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One way of demonstrating Implausible Fencing Powers (or even Improbable Aiming Skills) is combining it with Bomb Disposal: cutting (or shooting) the fuses.

Examples of Cut the Fuse include:

Anime and Manga


  • The Soviet action movie The Crown of the Russian Empire or The Elusives Again had this in the intro. One of the Elusives shoots the fuse to thwart a bomb on the rails before a moving train.

Live Action TV

  • Reality show Top Shot had one round where the contestants tried to shoot through a bomb's fuse to stop it from going off. It was one of the most difficult challenges on the show.

Newspaper Comics

  • In a Terry and the Pirates strip, the Dragon Lady shoots through the fuse of an explosive that has been stuffed in Connie's mouth!

Video Games

  • One of the challenges in the Mad Dog McCree arcade game involved shooting the fuse off some dynamite to save the prospector.
  • On the Game Over screen of the original Final Fight, you're tied up with a bomb next to you. Continuing means a knife drops in to cut the fuse.
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