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  • The Crysis 2 'Wall' trailer always gets This Troper. The singer sounds like she's broken already, combined with the wall of people looking for lost loved ones, and the look on the soldier's face as he pulls the pin on his grenade...and doesn't throw it...excuse me...
  • Major Strickland's Heroic Sacrifice in the first game. Doubles as a Crowning Moment of Awesome. "I'm a Marine, son, I can walk on water if I have to! Now get off of my fucking island while I draw its fire!"
  • When I finally got a computer powerful enough to run Crysis on full quality with high anti-aliasing. Just in time for Crysis 2 to come out.
  • Gould's reaction to discovering Prophet is dead, and the guy he's been talking to the whole time is Alcatraz. The most heartwrenching part is that he barely speaks at all; instead you can see the shock, pain, and numb disbelief in his body language as he sits down slowly, stares at the screen, then eventually gets up and does this numb-looking shuffle-walk through the door into the hallway outside, looking like his entire world has come crashing down and he's not sure what to do.
  • The ending to the Central Station level. The Humvee you're in gets flagged down by a guy whose wife is trapped under the wreckage while a building is dropping down on top of the station. Just as they get her out and are coming toward the Humvee, the building hits the station with you just far enough away to not be crushed, though everyone that helped to get her out is. What makes it worse is that you can't get out and help, even though you have super strength and speed and not only could've gotten her out but also gotten her into the jeep.
    • What makes it even worse is that you see them in the beginning of the level, when they are separated under quarantine, due to being infected. You hear the husband arguing with a Marine to let him join her, to no avail. The last time they are reunited, they have a building fall on top of them, just as their last chance at escape runs for their lives.
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