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DR Movie is a South Korean Animation studio (Offices also exist in Los Angeles, California and Tokyo, Japan). First established in 1990 and bought by Madhouse close to a decade later (having done work with them beforehand). The studio mainly specializes in In-Between animation, Ink & Paint and CG Animation for Anime and North American animation. Their clients aside from Madhouse have included Studio Ghibli, GONZO, Sunrise, TMS Entertainment, Sony and Warner Brothers.

They've recently ventured out to work with Chinese companies, making it highly possible to see co-productions with either Hong Ying or Wang Film Productions sometime in the future.

See also Toon City, Production I.G, Rough Draft Studios and Digital E Mation who alongside GONZO, use CG in their animation and AKOM, JM Animation, Dong Woo Animation, Sunwoo Entertainment, Saerom and Hanho Heung Up, other South Korean animation studios (JM and Dong Woo also having worked on Anime). Their website can be found here.

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