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  • Major Strickland holding off the aliens so you can escape. "I'm a Marine son, I'll walk on water if I have to. Now get off my fucking island while I draw its fire!"
    • In the sequel, his daughter, revealing that she's a government plant in CELL and saving you from having the Nanosuit ripped off your skin.
    • Made even better? Right before this happens, Prophet's personality begins reforming and yells at Alcatraz that this is no time for him to "lie down and die!"
  • Psycho's final fight with Colonel Lee in Warhead. He uses Lee's Nanosuit Calibrator to make Lee's suit start suffocating him, then throws him out of the VTOL and leaves him for the alien Warship.
  • "Gentlemen, this son of a bitch stands between us and the tunnel door. Let's take it down!"
  • Nomad using his suit's zero-gravity/underwater thrusters and a shotgun to travel through the zero-G alien ship, battling its occupants along the way, is one of the most magical (though frustrating) moments in next-gen gaming.
    • The highlight of that entire experience was when Nomad was in that tunnel of light that transported him at astronomical speeds to the top of that alien tomb. It looked like Nomad was transcending reality itself and meeting the blend between digital cyberspace and physical reality, it was very reminiscent of that movie Contact where light envelops the protagonist and she is transported at light speed to a planet at the center of the galaxy. It is at that moment that Nomad realizes how monstrously, astronomically advanced these aliens are compared to humanity, his sheer horror and awe at what he sees says it all.
  • Alcatraz assaulting the lithoship in Central Park, particularly the moment where he takes on four Ceph Guardians at once and destroys them before charging down a flaming hallway with his skin almost literally boiling away.
  • The CELL chatter makes it clear that, as much as they hate Alcatraz, they're also scared shitless of him.
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