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Back in 1997, Singletrac, the developers of Twisted Metal, produced another Vehicular Combat game under GT Interactive for the PlayStation. Its main difference was that the players would battle in various undersea battlegrounds with a variety of dangerous and bizarre submarines. There was also more Backstory given to flesh out its many combatants and factions.

The plot involves a series of mysterious pods appearing in oceans across the world, which attracts a number of treasure hunters, governments and organizations to try and discover their purpose and use them for their various desires. Each level contains five pods which all must be collected to activate a Threshold that leads to the next level.

Fighting for the pods and threshold are:

  • The C.I.A., who believe the pods to be of extraterrisial origin and intend to keep anyone else from discovering its secret. Pilots the Manta
  • The Soviet Die Hards, a trio of former Soviet military and government leaders attempting to resurrect the Soviet Union. Pilots the Stalingrad,
  • The French Oceanographers, who believe that the pods are living creatures and intend to finally get some respect from their peers. Pilots the La Griffe.
  • Dr. A. Pocalypse, Mad Scientist who wishes to wipe out the rest of humanity and repopulate it with a more superior race. Pilots the Armageddon.
  • The Order of Nishroch, a Cult believing the pods to be a sign of the Apocalypse from their god Zonrad. Pilots the Ohm.
  • Team Earth Hope, a pair of enviromentalists intending to kill anyone attempting to take what they believe are natural wonders. Pilots the Siren's Song.
  • Captain Cutlass, disgruntled former childrens-show host turned full-blown Pirate. Pilots the Sea Dog.
  • The Mordrid Corporation., run by Corrupt Corporate Executive Dana Nadel who intends to use the pods for an alternative energy source or whatever for profits. Pilots the Bottom Liner.
  • The Venganza Liberation Organization, a group determined to end oppression and explotation of Venganza. Pilots the Anarchy.
  • Joe Skullion, a Surfer Dude who's there for thrills and finding spiritual peace. Pilots the Death Sled.
  • Professor Armstrong, Adventurer Archaeologist who believes the pods to come from an ancient race. Pilots the Archimedes.
  • Jack Lock Jaw' Keon, Prof. Armstrong's protégé-turned-rival, aiming to add the pods to his private collection. Pilots the Lockjaw.
  • Mr. Phatt, arms-dealer and alter alias of Sebastion Titan, another Corrupt Corporate Executive with a strong understanding of the pods and thresholds. Pilots the Krono.
  • Agent 326, British secret agent sent to stop Dr. Pocalypse's plans. Pilots the Barracuda.
  • Abaddon, robotic servant to Dr. Pocalypse, who is programmed to help achieve Pocalypse's plan to the point where it will turn against Pocalypse to achieve such goal. Pilots the Razor Fin.
  • The Overseer, a Cephalopod left on Earth thousands of years ago, now trying to stop humans from collecting the pods. Pilots the Hydro Spydor.

This game also contains examples of:

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