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Character stats for Crescent Moon are taken from the Bonus Material in volume 4.

Main Characters

Mahiru Shiraishi

File:93941 5496.jpg

The main protagonist of the story, a seemingly ordinary high school junior with the ability to bring out the hidden abilities of the "Lunar Race". She has been gifted with the ability to distribute good luck to the people around her. Mahiru is good-natured, always seeing the best in people, and strong-willed. She is a "Descendant of the Princess" and acts as an aide to the Moonlight Bandits.


  • Name: Her personal name means "midday" and her surname means "pure white"
  • Birthday: June 29th
  • Race: Human
  • Age: 17
  • Club: Swim team
  • Height and Weight: 160 cm, 48 kg
  • Birthplace: Tokyo
  • Ability: To bring out power possessed by the Lunar Race. Senses where the Teardrops of the Moon are located.
  • Hobbies: Collecting plush aquatic creatures (fish, clams, dolphins, etc.)
  • Talent: Swimming
  • Favorite Food: Anything sweet.
  • Secret: Eats a lot more than she look like she can eat.

Mitsuru Suoh

File:MitsuruSuou 7151.jpg

A seventeen year old tengu who can control wind and electricity. He has aqua colored hair, a hostile personality, and seems to be frightened by Mahiru. She is frightened by him, at first, and this bothers him, although he tries not to show it. Mitsuru, unlike the rest of the Moonlight Bandits, had been raised by humans, so he has no idea what his clan's weaknesses are and is not used to his transformation. Until he learns to control his power, Mitsuru transforms every time he touches Mahiru, or vice versa. Along with this transformation comes an uncontrollable surge of anger. Mitsuru not only hates and begrudges the human race, but distrusts the lunar one as well.


  • Name: His personal name means "full moon" while his surname means "dark red".
  • Birthday: Unknown.
  • Age: 17
  • Race: Tengu
  • Height and Weight: 165 cm, 58 kg
  • Birthplace: Unknown
  • Ability: Able to command the wind and fly. Able to control lightning.
  • Hobbies: None
  • Talent: None
  • Favorite Food: Curried rice.
  • Secret: Doesn't know how to swim.

Nozomu Moegi

File:93937 3425.jpg

The second member of the "Lunar Race" encountered by Mahiru, a suave and affectionate vampire who takes a shine to Mahiru. He loves the ladies and has an irresistible charm.


  • Name: His personal name means "full moon" and his surname means "yellow-green".
  • Birthday: September 27th.
  • Age: 19
  • Race: Vampire
  • Height and Weight: 173 cm, 60 kg
  • Birthplace: Osaka
  • Ability: Using his bats to gather intelligence.
  • Hobbies: Tinkering with machinery.
  • Talent: Tinkering with machinery.
  • Favorite Food: Probably human blood!
  • Secret: Cannot partake of anything that isn't a liquid. Is currently sustaining himself on soup and juice.

Misoka Asagi

File:93938 1714.jpg

A Kitsune. He is described as cool, calm, collected and tacit. He is the unspoken leader of the Moonlight Bandits.


  • Name: His personal name means "vanishing moon" or "the last day of the month", and his surname means "pale blue".
  • Birthday: March 11th
  • Age: 21
  • Race: Kitsune
  • Height and Weight: 153 cm, 48 kg
  • Birthplace: The Moon Palace
  • Ability: Seals of warding, hypnosis and transformations
  • Hobbies: Nothing in particular.
  • Talent: Sake tasting.
  • Favorite Food: Likes traditional Japanese food.
  • Secret: Can drink like a fish.

Akira Yamabuki

File:93940 copy 3548.jpg

A happy-go-lucky Werewolf. Akira loaths dwelling on anything serious or deep for too long. He's also an excellent chef.


  • Name: His personal name means "harvest moon", and his surname means "light yellow."
  • Birthday: December 4th.
  • Age: 16
  • Race: Werewolf
  • Height and Weight: 175 cm, 65 kg
  • Birthplace: A deserted village in Northeastern Japan
  • Ability: Agility and speed, monstrous strength and acute sense of smell and hearing
  • Hobbies: Cooking
  • Talent: Cooking
  • Favorite Food: Meat dishes
  • Secret: Likes late-night infomercials.

Supporting Characters

Oboro Kurosaki: A member of the Lunar Race and onwer of the Moonshine Bar.

Katsura Shion: A member of the Lunar Race and pianist fo the Moonshine Bar.

Shirogane: Ruler of the Lunar Race, and the current Emperor of the Moon. He is Oboro's nephew.

Kimiteru Kusakabe: A police inspector investigating the Moonlight Bandits.

Youhei Nishino: A police sergeant and Detective Kusakabe's subordinate.

Hokuto Koudokui: Leader of Dawn's Venus, a group dedicated to the extermination of the Lunar Race.

Mustura Hayashi: A member of Dawn's Venus.

Keiko Himura: A member of Dawn Venus with the power of prophecy. She is also one of Mahiru's classmates.

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