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It's dark, and Hell is hot.

Earl Simmons (1970-), more widely known by his stage name DMX, is a rapper and actor from Yonkers, New York. The name DMX was originally not an acronym, but simply part of a name taken from a popular drum machine of The Nineties, the Oberheim DMX. However, the acronym has come to stand for "Dark Man of the Unknown (or X for short)."

DMX is widely known for his harsh, gravelly voice, his violent subject matter (particularly in his earlier albums), and the frequent call-and-response lyrics used in his songs. That, and his extensive arrest record.

Discography by release date:

  • It's Dark and Hell Is Hot: 1998
  • Flesh of my Flesh, Blood of my Blood: 1998 (with this, he became the first artist to release two #1 albums within a year)
  • ...And Then There Was X: 1999
  • The Great Depression: 2001
  • Grand Champ: 2003
  • Year of the Dog...Again: 2006
  • Walk With Me Now/You'll Fly With Me Later: A double album originally intended to be released in 2008, but the release is constantly being pushed back due to DMX's current incarceration.

This artist provides examples of:

  • Abusive Parents: His mother starved him and abandoned him in a group home.
  • All Girls Want Bad Boys- "Good Girls, Bad Guys" from ...And Then There Was X provides a somewhat humorous take on this.
  • As the Good Book Says...- "Lord Give Me a Sign" begins with DMX quoting Isaiah 54:17.
  • Badass Preacher- He always finds a way to insert a full-blown prayer track into his albums in between the gangster joints.
  • Call-and-Response Song- The Damien series, as well as Angel and a few other songs.
  • Call Back- In Damien III- "What happened to the right hand, Light Man?" is a Call Back to Damien's "For that nigga, I would bleed/ give him my right hand/ now that I think about it, yo, that's my man!"
  • Career Killer- "The Professional" from ...And Then There Was X has DMX portray a contract killer as opposed to simply a gangster.
  • Chronic Villainy- Referenced occasionally in his Prayer songs, as well as Ready To Meet Him.
  • Creator Thumbprint: DMX loves dogs. Specifically, pitbulls.
  • Deal with the Devil- "Damien" and its sequels.
  • Dream Team / Hype Backlash- His much-hyped collaboration with Eminem was kind of mediocre.
  • Even Bad Men Love Their (Grand)Mamas- The Great Depression's "I Miss You" is an ode to his late grandmother.
  • Disappeared Dad: His father left him and his mom to take care of themselves.
  • Downer Ending- The song "ATF" ends with DMX dying in a shootout with police.
    • Actually insinuated it was all a dream.
  • Evil Sounds Deep- In the "Damien" series, the titular character usually has a strange yet not necessarily deep voice. However, should he get serious about something, this trope goes into full swing.
    • Any time he takes his shirt off onstage, wave of fangirl shrieks--more girls than you'd ever think would be at a hardcore rap concert--is sure to follow.
  • Foster Kid: Lived in group homes and foster homes for a while after his mother abandoned him.
  • Hey, It's That Voice!- Having guest rappers Jadakiss and Styles P on a song from Flesh of My Flesh, Blood of My Blood is pretty par for the course for a rap album. Having Marilyn Manson most certainly is not.
    • Many people thought "Damian" was just DMX doing a high pitched voice. It's actually Mos Def.
  • Horrorcore: It's Dark and Hell Is Hot and Flesh of My Flesh, Blood of My Blood.
  • I Love the Dead: This lyric from "Bring Your Whole Crew":

  I got blood on my hands and there's no remorse / I got blood on my dick 'cause I fucked a corpse!

  • List Song- "Who We Be" from The Great Depression and "What These B***ches Want" from ...And Then There Was X.
  • Loners Are Freaks: "How many times do I have to tell you rap niggas I have no friends?!" (from "What's My Name?")
  • Lyrical Tic: He makes frequent use of growls, barking, "uh!", and "come on!" in his songs
  • Mood Whiplash- His video for "Where Da Hood At?" is his typical violent gangster rap (sprinkled with a little gay bashing), but then it goes into a clip of "Ayo Kato," a sweet, sad tribute to a deceased friend.
  • Moral Dissonance- DMX will go from gangster raps about committing murder to what are essentially gospels within the same album.
  • Mr. Fanservice: Has quite a number of female fans, must be the allergy to shirts.
  • Myth Arc- The "Damien" story crosses songs from three different albums.
  • My Name Is Not Durwood- Used in Damien III

 Damien"What happened to the right hand, Light Man?

X"Nah, that's Dark Man

Damien"Well, let's get it right, then."

  • Punctuated for Emphasis: Commonly used, but most evident in "What's My Name?", where he recites his name, the title, and numerous other phrases IN! THIS! MANNER!
  • Soprano and Gravel- His duets with Aaliyah and Monica.
  • Verbal Tic- "What?!", "C'mon!", and dog barks and growls, among other things.
    • The barking even surfaced during his Behind the Music episode, while he was talking about his dead grandmother.
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