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Main Characters

Tropes appliable to both Main Characters

Jaryl Garen

 "Excellent ..."

File:Jaryl 1040.png

Main Character, anthropomorphic wolf and Narrator of the story. With him being 20 years old, he may just look like a typical hero, but Jaryl himself only wants to live a quiet life. He's a quite calm and reserved person, though innerly, he often comments on things that happen to him with sarcasm. May have a terrible secret, because of his two scars, which are on his chest and snout, and because he never looses a single word about them or his past. Is not treated very well by other people because of his red eye color.

  "And that would be very inefficient."

 I can't afford more.

  • Manly Man: Dips into this, to Jins Sensitive Guy.
  • Narrator: While at the same time being the Main Character.
  • Overprotective Dad: Believe it or not, Jaryl has a very firm opposition of letting Jin fight against anything out for their blood, mainly because Jin's five years old. Has to accept the idea of letting the dragon fight when absolutely necessary, due to a very freaky meeting with some kind of Ghost, but is still against that. While the trope itself isn't about this kind of overprotective-ness, it's name seems quite fitting.
    • The new prologue might even show the roots of why Jaryl has this particular attitude to Jin. As he says in the new prologue to his Mother:

 "who knows whether those guys are doing something to you and Andy, just to get rid of me. I think those assholes are very capable of doing that."

    • Not to mention Chapter 8, where he nearly flips out when Jin tells him that he was wandering around town:

 "What?! Did anything happen, did someone attack you??? Why are you wandering through such a place full with idiots alone while I'm sleeping?!"

  • Papa Wolf: Incredibly Lame Puns aside, he's revealed being this to Jin in Chapter 6. As the little Dragon was cornered by a hostile Werewolf, Jaryl got him out of that situation by killing their monstrous foe with a stab in his heart. This also leads to an Overprotective Dad-like situation, where Jaryl absolutely refuses to let Jin participate in battles anymore, despite having seen that Jin knows how to fend for his own life and having access to pretty powerfull flamebreath-attacks. While, due to a latter occurence in this chapter, this decision is changed again, he's still against the idea of getting Jin into senseless danger.
  • Parental Substitute: Is this to Jin.
  • Perpetual Frowner: This seems his standard expression in the story. The only moments where he smiles are when he's in a kinda "Father Mode" to Jin.
  • Red Eyes, Take Warning: Has those as his natural eyecolor.
  • Self-Deprecation: He seems to have no high opinion on himself.
  • Shonen Hair: Usually Depending on the Artist. Though it's a very mild example and has nothing to do with his personality, as he is usually a quite calm and reserved person.
  • Sleeves Are for Wimps: Of the 'ripped off'-variety.
  • The Alcoholic: Is shown to like beer, as he's drinking it in Chapter 2, although it's (intentionally?) unknown how much he drinks normally. And, in the later chapters, imposes a 'No Alcohol'-rule on himself, as he doesn't want to get ambushed by anyone opposing him while drunk.
  • The Coats Are Off: In the rewritten Chapter 1, because the coat had too many holes for it to be efficient anymore, so he had to ditch it.
  • Why Did It Have To Be Spiders And Heights?

J-0618-I-10-N-1909, Jin Garen

 "No big deal, Jaryl! I want to help you with this!"

File:Jin 9512.png

A five year old dragon. He's like a typical child, optimistic and a happy fellow. His past is even more nebulous than Jaryl's, as he was found sleeping in a capsule, loaded into a meteor, by the wolfman, having no memories of the years before. Despite that, he has declared that he wants to help Jaryl with their unexpected quest.

  • And I Must Scream: Thanks to the new Prologue, the last thing Jin has seen before succumbing to sleeping gas is the nice lady who he could call 'Mama', but apparently killed by gunshot and seeing her face twisted with pain as she fell against his capsule. Let that sink in for a while. It may be possible that this exact image was haunting him in his sleep.
    • Angst? What Angst?: May lead to this trope. It's unknown if he can remember the details of this incident, but if he can, then he does a very good job on not getting all gloomy and depressive because of it.
    • The End of Chapter 9 seems to be a turning point for him. After what has happened, his demeanor seems to have taken quite a hit. Maybe the new picture of him is a case of Foreshadowing in how bad this has become.
  • Bare Your Midriff: Does so here, showing that he has a bellybutton. Though, considering his implied origins, this could be plausible...
  • Black Eyes: Well, Jaryl describes them as being a brighter black, almost passing over to grey.
  • Cute Bruiser: Shows shades of this. He apparently likes to fight, and in Chapter 6, it's shown that he can take on a Fenrier (bipedal, wolf-like monsters, which are small, somewhat Jin's height, but very deadly if you're not being cautious) singlehandedly. While his fight was happening "offscreen" (Jaryl had to focus on three of those things) , he makes clear that you should not underestimate him.
  • Cute Little Fangs: According to this artwork (not drawn by the autor, it's commissioned by him), he has those.
  • Instant Awesome, Just Add Dragons: Naturally.
  • Kid Hero: A quite extreme example. The boy is FIVE, for Pete's sake ... though, it's implied that he is wise beyond his years, because he apparently has a grasp of Life and Death, which is rare for Kids in his age. And because he knows how to fight and not getting himself maimed.
  • Laser-Guided Amnesia: Jin apparently has no idea where or what his origins are. It's probably not helping that he was found in a weird capsule, which was loaded into a meteor, by Jaryl ...
  • Literal Minded: Whenever Jaryl uses some sort of metaphor:

 "Whew, you shouldn't ask me something like that, concerning this, I'm completely in the dark", I answer.

"But we aren't in the dark, there's light at the walls", Jin reckons somewhat confused.

Supporting Characters

Mister Bennet

An old human, fortuneteller AND mayor of a little town, he's the one who assigns Jaryl and Jin their objective of destroying five seals holding the goddess of the humans. Concerning the little dialogue at the very end of Chapter 5, he seems to have a role in a conspiracy against our wandering duo...

  • Badass Grandpa: Hey, he's a fortuneteller (whose tellings were told to be always right) and the mayor of a little town, so this has to say something about him.
  • Mister Exposition
  • Stop Helping Me!: At least Jaryl, who's a little bit too paranoid to really appreciate the few things Bennet has done for them, feels this way about him, who did provide them a place to sleep for one night, breakfast included. Though as written above, it's clear that Bennet has something else in mind.
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