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A character who, despite or precisely because being Nightmare Fuel is also greatly loved by a series' fandom, in a way. They've got it all: the eyes, the...extremities, and that sexy voice of theirs. It, even has a sexy foreign sounding name.

Typically the target of a Nightmare Fetishist. Obviously, related to Creepy Awesome and Evil Is Sexy.

See Vampires Are Sex Gods for when the creepy one just so happens to be a vampire, But Your Wings Are Beautiful for a more...'innocent' version of this trope, and see You Sexy Beast when their sexiness translates into the...bed.


Anime and Manga


Live Action Television

  • Often the actor who plays "the rapist" on daytime soaps, inevitably get the most fanmail than any other actor. Or So I Heard.

Video Games

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