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There are a lot of things I could complain about in the movie -- the "romance", Daredevil's wildly fluctuating physical condition, et cetera -- but I just wanted to throw this out there: Can anyone come up with any reason for how Bullseye, who has not only not made any effort to conceal his identity but seems to be relatively well known in his home town, can murder a man over a slight in plain view of about thirty witnesses, make a show out of it, and walk out the door? Or did the scriptwriter just get caught up in Evil Is Cool and not stop to think about the consequences?

  • It's not his hometown, just a bar he happened to crash into. (I seriously doubt that bartenders in Ireland complain about 'Irish trash' in British accents, for one thing, and Movie Bullseye is Irish.) As for nobody trying to stop him from leaving... would you? That's just volunteering to be the next guy to die.
    • Okay, fair point about his nationality. I didn't really think about that. However, while I wouldn't try to stop him, per se, I would call the police as soon as he was gone. It wasn't exactly the perfect murder.
      • No one there knows who he is. Even when they give a description to the police, it's not like the cops are going to know the guy's home address or anything. He walked into a bar, killed a guy, and walked back out - it happens in real life, too. He wasn't trying to be sneaky.
        • I'm sure it happens in real life, but do they normally get away with it? The police would have a description of a very distinctive-looking murderer on the loose. Word's liable to get around.
          • Sometimes they get away with it. The fact that Bullseye was out of the country within hours would help.
            • Are you serious? Ignoring the excessively tight security in airports (to the extent of police/guards and checkpoints being everywhere), the guy has a giant scar in the shape of a cross-hair covering most of his face and was seen by several people, so how in the name of hell can he get away? Even if he had all the projectiles in the world, he can't dodge an array of bullets from several guns, so just "getting away" doesn't exactly seem feasable.
      • His scar is on his forehead, not "covering most of his face," as seen in the movie, a hat covers it up completely. And again, he was seen by several people, but none of them apparently know his name or where he went. And the cops wouldn't know he was heading for the airport, so why would they be checking for him, specifically, there? You're acting like the second he stepped out of the bar 20 cops would've been there with guns on him, but that's not how law enforcement works. In the US, at least, it could be weeks between the commission of a crime and an actual arrest.
    • And aside from all of that, the reason he left the bar was that he had just taken a job for the most powerful crime lord in America. So even if he was caught, or traced, Kingpin probably could have had quashed it.
      • ...that actually makes sense.
  • Speaking of The Movie, am I the only one on the entire internet who actually likes the non-score soundtrack, in spite of being shoehorned in? I love orchestral music as much as the next guy, but I'm also a bit of a head-banger.
    • I think the thing with the soundtrack is it kind of comes off as an obnoxious, band-vehicle sort of thing for a band that happened to be very overplayed and trendy at the time. It comes off as pretty cheesy now, but I think in once everyone forgets the stigmata attached to 2003 Evanescence and such, it'll feel pretty appropriate.
      • Honestly, I think this soundtrack ranks up there with The Crow when it comes to "astoundingly awesome soundtrack albums." You gotta remember that it's this soundtrack that really introduced Evanescence to a wide audience, so they only became "overplayed" in the wake of this soundtrack.
  • General Daredevil question: Why does Daredevil's mask have eyeholes?
    • Because he doesn't want anyone knowing he's blind. It adds a layer of concealment to the secret identity. You see eyeholes, you assume Daredevil can see, so you won't even think that the blind lawyer might be him.
    • It doesn't actually have eyeholes. It has eye-shaped thingies that look like eyeholes.
  • What was the point of Dardevil (who wasn't even in costume yet) fighting his girlfriend in the playground? Assuming the girl didn't know this blind lawyer was Daredevil, it paints her in a bad light because she's willingly trying to attack a blind man for no reason.
    • It wasn't like she walked up and decked him. He goaded her into it with some simple moves, she responded, and it just sort of escalated from there. If he had been just a normal blind guy who tried to block her path she probably would have put him in a light arm lock until he said uncle and let him go.
    • Why would he say "uncle"? I think he'd be trying to shove her off of him.
      • Have you ever tried "shoving off" someone who has you in an arm lock? It's called pain compliance for a reason.
    • I re-watched it on Youtube. All he did was grab her arm. She was the one who decided to go kung-fu on him.
      • And all she did was try to put him in a simple arm lock. That's a fairly standard response to a strange man who has been creepily following you around, despite being told several times to stop, and who suddenly grabs you by the arm.
    • Did the children not find it odd that a blind guy was fist-fighting a woman in the playground?
      • Sure they found it odd. They also found it cool, hence why they all gathered around to watch.
  • Why did Daredevil apparently cover the ground in oil with his logo after the train killed Quesada? How did Ben Urich know it was there, and to throw his cigarette on it? What was the point exactly? Daredevil apparently never did this kind of thing again for the rest of the movie.
    • The filmmakers were trying to invoke Rule of Cool. Whether they succeeded or not is YMMV.
  • Questions that were running through my head while watching this movie (other than "WHYYY?"): Matt's superpower is massively heightened senses of hearing, smell, touch and taste. How does this translate into the ability to perform ridiculous feats of acrobatics and martial arts without any prior training in order to scare away the school bullies? And if Matt's ears are so sensitive that he has to sleep in a sensory deprivation tank and a passing train incapacitates him, how come he blasts Nickelback at full volume while he's getting ready for work? And why is it that he can detect minute changes in temperature and hear police radios blocks away, and yet he has to bang a railing in order to determine whereabouts on an empty subway platform his mark is hiding? Should he be able to hear the guy's heartbeat? Inconsistency, much? And why does Matt have to loudly display his weakness by screaming and clutching his head at every single loud noise?
    • As for the last one, you think that's something he chooses to do? He's in pain, and having a natural, reflexive reaction to that pain. You might as well ask, "Why does that sissy have to loudly go on about it every time he breaks his fingers?"
      • It doesn't make sense. He's bothered by some loud noises to the point of yelling about it, yet he's perfectly fine with other loud noises.
    • It's less that he can't stand certain noises and more that he isn't expecting them. I can prevent myself from even flinching when getting a vaccination shot, but if you poked me with a hairpin without me seeing you coming, I'm going to jump five feet and scream like a little girl. Involuntary reactions.
    • It wasn't Nickleback, it was Seether.
    • DD's senses are enhanced to the point where he can read people and predict their actions and they're strong enough to factor into his reflexes. Regarding his sensitivity to sound, it depends on the situation. Even people with normal hearing can have trouble sleeping if theres a tap dripping in the house, imagine that amplified. Regarding him blasting music comfortably while being incapacitated by the sound of a train, music is music and generally people can tolerate loud music more than other loud noises. He also needs the loud music to 'see' what hes doing in the morning, so he has to put up with it. He can detect minute changes in temperature because his sense of touch is amplified, he can hear a police radio from a long distance because his hearing is amplified. However, if hes in an empty hallway with no noise he has to bang on something so he can follow the vibrations and get a clear reading of the room (sounds from blocks away, though audible to him, wouldn't be strong enough to paint a clear picture of his surroundings). And he grabs yells because hes in pain and he grabs his head to cover his ears.
  • Okay, so, under what circumstances is a highly trained ninja (Elektra) being beaten by some Irish barfly (Bullseye) supposed to be plausible (I'm talking movieverse, in case that wasn't clear)?
    • I don't think the kingpin, the dude who's running new york city from the shadows, would hire someone who's just some Irish barfly. the guy is a hired killer, he kills for a living and apparently for fun, I'm pretty sure that if you're doing something you enjoy for a living that you're also REALLY good at it. granted elektra was a highly trained ninja, who said bullseye wasn't a highly trained assassin?
      • Allow me to elaborate: Since when does "throw things really good" translate to "hand to hand combat skills?" Look at the scene where he fights Elektra: Dude has less finesse than Matt's dad did, for cripes sake.
      • You don't need finesse to be an expert fighter, and at no point does anyone say "throwing things" is his only skill. It may be his best skill, yes, but Kingpin would have to be an idiot to think someone who could chuck paperclips like a mofo could take on a night-prowling pseudo-ninja. Besides, the only pieces of evidence we have that Elektra is a highly-trained fighter are:
    1. Her fight with a blind guy who was just having fun with her
    2. Her fight with a bunch of sandbags (wow, way to show off there)
    3. Her fight with a blind guy who really wanted to avoid hurting her

  • Why didn't Bullseye kill the priest? He's never before shown hesitance toward the killing of innocent bystanders, and this one could give testimony to the police that would be potentially problematic for both him and his employer.
    • Maybe he meant to kill Daredevil early, then finish off the priest later.
    • Chaotic Evil characters are unpredictable.
      • It's possible that the only reason he gave the priest a chance to escape was because of upbringing. It's possible that he was raised to show at least some deference to Catholic priests, and even if he has grown up to be an Axe Crazy killer, old habits die hard. At the very least, like the above troper said, Chaotic Evil characters are...well...unpredictable.
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