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Fridge Brilliance

  • A number of the things that Draino says is loaded with this.
    • “The destruction you see around you is the birthing pain of a new era. A new and terrible child is coming.” He is speaking metaphorically about the New World headed by Vice-President Bryce Gets which started because of the virus that killed off 99% of the world's population.
    • “Time waits for no creature or robot. And you, Cyberswine, are both.” Not Only is he urging them to hurry, but he is commenting on the fact that Cyberswine is a cyborg.
    • “Go find the boy. He is our future.” He is telling them to find Zak. Zak is the teenage boy who will play a role in bringing down Gets and rebuilding society.
    • “Here come the candles to light you to bed. Here come to the choppers to chop off your head.” He is warning Cyberswine and Lieutenant Sarah Lee that the NetCops are coming to terminate them through poetry.
    • “Good luck. Remember, success is a risk. Life goes to the gambler.” He is telling them that they will only succeed if they take risks (i.e. gamble).
    • “Seeking knowledge is meant to be dangerous.” He is trying to get information and he knows that it is dangerous, but he is not worried.
    • “You would be better to make your own decision.” He is trying to encourage Cyberswine to make his own decisions and not rely on other people to tell him what to do.
    • “Because you cannot detect that which has no form. Organics have a spirit. Robots have the soul of the Great Machine. Formless, intangible. The net is our sacred place. We have power there.” Not only is Draino explaining to Cyberswine how he managed to search for information without being detected, but he reveals that robots have their own version of a soul, just like humans.
    • “You have both, for you are robot and organic. Once you harness this, you will be invincible.” He is explaining to Cyberswine that he has a spirit and the soul of the Great Machine, and that he should embrace the advantages being a cyborg gives him.
    • “I have seen one boy...He grew to be a fine man. Strong, brave, intelligent, and help the world through its trials. He just had to throw away his chips...George Fox.” He is an old droid, so most robots and organics would be very young to him. Also, he knows that Cyberswine is George Fox and that he has to stop relying on those computer chips.
    • “Once there was a big bad wolf who wanted to rule the world. But to do this, he had to kill the three pig brothers. Now one pig lived in a stone building. One lived in cyberspace, and the other lived in both. He was a special pig. The wolf attacked the first pig. ‘I'm going to kill you!’ he said. And he huffed and puffed so hard, that the first pig crumbled away into dust, and blew away like sand in the wind. Then the wolf attacked the second pig. ‘I'm going to kill you!’ he said. And he huffed and puffed so hard, that the wind went into cyberspace and vaporized the second pig's internal processors...Draino says the wolf hasn't attacked the third pig yet...but he will.” At first, this story seems to have no connection to the events of the game...until you consider that “pig” not only refers to the animal, but is slang for a cop. The wolf is Vice-President Bryce Gets, the first and second pigs were the pig and George Fox the policeman and the third pig is Cyberswine.
  • One review of the game did not hesitate to point out that the name “Sarah Lee” is an intentional joke. How so? Well, there was a company called “Sara Lee Corporation”. This company produced cheesecake, among other things. When you consider that one definition of cheesecake is “A photographic display of shapely and scantily clothed female figures”, and that Lieutenant Sarah Lee is rather shapely....

Fridge Logic

  • Vice-President Bryce Gets tries to protect himself from Cyberswine by taking Lieutenant Sarah Lee as a hostage. While that is a smart move on his part, he actually says to Cyberswine's face that the original Sarah is dead. If his hostage is actually the replicant Sarah, isn't he leaving himself defenceless by revealing this fact?

Fridge Horror

  • A few times in the game, Lieutenant Sarah Lee mentions wanting to check on her mother to see if she is all right. Cyberswine and her finally get the chance to do exactly that, but absolutely nothing is said about her status. Does that mean that Sarah's mother is a victim like so many others?
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