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A list of DCAU characters who first prominently featured in Batman the Animated Series.

Batman (Bruce Wayne)

  Voiced by: Kevin Conroy

Arguably the least-changed character from his comics counterpart, the DCAU Batman has generally the same origin: his parents were shot dead after the three of them went to see a movie, and he decides to avenge them by becoming the vigilante Batman, complete with Batmobile and a handy utility belt.

This version of Batman, in particular, is notable for being an amalgam of the Golden Age, Silver Age and Dark Age versions of the characters. He's dark and brooding, but also an excellent Parental Substitute and even gets a few witty one-liners (as well as being caught in the occasional Death Trap).

As a member of the Justice League, Batman usually serves as Mission Control more than anything, due to his lack of superpowers, and is not as openly active as his Justice League allies, preferring to work alone and from the shadows. Nonetheless, he has a vested interest in the group's activities, as it is Bruce Wayne's finances that paid for their Watchtower headquarters and Javelin ship. And as the Series Finale of JLU showed, he can still kick ass if need be.

See here for tropes applying to him in Batman Beyond.

  • Ace Pilot: He has a seemingly endless supply of Batwings. Notably, he does get shot down by other pilots on occasion, but typically that's because he's outnumbered more than anything else.
  • Anti-Hero: Type II
    • In a subversion of his role in most other mediums, Batman is probably the least anti-heroic member of the Justice League aside from the Flash. Justice Lord Batman was the only member of the the parallel League to see how corrupt his world had become, and normal Batman called Superman out on his ethically questionable handling of Doomsday.
    • Batman can also dip into Type III Anti-Heroism on occasion such as when he interrogated a thug in front of his wife and young son.The tendencies for Batman to become Good Is Not Nice, including the interrogation incident previously mentioned, is at least partially what made Dick Grayson give up being Robin and become Nightwing, as detailed in "Old Wounds".
  • Badass: Come on, it's BATMAN!

  The Joker: There's nothing mere about that mortal.

  Diana: No dating for the Batman. It might cut into your brooding time.


Robin I/Nightwing (Dick Grayson)

  Voiced by: Loren Lester

Much like his comic counterpart, Dick was a member of The Flying Graysons, a family of circus acrobats. His parents were killed by a mobster named Tony Zucco (not Zuko). After being taken in by Bruce Wayne, he eventually finds out his secret and takes up the role of Robin. Eventually, he grows up and strikes out on his own, taking a new name: Nightwing.

Batgirl (Barbara Gordon)

  Voiced by: Melissa Gilbert in Batman the Animated Series, Mary Kay Bergman in Sub-Zero, Tara Strong in The New Batman Adventures, Stockard Channing on Batman Beyond seasons 1 and 2, Angie Harmon in Return of the Joker and BB Season 3

The daughter of Police Commissioner Gordon, Barbara first takes up the Bat cowl in an attempt to impersonate Batman, giving the impression of his support at a rally for her father. When she gets involved in a drive-by shooting that hits the rally, she is partially unmasked by Robin when he rips the back of her cowl, freeing her hair and leaving the city wondering "Who is Batgirl?"

Barbara operates independently in her appearances in Batman: The Animated Series, but is officially inducted into the Bat-Family by The New Batman Adventures.

In Batman Beyond, a much older Barbara has put aside the cowl and picked up the badge, taking her father's place as Police Commissioner of Gotham City. As fate would have it, the long-retired Bruce Wayne has just taken on a protege as the new Batman. See here for tropes applying to her in that show.

Robin II (Tim Drake)

  Voiced by: Matthew Valencia, Dean Stockwell [older]

This Tim Drake is a combination of both the comic version and Jason Todd, the Robin before him. The son of a two-bit crook who betrayed and was murdered by Two-Face, Robin falls into Batman's world while fleeing Two-Face's thugs who are chasing him over something left by his father. Like Grayson, Tim finds out Batman's identity, steals the Robin costume, and ultimately helps bring Two-Face down.

Alfred Pennyworth

  Voiced by: Efrem Zimbalist Jr.

Batman’s faithful butler and father figure, who is more than content to make witty remarks about Batman’s latest adventures.

  • Battle Butler: On occasion.
  • Cool Old Guy
  • Deadpan Snarker
  • The Other Darrin: Clive Revill voiced Alfred in his first three appearances before leaving and Efrem Zimbalist, Jr. replaced him.
  • Retired Badass: Former SAS soldier/high-ranking intelligence agent, who can not only defend himself against thugs, but also hold out against truth serum. One of the tie-in comics shows him being kidnapped, and Alfred knocks out all of his kidnappers while tied to a chair. It turns out that this is the 28th time he’s been kidnapped, and Alfred always complains about the incompetende of his kidnappers.
  • Servile Snarker

Other Allies

Detective Harvey Bullock

  Voiced By: Robert Costanzo

A slovenly, overweight detective with a hatred for Batman and a love of donuts.

Officer Renee Montoya

  Voiced By: Ingrid Oliu, Liane Schrimer

Bullock’s more reasonable partner.

Commissioner James Gordon

  Voiced By: Bob Hastings

Gordon is one of Batman’s greatest allies in the police force, and often calls upon Batman for help when dealing with Gotham’s more colorful criminals.

Jonah Hex

  Voiced By: William McKinney in Batman the Animated Series, Adam Baldwin in Justice League

A gruff, disfigured bounty hunter with a heart of gold who has crossed paths with Ra’s al Ghul and the time traveling Green Lantern, Batman, Wonder Woman, and Superman.

The Creeper (Jack Ryder)

Voiced by: Jeff Bennett

Straight laced reporter Jack Ryder was doing a live documentary on the Joker at Ace Chemicals when the Joker himself showed up and dosed Ryder with laughing gas before dumping him into a vat of chemicals. The mixture of the chemicals and laughing gas turned Ryder into the Creeper, a yellow skinned, green haired, super strong, nimble man incapable of rational thought.

Leslie Tompkins

Voiced by: Diane Muldaur

Lucius Fox

Voiced by: Mel Winkler in Batman: The Animated Series and Brock Peters in Batman: The New Adventures

Mayor Hamilton Hill

Voiced by: Lloyd Bochner

The mayor of Gotham City.

  • Butt Monkey: Nothing goes right for Hill. For example, when he gives Temple Fugate advice to help him win a legal case, it ruins Fugate’s life and makes him seek revenge against Hill as the Clock King.
  • Character Development: Hill goes from hating Batman to being a staunch supporter of him after Batman rescues his son from the Joker.

The Gray Ghost (Simon Trent)

Voiced by: Adam West

Simon Trent played the super hero the Gray Ghost, who Batman idolized. When a mad bomber using an episode of the show as an M.O., Batman and Trent teamed up to find the culprit.


Baby Doll (Mary Louise Dahl)

  Voiced By: Alison Laplaca, Laraine Newman

The Joker

  Voiced By: Mark Hamill

Formerly a hitman for the Valestra mob, the man that would become the Joker struck out on his own. During a robbery at Ace Chemicals, Batman arrived and accidentally caused the criminal to fall into a vat of chemicals. The chemicals bleached his skin and turned his hair green, as well as turning him into a grinning lunatic and Batman’s self-appointed arch enemy.

Harley Quinn (Harleen Quinzel)

  Voiced By: Arleen Sorkin

Harleen Quinzel was a new psychologist at Arkham assigned to the Joker. The Joker used a series of Freudian Excuses to convince Harleen that he was a tortured, persecuted soul. Harleen snapped and broke the Joker free, becoming his girlfriend and partner in crime Harley Quinn.

Two-Face (Harvey Dent)

  Voiced By: Richard Moll

Harvey Dent was Gotham’s D.A. and Bruce Wayne’s best friend. Harvey began running for mayor. Harvey has a dark secret: he had an evil split personality, Big Bad Harv. When Rupert Thorne tried to blackmail Harvey, Harv took over and went after Thorne, being caught in an explosion that disfigured half of his face and putting Harv in control.

Ra's al Ghul

  Voiced By: David Warner

An immortal madman who hopes to save the environment by wiping out most of the human population.

Mr. Freeze (Dr. Victor Fries)

  Voiced By: Michael Ansara

Victor Fries was a scientist at GothCorp who uses equipment to preserve his fatally ill wife Nora, hoping to find a cure. His employer Ferris Boyle Burt in and cut off the power to Nora’s chamber and pushed Victor into some chemicals, leaving him unable to live outside of sub-zero temperatures. Proclaiming he no longer had emotions, he dubbed himself Mr. Freeze and went on a crusade of revenge against Boyle.

 Mr. Freeze: I'm beyond emotions. They've been frozen dead in me.

Dr. Gregory Belson

  Voiced By: George Dszundza

Clayface (Matt Hagen)

  Voiced By: Ron Perlman

Matt Hagen was an action star disfigured in a car accident. Roland Daggett offered him a compound called Renu to restore his face, but with helping Daggett with his dirty business. Hagen eventually outlived his usefulness and was force fed Renu, turning him into the monstrous Clayface.

Mojo (Lloyd Ventrix)

  Voiced By: Michael Gross

  • Badass Abnormal: Compared to other villains, who are much more cunning and resourceful, he's pretty much a thug with an invisibility suit. That doesn't stop him from giving Batman a pretty bad beating.
  • Determinator: What more can you say about a guy who's willing to pose as his daughter's imaginary friend while stealing gifts for her, just so he can earn her trust?
  • Deadly Upgrade: It's revealed that the plastic he uses for his suit is toxic.
  • Invisibility
  • Not-So-Imaginary Friend
  • Jerkass
    • Jerkass Woobie: Despite his nature, he REALLY just wants to be with his little girl again.
  • Villainous Breakdown: When Batman tries to warn him about the suit(and right before he gets defeated), Lloyd replies:

"Who cares if it is? With this suit, I can take back my daughter whenever I want! Her mother won't stop me, and neither will you!"

Catwoman (Selina Kyle)

  Voiced By: Adrienne Barbeau

Arkady Duvall

  Voiced By: Malcolm McDowell

The Riddler (Edward Nigma)

Voices by: John Glover

Edward Nygma was a brilliant programmer cheated by his employer Daniel Mockridge. Seeking revenge, Nygma renamed himself the Riddler and went after Mockridge. Running afoul Batman and Robin, the Riddler became obsessed with beating Batman in a puzzle, much to his chagrin.

  • Anti-Hero: In The Gotham Adventures Riddler decided to give Batman clues to stop other criminals, holing up in a penthouse and enjoying watching Batman solve his riddles. He does some unethical things like using Electric Torture on a criminal, but he still helps put away many genuinely dangerous criminals. Batman believes he’s up to something and discovers Riddler subconsciously gave clues to his location. His reaction is heartbreaking.
  • Faux Affably Evil: No matter how polite he tries to be, he still can’t go a sentence without mocking someone.
  • Jerkass Woobie: In The Batman Adventures.
  • Insufferable Genius

Scarecrow (Dr. Johnathan Crane)

Voiced by: Henry Polic III, Jeffrey Combs

Johnathan Crane was fired for his unethical experiments with fear from a university. Crane donned the guise of the Scarecrow and began using his fear toxin on the university heads as revenge. Scarecrow has returned several times using his fear toxin on Gotham City for his twisted experiments.

The Mad Hatter (Jervis Tetch)

Voiced by: Roddy McDowell

Jervis Tetch was a brilliant scientist obsessed with Lewis Carroll and his secretary Alice. Suffering a psychotic breakdown, Tetch became the Mad Hatter and tried to brainwash Alice to love him. The Mad Hatter went on to bedevil Batman with his many brainwashing and hypnotic schemes.

Killer Croc

Voiced by: Aron Kincaid in Batman: The Animated Series, Brooks Gardner in The New Batman Adventures

A former wrestler who has crocodile-like attributes, Croc turned to a life of crime and was put away by Bullock. Croc sought revenge against Bullock by framing him for murder, but ran afoul Batman. Croc battled the caped crusader several times, usually during Croc’s robberies or attempts to escape justice.

  • Body Horror: Before the revamp he had grey, lumpy skin and a misshapen cross between crocodile and man. After the revamp Croc looked more like his comic counter part, but he gained clawed hands and feet.
  • Cardboard Prison: Croc often escapes even before he gets put in the prison.
  • Chronic Backstabbing Disorder
  • Dead Guy On Display: Bruce Timm said in an interview that Croc’s final fate was to have his stuffed body put on display in the reptile wing of the Natural History Museum.
  • Jerkass: Very unpleasant, to say the least.

The Ventriloquist (Arnold Wesker)/Scarface

Voiced by: George Dzundza

Arnold Wesker is a meek, mildmannered man controlled by a domineering puppet that embodies a split personality, Scarface, who acts like a stereotypical gangster.

  • Adorkable: Wesker, without Scarface’s influence.
  • Affably Evil: Wesker.
  • Anti-Villain: Wesker is a kind, good natured man without Scarface. It’s just that Scarface has such a hold on him that Wesker is trapped in a toxic relationship with him,
  • Heel Face Turn: Wesker conquers the Scarface personality and reforms, but Rhino and Mugsy cause the Scarface personality to resurface to restore their boss. In the end, Wesker uses a machine gun to blow Scarface to bits and successfully reform.
  • Helpless Good Side: Wesker. At least, until “Double Talk”.
  • Jerkass: Scarface.
  • Mister Big: Scarface.

Roland Daggett

Voiced by: Edward Asner

A Corrupt Corporate Executive who often runs afoul of The Bat Family, gradually losing his reputation and his wealth due to their encounters.

The Penguin (Oswald Cobbelpot)

Voiced by: David Ogden Stiers (Batman: Mystery of the Batwoman), Paul Williams (all other appearances

A thief with a taste for rare artifacts who fancies himself a sophisticated gentleman. The New Batman Adventures saw him become a mob boss disguised as a legitimate businessman and the owner of the Iceberg Lounge.

Poison Ivy (Pamela Isley)

Voiced by: Diane Pershing

Pamela Isley was a botanist who led a secret life as a ecoterrorist. Isley lashed out violently at those who harmed plant life, her ruthless methods frequently landing her in Arkham Asylum.

Dr. Milo

Voiced by: Treat Williams (Batman: The Animated Series), Armin Shimmerman (Justice League Unlimited)

A Mad Scientist who is seen in Daggett’s employ and forcing Romulus to work for him. Milo later pops up working for Cadmus.

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