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  • The Opening Narration. Right from the beginning, Cyberswine makes it clear that he sees himself as “a brain in a box”. He feels that he is all alone, and that no one knows that he is there. Clearly, being made into a Cyborg is very depressing for him.
  • When Cyberswine and Lieutenant Sarah Lee find out about the virus killing people, they meet a distraught woman. She is distraught because her baby disintegrated from the virus, and she is disintegrating too. She begs them for help, but they tell her that they cannot, because they do not know how. They can only watch helplessly as she disintegrates to nothing.
  • Shortly afterward, they find a dying old man. He begs them to kill him. This is because he is dying, his wife is dead and the whole city is dead as far as he knows. You get to decide whether Cyberswine grants him a Mercy Kill or not.
  • Cyberswine and Lieutenant Sarah Lee make it back to Police Headquarters in the hopes of getting backup. Unfortunately, every single cop in the city is dead. Sarah is able to identify a number of her dead comrades by their uniforms.
  • While trying to find Zak, Cyberswine and Lieutenant Sarah Lee find a boy surrounded by NetCops. Cyberswine tries to race to the boy's rescue, but he is too late. The NetCops murder the boy and then extract his brain. Cyberswine is so distraught that he can only shoot down the NetCops.
  • After failing to save the boy, Cyberswine reveals that he feels that he is screwing up. He is convinced that the only reason he is worth anything is because of his computer chips. Without them, he is just a brain in a box.
  • When Cyberswine and Lieutenant Sarah Lee finally meet Zak, Zak reveals that he has a little brother, but he has gone missing. Cyberswine realizes that the boy that he failed to save must be Zak's little brother. You get to decide whether Cyberswine tells Zak about his brother's fate or not.
  • Cyberswine begins to remember the procedure that made him into the cyborg he is today. The minute Vice-President Bryce Gets finds this out, he starts pushing buttons to make Cyberswine have flashbacks at the most inopportune moments. You get to decide whether Cyberswine uses his Emotion Regulator chip to deal with these flashbacks or not.
  • The ending. The situation got so bad that Cyberswine had to use his last missile to blow up Future Towers with himself and everyone else in it. Zak is the only confirmed survivor, and that is because he strapped the shield generator on before Cyberswine fired the missile. Zak drags Cyberswine's body out of the ruins of Future Towers. Lieutenant Sarah Lee, Vice-President Bryce Gets, the scientist and the Cyberbird are presumed dead. Cyberswine's status as dead or deactivated is left ambiguous.
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