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  • Aachi and Ssipak manages to be this both literally and figuratively. The world's main fuel source seems to be human faeces, and indeed there's a lot of cultural focus on it. While this is not a bad thing - well, sans the Squick -, society is governed by a tyrannical regime, the leader in the movie's events being a sadistic creepy little girl with a huge head with no qualms in killing whoever she wishes to kill (at a point in the movie she happily watches a bunch of men being sentenced to death for "misusing the great anus"). However, most of the problems come from the fact that, to incentivate people to "produce fuel", they offer popsickle like "juicybar", which is highly addictive and seemingly is the cause of the birth of a group of mutants which entitle themselves "The Diaper Gang", and which commit terrorism to obtain the juicybars and seeming wish to take control as they do so once they get Beauty. As people already commit terrorism to steal the damn things, you get a lot of violence all the time, and seeing as none of the characters in the story are good this pretty much implies a bad place to be.
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