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  • And the Fandom Rejoiced: Not only was DJ Max Technika 3 announced, but so was a port of the DJ Max Technika games for the PS Vita, bonus points for the PS Vita being region free.
  • Accidental Innuendo: "Ready Now"
  • Complacent Gaming Syndrome -- Inverted in Portable and Trilogy; many players will use Fever (to the point of having to deal with utilize the Fever-induced speedups), even if they're struggling to full combo, 100%, or even just pass the song.
  • Contested Sequel -- Every Portable game after DJMAX Portable 2. Clazziquai Edition has framerate issues and is a little easy for some players, while Black Square has autocorrect and unnecessarily Nintendo Hard unlocks, and newer players may be turned off by the abundance of difficult charts. Both also have the song skip glitch.
  • Crowning Music of Awesome -- A lot.
  • Default Setting Syndrome -- 5 Key in Online, 4 Buttons in Portable.
  • Ear Worm -- A good load of the songs.
  • Ensemble Darkhorse -- The NB Rangers, a Super Sentai/Power Rangers who first appear in the animation for the song "NB Ranger," which has since had two sequel songs to it. Part of what makes them popular is their ridiculous premise: beating up couples in love.
  • Everyone Is Jesus in Purgatory -- Since the Korean Platinum Crew server had ceased to add any more monthly special charts past "Special 16", some of the Technika fanbase noticed a weird pattern; the first set of monthly special charts included the song "First Kiss", while the sixteenth special set included the song The "Last Dance". Hmm...
  • Fridge Brilliance -- In Technika, the first SP set's first song is called "First Kiss". The final SP set's first song is called "The Last Dance".
  • Good Bad Bugs -- Thanks to how Technika's touchscreen works, you can play the game in various, unusual ways: you can drag tap notes, tap individual dots of chain notes, drag chain notes on the wrong half of the screen, and cheat repeat notes that have tap notes that line up with the individual notes of a repeat segment.
    • In DJMAX Portable 3, you can play 6.2T mode in Normal difficulty well before you're supposed to unlock it, but unless you've been clearing songs in 6.2T Hard, your songlist will be quite limited.
  • Ho Yay - The background animations for "On," "Jealousy," "In My Heart," and "Hamsin." In fact, in the latter's animation, one character is explicitly described as a lesbian.
  • It's Easy, So It Sucks -- Any song that appears in the Portable series and gets a new, easier chart in a later installment gets this.
    • The animation for "Freedom" too. Doubles as Foe Yay.
  • More Popular Spinoff -- Portable and Technika.
  • Narm -- Some of the songs have Engrish lyrics that tend to kill the moods of the songs once you understand them.
  • Nightmare Fuel -- DJMAX Portable 2 and Black Square have missions where a single miss (or in the case of one mission in Portable 2, a MAX 1%) is an instant game over. It's very terrifying because you never know when you'll overlook a single note.
    • The NB Girls. For those who are currently in relationships, engaged, or married: imagine them pulling their tricks on you and your significant other. Especially if you've been together for a long time.
  • Scrappy Mechanic -- The "autocorrect" feature, featured in every DJMAX game since Trilogy except for Technika. Pressing the wrong button at the right time will still give you credit for the note. Not only does it confuse and annoy expert players, who believe that this feature dumbs down the game, even beginners and professional reviewers share the same opinion, as it makes the game more confusing to learn. Portable 3 finally gets rid of this option.
    • Also, analog nub notes. Some harder charts, particularly those supplied by Clazziquai Edition's Extended Edition patch, force you to alternate between the nub and the D-pad very rapidly.
  • "Stop Having Fun!" Guys -- You're not allowed to play the Portable games or Trilogy but not use Fever.
  • That One Boss -- Many of the recently-released Technika charts. Charts like "End of the Moonlight" TP and "Thor" TP will make your fingers hurt like hell.
  • That One Level -- Black Square 's Club Tour Missions. In addition to requiring you to complete a song with certain, often-strict requirements (such as passing a song with more than x percentage or getting y combo), every time you restart or fail, you have to pay in-game currency to retry!
    • The Mr. Perfect Mission in Technika. The songs aren't really that hard ("Remember" TP, "Color" TP, "Son of Sun" PP), but when a single non-MAX judgment nets you a fail, fantastic rage quits ensue. Much worse than the Portable missions because you burn real cash!
  • They Changed It, Now It Sucks -- In Portable 3, they ported "NB Rangers Nonstop Remix" from Technika 2. Much excitement from fans until they realized after finally playing it that the entire second half containing "NB Power" and "Dark Envy" was removed, leaving only "NB Rangers" and "NB Rangers: Returns". Cue the very disappointed fanbase expecting all four songs.
  • What Do You Mean It Wasn't Made on Drugs? -- A number of MVs. Taken literally with the MV for "D2" in Technika 2, which has boatloads of drug imagery.
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