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  • In a humorously ironic subversion of this trope, Scatman John's Scatman's World partially takes place in a Utopian society called... Scatland. You know, like crap.
  • In the song Roses, not by Outkast, but by Nik Kershaw, tells what of happens later after a wasteful society turns the world into this trope later on.
  • Battery City and The Zones, the setting of My Chemical Romance's post-apocalyptic concept record Danger Days: The True Lives of The Fabulous Killjoys. "The Zones" are basically the dry, scorching hot, desert wasteland California becomes after the tragic events of 2012
  • Hunger City, the setting of the David Bowie Concept Album Diamond Dogs (a work that rose from the ashes of an unrealized musical version of 1984) -- after an undescribed catastrophe, what's left of humanity here splits up into decadent, scavenging tribes, bringing on The Apunkalypse.
  • The subject of Black Sabbath's "Wicked World".
  • The Mega Man-inspired songs of The Protomen.
  • The Underworld in Hadestown
  • The entire setting of the concept album Deltron 3030 but specifically Turbulence, a song describing the setting in detail.
  • Weird Al's Happy Birthday is a song about how you should enjoy the crappy party for the fleeting moments it offers as a distraction to the fact that the world is going straight to hell.
  • Mad World by Tears of Fear.
  • Many Bruce Springsteen songs, such as Youngstown or Born in the USA deal with this theme.
    • This trope is the overlying theme of his 1982 album Nebraska.
  • The lyrics to Linkin Park's Forgotten seem to describe this.
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