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  • D-War, a Korean-produced monster movie, has a (relatively long) battle scene in the middle. On one side: Modern soldiers with tanks, helicopters and missiles. On the other side: The evil serpent Buraki's army of dark warriors riding dinosaurs and firing barrages of fireballs!
    • Another awesome moment from this film is the final climactic battle between Buraki and the good Imugi, who transforms into a celestial dragon to unload whoopass.
  • When Buraki was poised for victory at the top of the 'Liberty Building,' even somehow summoning magical stormclouds around him...and then a flight of AH-64 Apache gunships appear and commit two levels of awesome. The first is absolutely wrecking Buraki with a barrage of missiles after it takes down one of their number. The second is blowing away the magical stormclouds with their rotors. It's as if the military is flat-out saying, "We don't have time for your magic bullshit."
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