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Physical intimacy is a basic human desire. Humans generally want some degree of physical contact. Then there are those who like it a little too much. These people are the type who likes hugging and cuddling people, often delivering The Glomp.

Their skinship reaction is usually triggered by Moe and Cuteness Proximity. When taken to extreme, I'm Taking Her Home with Me is often shouted by the kidnapper. Compare No Sense of Personal Space.

Examples of Cuddle Bug include:

Anime and Manga

  • The girls of the K-On!' Club are very affectionate. Yui in particular really likes hugging people. Her usual recipient is Azusa, who's often embarassed when they're in public. (In this page's image, though, her recipient is her younger sister Ui.)
  • Mahoraba: Korosaki Sayoko likes to hug her daughter Asami.
  • Bamboo Blade: Tama-Chan radiates Cuteness Proximity that has converted a number of people into Cuddle Bugs.
  • Lucky Star. Soujirou is this way toward his daughter and younger niece: Konata partly because she greatly resembles his beloved late wife, and Yutaka because... well... she's so cute! One time, Yutaka's adult sister Yui (jokingly?) warned him about hugging Yutaka any more than he had to....
  • Nessa from Fractale, to contrast with the introverted, misanthropic society she finds herself in, where all contact is carried out through hard-light constructs.
  • Momiji from Fruits Basket loves hugging people, especiall Tohru, even though it means he'll transform.
  • Hikaru from Kimagure Orange Road, particularly towards her "Darling ~".
  • Tamaki from Ouran High School Host Club is this toward Haruhi... and occasionally his other friends.
  • Dio from Last Exile likes hugging, glomping, and generally hanging on people, with his favorite targets being his best friend Lucciola and Claus.
  • Shader in Chrono Crusade is very affectionate.
  • Mikoto from Gate 7 is a Cuddle Bug towards Hidetsugu.

Films -- Live-Action

  • Star Wars: Chewbacca often gives a bear hug whenever he's showing the love when a pat on the back would suffice.

Live-Action TV

  • Sgt. Stan Wojciehowicz on Barney Miller is a great hugger, especially in times of strong emotion.
  • Abby Sciuto of NCIS loves to hug her teammates with little to no provocation.

Newspaper Comics

Video Games

  • Neptune from Hyperdimension Neptunia (at least in the first game) gets like this around Compa, usually when she's sleepy.

Web Comics

Western Animation

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