, or is otherwise incapacitated.

Eona: ...Never sarcastic.

  • There is a lot of snarky dialogue between Kayron and Eona during the Bronis' Arms Factory mission. After facing a bunch of defense mechanisms along the way, this troper smiled as Kayron makes one last snark before the main reactor room.

 Kayron: Precisely. And right there is a sign saying, "Please shoot now."

  • After one sidequest, Eona whines about how she never gets anything. Kayron makes it up to her by letting her get something from the next Trade Station.
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