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"I will cut you with my hammer. And Hammers don't usually cut, so try to imagine how much of a long and painful process this will be. ...And it's made of wood, so you'll probably get splinters."
King Dedede, Smash Kingdom: Melee
Wolf throws his head back and gives a great howl of rage, promising strange and unusual revenges.
Sven Hassel's The Bloody Road to Death
YOU! You will regret what you have done this day! I will make you regret ever being born! You're going to regret you ever left you mother's womb, where it was warm, and safe, and wet! I'm going to show you pain you never knew existed, you're going to see a whole new specturm of pain! Like a RAINBOW! But! THIS rainbow is not just like any other rainbow, it's-
Henchman #4, Korgoth of Barbaria
"Shut your pie hole, Blip! Why, twenty years ago I woulda put your head in a half nelson, twisted it around, saying each letter of the alphabet on every turn, and then when I reached the first letter of my true love's name -- that would be the lovely Elizabeth -- I would yank your head clean off and roll it down the pike like a bowling ball!"
" You understand that? You UNDERSTAND that?! I'm going to f**king KILL you! I'm going to rip out your intestines and while you're still alive because it takes hours to die that way I'll shove them up your mouth and laugh as you choke on your own s**t, and I'll carve my name into your corpse!"
"I will kill you 18 different ways with this paperclip!"
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