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  • If Cyberswine decides to contact the Chief of Police about the Tech Prototype Courier Droid, this is what happens:

Cyberswine: Chief, are you feeling calm right now?

Chief: Of course. Why wouldn't I be calm? I'm very calm. (Beat) WHAT?!

Lieutenant Sarah Lee: What did he say?

Cyberswine: Something about you being fired and me being made into a toaster.

  • If Cyberswine decides to behave aggressively towards Speedo the Tech Prototype Courier Droid after catching him, this conversation will follow:

Speedo: I am Tech Prototype Courier Droid. Got a problem with that? Changed my programming and got smart. ♪Now I call my own shots♪.

Lieutenant Sarah Lee: Yeah, well the shot you just called is landing you ♪three to five in the robo pen♪.

  • When Cyberswine encounters Speedo once again, he can try to be nice to him. The resulting conversation is hilarious:

Cyberswine: Yo Speedo, how they hangin'? You get around?

Speedo: Huh? What are you talkin' about, hmm?

Cyberswine: Man, what are you doin' here?

Speedo: Just waiting for you, cyber boy.

Cyberswine: Say what?

Speedo: Yeaaaaah. Draino told me to.

Cyberswine: But why?

Speedo: Who knows? That old robot’s a weird dude, but ya do what he says. Anything I can help you with, hmm?

Lieutenant Sara Lee: Where did you see the boy?

Speedo: Man, what’s with her?

Cyberswine: Hey, man, answer the little lady's questions. Man, you be uncool.

Speedo: Uhh, look, quirky policeman.... You’re meant to be streetwise man, huh? You’re talkin’ like an ass, hahaha.

Cyberswine: Huh. Just tryin’ to be cool.

Speedo: Man! If cops were meant to be cool, they wouldn’t need round donuts to prove they ain’t square.

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