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Chapter One:

  • When the ghosts begin to haunt San Iria after you free them from the mansion, it starts out as a Crowning Moment of Funny. However, when two children are playing tag with a ghost kid, it instantly becomes this.
  • When Alice tells Luka to snap out of his Death Seeker tendencies since what his father did is not his fault and that Luka has no obligation to sacrifice his life for his father's crime of creating Illias Creutz.
    • Similarly, when he wonders if he'll become like Lily, Alice is quick to reassure him that he's a much better person than he fears.
  • What the Fairies decided to pray for, after seeing humans praying in a church: "Dear God thingy on a cloud. Please let the humans be happy and help the flowers bloom." Adorable!
  • The fact that some of the supposedly dangerous monster girls are actually willing to cooperate can sometimes make for wonderful scenes. This troper is particularly reminded of the co-existence between humans and mermaids in the game.

Chapter Two:

  • Luka buying Alice the ribbon she wanted in Grand Noah, which she then wears on her tail for the rest of the game.
  • Alice playing in the snow of the Yamatai Mountains, especially since she's never seen any in her life before.
  • The Ant Girls who had been treated as slaves start rebelling, and you're given a choice to turn around and walk away or save the city. Alice points out that the humans definitely brought it on themselves, but when Luka decides to save the city anyway, she smiles.
  • Towards the end of the game Luka discovers that his father was actually killed by Lazarus rather than by a monster. After almost killing Lazarus in revenge, Luka begins to break down and question his convictions about a world where humans and monsters can live together. Alice listens to him patiently, then reassures him that he is a true Hero. It's particularly powerful considering that Alice has always refered to Luka mockingly as a 'Fake Hero' for the entirety of the story until that moment.
  • Luka not killing Alice at the end of the Part 2.
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