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  • The Opening Narration. Cyberswine says that he has a nightmare of being a brain in a box, and when he wakes up, he discovers that he is exactly that. For him, being a cyborg is not a pleasant experience.
  • The Plague which is believed to be the (fictional) Ebola 4 Virus. It kills billions of people worldwide in a short amount of time. This type of Ebola will kill a person in a short amount of time, and it will break their body down to the point that there is nothing left but their clothes. In real life, there was the disease called the Black Death that killed up to 200 million people over a period of 7 years, but there has not been a disease that has killed billions of people within far.
  • The mother and her baby. Cyberswine and Lieutenant Sarah Lee find a woman who is quite distraught because her baby disappeared (i.e. the baby's body broke down to nothing). The woman begs them to help her, but there is nothing they can do for her. She has the virus just like her baby, and they can only watch helplessly as she keels over, dies and her body disintegrates to nothing. This is pure Adult Fear.
  • The old man. He is lying there all alone, except for Cyberswine and Lieutenant Sarah Lee. He has the virus, and he reveals that his arms are on fire. They get to watch him disintegrate right before their eyes. He begs them to kill him, because he is dying, his wife is dead and the whole city is dead (as far as he knows). You can choose to have Cyberswine grant him a Mercy Kill or not. If you do not, you get to watch him disintegrate to nothing. That is chilling.
  • The NetCops. They are Killer Robots that call themselves cops. They will hunt down any human they find and shoot them dead. These things showed up just after the virus killed a huge number of people. Cyberswine can try to reason with them, but they will attempt to terminate him for the crime of being alive. Anyone who has been beaten up by cops or is related to someone who was shot or killed by cops in real life will find the NetCops disturbing on a number of levels.
  • The street people. They themselves are actually pleasant people, but let's try to imagine the situation that they find themselves in. They live in their own communities and avoid relying on the government and any authorities. This actually saved their lives from the virus, but now they are being hunted down and killed by the NetCops. The group that Cyberswine and Lieutenant Sarah Lee encounter have some wounded people and they are trying to get into a hospital. The problem is that the hospital is locked, and even if it was not, there might be no one alive in there to help them. There is no indication that they know how to use hospital equipment, so there is no guarantee that they can help their friends.
  • The Police Headquarters. Cyberswine and Lieutenant Sarah Lee hurry back there to get backup, but they discover that every single cop is dead. A lot of them are dead from the virus, but the others were shot dead by the NetCops. When the police force in a city is reduced to just two people, you know things have taken a turn for the worse.
  • At one point, Cyberswine has to leave Lieutenant Sarah Lee alone temporarily to get her some food. While he is gone, she gets attacked. He hears her scream and rushes back to her, but she denies doing any such thing. After that, she helps him out, but her personality Finally, she ends up leaving him and Zak to go to Future Towers. Cyberswine thinks that Sarah was replaced by a replicant (Blade Runner), but that is not what happened. What happened was that the bad guys used a personality eraser on her. Whichever the case, the idea of your partner, the one person you should be able to trust when the world is falling apart around you, betraying you is disturbing.
  • The food that Cyberswine gives Sarah is a ham sandwich. She eats it without batting an eyelash, and they have a short conversation about her eating food that is made from pig flesh. Considering that Cyberswine is partly a pig, it touches on the uncomfortable fact that a humanoid pig is living in a society that eats his kind for lunch and dinner.
  • When the virus outbreak occurs, Sarah mentions wanting to check in on her mother and make sure she is all right. Later, she gets her chance to do that. But...the game never reveals her mother's status. So you never get to find out if she is alive or dead.
  • The teenage boy who is not Zak. Cyberswine and Sarah find him surrounded by NetCops. Cyberswine tries to save him, but it is too late. They murder the boy, and then extract his brain from his corpse. In real life, teenagers have been shot by cops, but cops do not extract teenagers' brains from their corpses.
  • Zak's little sister gets kidnapped by the NetCops. You can choose to rescue her or not. Zak will go along with you if you decide not to rescue her, but he will make it clear that he is worried sick about her. Considering what NetCops do to any human they come across (and they murdered Zak's little brother), he is right to be worried.
  • Cyberswine and everyone else finally figure out that the Healthex vaccine that everyone was required by law to take contained the Ebola 4. Someone deliberately engineered this scheme to get as many people as possible vaccinated. And then that someone pushed a button and triggered the virus. Sarah was not infected because she did not take the vaccine. She did not take it because she thought that she would lose her edge if she relied on vaccines. Yes, she is a type of anti-vaxxer, and the game shows why some people refuse to take vaccines. It is because they are afraid that they will be poisoned.
  • Cyberswine begins to have flashbacks of the procedure the made him into a cyborg. He was a human cop named George Fox and he was on an operating table beside a pig. The procedure involved one of his arms being amputated and a buzzsaw. Apparently, at least part of his brain was put in the pig's head and combined with part of the pig's brain. Unfortunately, when Vice-President Bryce Gets finds out that Cyberswine is remembering this, he reveals that he has controls on his chair that he can manipulate so that he can make Cyberswine experience flashbacks at will. Remembering an awful procedure like that is bad enough, but the idea that someone can make you remember it anytime they want makes it horrifying.
  • Everything about Vice-President Bryce Gets is this. He has bulging eyes with red irises and blue blood vessels. Parts of the skin on his head are peeling off, revealing a skull made of metal, and that implies that he is a cyborg. He has Sinister Surveillance that allows him to watch Cyberswine and Sarah's every move. He could pick them off at any time he wants, but he does not, because he views them as pawns in a chess game. He engineers the Healthex vaccine plan to get a huge number of people vaccinated so that he can push a button and trigger a virus that will kill them in one fell swoop. Then he brings in NetCops to exterminate the remaining humans as well as robots to vaccuum up the clothes left behind by the victims. He has a special interest in teenagers who are members of Mensa, because he wants to extract their brains from their bodies for...purposes that are not elaborated on. It seems that he wants to take over the whole world and turn it into a machine. Nothing about Bryce's backstory is revealed (not that it could justify anything he did), but he does admit to Cyberswine that he had planned all this from the moment he took over Farmtech. Yes, he planned to commit mass murder without a qualm. If anything, he did it with pleasure. There are mass murderers in real life, but they have not killed billions of far.
  • The Cyberbird. At first glance, you might laugh because he/she/it looks like a robotic chicken. But there is almost nothing funny about it at all. Once given the order to hunt down Cyberswine and Zak, he pursues them relentlessly. He does not talk, but instead makes noises that are somewhere between a squeal and a screech. He shrugs off all their attempts to kill him. He actually runs on all fours after them at one point, which is not chicken-like or human-like behaviour. Cyberswine thinks he is a cyborg with a military person's brain. Cyberswine figures that Cyberbird has a deflector shield protecting. He manages to shoot the shield off, but sadly, he still cannot beat him. The situation gets so bad that Cyberswine has to use his last missile to blow up the Cyberbird...and everyone else in Future Towers with it. Zak is the only confirmed survivor because he put on the deflector shield.
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