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"Now ... from the looks of it, there is a certain reason why we were brought here. Who are you and what is this reason?", I ask composed. This composure is feigned, though. Innerly, I'm very tense and insecure. What if we're getting executed for a crime we haven't commited, or because of racist attitudes?

"Call me Sir Bennet. You don't have to tell me your names, if you don't wish to do so. And yes, indeed, there is a reason. You know, I have foreseen your appearance", the old man answers.

A simple "What" is my only commentary to that.
—Actual dialogue from the story, translated from German.

This is an original story which was called 'Wolf and Dragon' at first, written by Jaryl, set in the Fantasy-genre. Due to being in the works since over five years, it has seen many changes and restarts, and is now currently at Chapter 9. Sadly, there is no English version yet, it's all in German. (Although you can put an emphasis on "yet", since a translator is already "under contract") Needs More Love.

The story is about an anthropomorphic, 20 years old wolfman called Jaryl Garen, who lives on a world populated by anthropomorphic animals, currently experiencing medieval times. Though most of the other people aren't very kind to him because of his red eye color, he ignores this with utter indifference. He's wandering across the lands, traveling to a curiousity-collector in another town in order to sell a weird plate he has found. This is one of the first steps he unwittingly takes to change his life ...

This story is meant to make several allusions and stabs at the usual RPG- and Fantasy-tropes, and with Jaryl being the Main Character and Narrator, the reader get's several insights about his thoughts and opinions, hanging a lampshade or two sometimes.

The author has took it down from dA and FA[1], but he has opened up a specific blog for him to post periodically new chapters. You can find it here:

Caution, Spoilers up ahead!!

Has a Character Page! Everything character-specific should be added there!

Tropes associated with Dangerous Detour (under construction):


  1. due to FA having changed it's upload-rules, stating that underaged characters aren't allowed in Mature/Adult artwork/stories anymore, and if Chapter 9 is a good indicator for that, it will get very bloody and gruesome later on, so this might be justified
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