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That "tears in the rain" bit? He made that up himself.

An actor whose fanbase exhibits a noticeably higher percentage of rabid devotion than what is typical of fandom in general, especially given the (usually small) size of said fanbase.

One tell-tale sign that you've got a Cult Actor on your hands lies in how well and to what degree they are known to the general viewing public: If someone is a Cult Actor you should expect to be met with either a blank stare or an endless stream of uncontrollable gushing about said person upon mentioning their name in conversation.

Also expect an alarming number of these actors' fans to actually think and act as if the actor really is the characters they're known for portraying.

Hire enough of these and you have a better basis for a Cult Classic than any other method. Hire ALL of them and you have the ultimate Stoner Flick. (Or a viral video remix, anyhow.) Creators go on a different page. Not to be confused with actors who ascribe to the beliefs of the Church of Happyology. Or actors who play a follower of the Cthulhu Cult.

Actors sometimes cited as having a "cult" reputation

Since there's no real way of measuring this, the following examples are highly subjective, of course.

Other cult media personalities: (comedians, voice actors, etc.)

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