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I need photos! Photos of Spider-Man!

The Intrepid Reporter's boss. Gruff and authoritarian, frequently a Cigar Chomper, often seen with his jacket off and his sleeves rolled up. Is fond of both shouting at his reporters over any conceivable pretext and passionately defending them (and the newspaper) from any threats to the freedom of the press.

Has a lot of overlap in personality and plot function with Da Chief (but if he's Perry White, don't call him "Chief"!).

Examples of Da Editor include:

Comic Books

  • Perry White, editor of the Daily Planet, in Superman and its numerous spin-offs and adaptations in various media.
  • J. Jonah Jameson, editor of the Daily Bugle, in Spider-Man and its spin-offs and adaptations in various media.
  • Mitchell "Where's my fucking column" Royce in Transmetropolitan, City Editor of The Word. Slightly unusual in that he heads a section rather than being Editor In Chief. Throughout the series, he tries to be called "Two-Fisted Editor"; for most of the story, it's just kind of pathetic... and then comes the chapter named "Two-Fisted Editor".
  • Virtually all of Vic Sage's bosses in The Question.
  • Despite technically being based on the cartoon that preceded it, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Adventures had its own separate Da Editor figure in Murdock Maxwell, who fires April at the beginning of her spin-off mini-series.



  • Technically, William de Worde in Discworld books following The Truth should be this. In practice he refuses to give up being an Intrepid Reporter himself. And as Pterry says, since he invented journalism, who's going to tell him he's not supposed to?

Live Action TV

Video Games


  • Harold Harvey Henson in Ciem: The Human Centipede, who's the station owner of Channel 26 in Dirbine. Subverted in that he's very wishy-washy and optimistic, and treats his staff a lot more kindly than they deserve.

Western Animation

  • The director of the Channel 6 news team, Burne Thompson, in the '80s/'90s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles cartoon. His somewhat fluctuating attitude towards the Turtles and constant pestering of his underlings for news stories led to April occasionally being at odds with him.
  • The Captain Caveman shorts on The Flintstone Comedy Show featured Lou Granite, editor-in-chief of The Daily Granite.
  • Pablo plays this role in The Backyardigans episode "Front Page News!".
  • Diamond Tiara in My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic plays this role when she's appointed editor in chief of the school paper.
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