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In the original Cube

In Cube 2: Hypercube

  • Contested Sequel: It's often debated whether the second and third movies were worthy additions, or if it would have been best to let the first movie stand on its own. Even people who believe the first film to be far superior can't agree on whether Hypercube or Cube Zero was the better sequel. Hybercube might have retained the mystery of the Cube, was more serious but far less gory, and had a unique look, but still had some silly characters and Narm scenes. Cube Zero visually retained the industrial look of the first film and was far less serious with more humorous scenes than either previous film, and left little to no mystery at all, but heightened the gore in places and at least attempted continuity with the first film. So go see Cube Zero if you want more of the same with some humor. See Hypercube if you want atmosphere and something different. Ignore them and just stick with the original if you want neither.
    • Sean Hood's original proposal script for Hypercube was on par with Natali's original; better characters, consistently darker mood as the plot goes on and actual, constant danger.
  • Gorn: Averted. The only one who dies a bloody death is Jerry, and even his is sort of... abstract.
  • The Scrappy: Max, Mrs. Paley.

In Cube Zero

  • Contested Sequel: On one hand, it's got a lot of unique ideas and it expands the story a lot. On the other, it's rather poorly acted, the dialogue is extremely cliche (especially compared to Cube 2), and it manages to be even less believable than the other two.
  • Gorn: The movie opens with a character getting sprayed with a liquid that turns out to be a fast-acting form of necrotizing faciitis. The skin of his hand peels off, and he proceeds to melt into a bloody puddle.
  • Magnificent Bastard: Jax, it seems. He's also rather... eccentric.

In the unrelated computer game

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