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Cyber Team in Akihabara is an anime series, which moves from being a Magical Girl show to a much darker plot to destroy the world.

The main character is Hibari Hanakoganei, an Ordinary Middle School Student who dreams of getting her own Pata-Pi, the new fad toy. She is given one by her prince, whom she has previously seen in a dream, and calls it Densuke. This leads her to being attacked by Homunculi, which are controlled by a team of three young women, and protected by her Pata-Pi turning into a Diva - the Diva being a combination of Greek goddess and Powered Armor.

Soon she is joined by the other four members of the Cyber Team, each with her own Pata-Pi, thus forming a Five-Man Band to fight the Terrible Trio (the Sibyl Team) that opposes them.

Of course, there are more powerful forces behind the Sibyl Team, including the headmaster of their school who has links with the Rosicrucians.


  • The Cyber Team
    • Hibari Hanakoganei, an Ordinary Middle School Student
      • Densuke, her Pata-Pi
      • Aphrodite, her Diva
    • Suzume Sakurajosui, a girl from a wealthy family who speaks in an extremely polite way
      • Francesca Leopold Classic Renoir III, her Pata-Pi
      • Hestia, her Diva
    • Tsugumi Higashijuujou, a girl with a martial arts background and a not so secret interest in becoming an Idol Singer
      • Tetsuro, her Pata-Pi with a microphone built-in
      • Athena, her Diva
    • Kamome Sengakuji, a girl from Osaka who has a Money Fetish
      • Billiken, her piggy bank Pata-Pi
      • Amphitrite, her Diva
    • Tsubame Otorii, the Emotionless Girl with a dark past and ambiguous intentions.
      • Petit-Ange, her Pata-Pi
      • Erinyes, her Diva
  • The Sibyl Team, all working for "Black Prince Shooting Star":
  • Crane Bahnsteik, also known as The White Prince, who turns out to be a 126-year-old scientist
  • Washuu Ryuugasaki, the school principal, who turns out to be the 400-year-old Christian Rosenkreuz
  • Takashi Ryuugasaki, also known as The Black Prince and Shooting Star.
  • Cigogne Ratspieu, the "father" of Tsubame and actually the Comte St. Germaine, Rosenkreuz main scientist aide
  • Shimabukuro Sengakuji, Kamome's grandparent and resident Dirty Old Man who used to work for Rozenkreuz and is very knowing of what's transpiring in town

Cyber Team in Akihabara has examples of:

  Uzura Kitaurawa: I was embarrassed about signing my real name, so I signed with the pen name I use when writing poetry. I did try signing "Kitaurawa" at first also, but that sounds somewhat like a train station...

    • The Divas are all named after Greek goddesses, with Tsubame's being named after the Greek equivalent of the Furies — infernal goddesses of vengeance. And since this is a Magical Girl show, the heroine's Diva is naturally named after the goddess of love.
  • Transformation Sequence: For every Cyber Team girl. When they all transform, a shorter version is usually used, except for Hibari, of course. Especially cool when Hibari "unites" with Densuke.
  • Transforming Mecha
  • Turned Against Their Masters: In the finale, the Pata-pis' love for the girls overrides their obedience to Crane, their creator, and they defy his wishes in order to save the girls.
  • Twenty Minutes Into the Future: produced in 1998 and set in 2010.
  • Tyke Bomb: Tsubame.
  • Verbal Tic:
    • Hatoko likes to say "kurukku" after each phrase, quite appropiate since her name means "pigeon".
    • Tsugumi ends her sentences with "dazé".
    • Suzume's "chun~" and "de gozaimasu desu wa/that it is".
  • Villainous BSOD: Tsubame Otorii. Since her introduction, she acts as the Dragon to the Big Bad, easily defeating the Cyber Team girls in every encounter. In episode 20, Tsubame is dragged home by Hibari. She spends the entire episode slowly breaking down while watching how Hibari's family interacts with one another, eventually suffering a Villainous BSOD and freakout by the credits, followed by a Heel Face Turn in the next episode. The episode is also one long Tear Jerker, as we see how horrible a childhood Tsubame actually has had up to this point.
  • Villains Out Shopping: The Quirky Miniboss Squad spends much of their time being normal people, and even end up befriending the protagonists in their off-time.
  • What Do You Mean Its Not Symbolic: Quite a lot, similar to Neon Genesis Evangelion. For example, there's a MacGuffin called Metatron, the Five-Man Band of girls are referred to as the Anima Mundi, the powered armor suits of Takashi and his gang are all named after Biblical demons (Astaroth, Asmodeus, Beelzebub, and Lucifer), and when we see Crane in the present day, he has white wings and is strung up on a cross, and resides in a space fortress called Primum Mobile.
  • White-Haired Pretty Boy: Crane, Takashi, and Christian.
  • "Well Done, Son" Guy: Poor Takashi, being cloned/created to look like Crane and failing for a bit, and treated like crap by his "father".
    • Made even worse as Christian conditioned him to be this, so he couldn't even find solace in having three gorgeous women absolutely head over heels for him.
  • World War I: Crane Bahnsteik's disgust of the bloodshed is what prompted him to escape from Earth in 1918. He also uses it to justify why humanity hasn't changed at all and needs to be destroyed.
  • Yuu Asakawa: Voices Tsugumi in the Japanese version.
  • You Gotta Have Blue Hair: Suzume
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