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Fridge Logic

  • How do the guns get cloaked as well? That does count as an acceptable break from reality though.
  • At the end of Warhead, Psycho uncloaks with his helmet up. It looks nice, since you can see his face for his last lines, but how the heck did he cloak his face?
  • Legion says that Nanosuit 2.0's lensing field causes it, but no clue for the first game.
    • It's probably a similar effect. The most significant difference between NS 1.0 and NS 2.0 (outside of the reconfiguration of its main modes and their power drain) is in the new functions like NOM and its AI SECOND.

Fridge Brilliance

  • The series, of course, is called "Crysis". Why the Xtreme Kool Letterz? It's not just a reference to the developer - the "crisis" in question is brought about by aliens with an affinity for cryogenics.
  • Some people wonder why the military in Crysis 2 is still trying to nuke the Ceph after what happened in Crysis. Seeing how the Aliens needed the sphere to absorb the energy and the fact that they were vulnerable to nuclear explosions without it, it actually makes sense.
  • Prophet tried to warn everyone about the oncoming Ceph invasion, just like his name indicates.
  • The Ceph powered armors/exoskeletons from Crysis 2 are bipedal and have "arms", which some people hated because it made the Ceph look less "alien". Now while the legs still look like legs because that is the best "structure" to walk/run/jump on land, the arms are actually just clawed cybernetic tentacles, just like Scouts and Hunters have tentacles in Crysis, probably because the Ceph would rather model their powered armor's limbs to match something they actually know how to use (e.g. tentacles), as opposed to human-like arms.
  • In Crysis, the navy scientists are astounded that Prophet was not only able to make alien tech (the MOAC) work, but also plug it into his nanosuit to use its power supply. Of course it all makes sense now that we know the Nanosuit tech is retro-engineered Ceph technology. This is even stated directly in the comics.
  • Alcatraz freaks the hell out of just about everyone he meets, especially Lockhart, who dubs him as "an abomination", and directs CELL to ignore Ceph troops in favor of killing him. He eventually explains his hatred of the Nanosuits, Insane Troll Logic as it may be; first, he's a luddite who hates the already-immense degree to which super-technology has become essential to modern warfare. Second, his nephew was part of the Nanosuit 1.0 program... which resulted in the death of EVERY subject. But even bystanders he's just saved from the Ceph are terrified of him. But in context, the reaction of bystanders is understandable; The Nanosuits are retrofitted Ceph technology, which uses the exact same active nanotech as the Ceph themselves... and the flesh-melting Ceph bioweapon. Alcatraz actually assimilates the Nano Catalyst that hangs in the air after Ceph units are defeated to upgrade the Nanosuit. He smells exactly like the monsters and the plague they are spreading.
  • A prophet receives no honor in his own country. Prophet gets back to the US, and CELL tries to hunt him down.
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