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Amanda Smythe is being possessed by Alex's daughter.

We all know there's something weird going on with Amanda. My theory? She's been possessed (or something) by Alex's daughter. Could be Matthias, not Alex, but I don't think so.

Alex turned away from his father's teachings for his love (muggleborn, maybe?). He had two children, a daughter and a son, but Salazar cursed the family so one of them would die young. The girl, her brother, and her boyfriend/fiance [1] were in the cave [2], but there was a trap. They were all going to drown, but the girl got herself and her boyfriend/fiance to safety, so only her brother died. Eventually, the castle-in-the-sky thing happened. Somehow [3], Alex can possess Ezra Smythe, and his unnamed daughter who was in the cave for a while used her one chance to possess (or something) Amanda, Ezra's daughter. Draco has something to do with Possessing!Amanda's boyfriend [4], so she's in love with him, but she's going to die (?)[5] soon, not long before he does (or not).

Draco Black is not actually going to die.

Since chapter 3 of Facing Danger, we've assumed Luna's vision was true, especially after what Margaret Ravenclaw said. But...

  • We know from Living With Danger that Lucius Malfoy hates music, especially Muggle music, so why would he even know the song Luna was singing in the vision?
  • It's been a plot point- how many times now?- that Draco looks just like his father. The resemblance was then only exacerbated by Mare/Letha cutting Lucius's cheek, giving him a scar identical to Draco and Hermione.
  • No names are ever spoken in the scene.

So, for some reason, Draco was disguised as Lucius Malfoy [6]. Luna maybe hadn't known this? Or was acting? So that when she found him to actually be alive, she was only too glad to go with him.

  • And adding to this, maybe it was his father who was dead, but the grave was marked otherwise, so as not to blow Draco's cover?
  • Word of God actually hints at this interpretation. In a Potter Fic Weekly interview, Anne added a hidden bit from that scene: "Do you know what I remember about that dark hallway? The word 'please'. He said 'Please, let me live,' and it was so strange that he should say that..." Considering her love of The Princess Bride...


  1. Dafydd Beauvoi, according to Chapter 39 of Facing Danger and Chapter 12 of Be Careful
  2. the one near the Sanctuary- Chapter 39, FD
  3. descendants, maybe?
  4. Presumably a descendant- Beauvoi/Malfoy, etc. - see Be Careful Chapter 5
  5. or maybe there's a time limit and she's almost out of time? Would imply she has a mission, something she has to do, before she runs out of time.
  6. With a temporary Aging Potion, inspired by Barty Crouch?
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