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File:Costume Quest 001 3618.jpg

 Wren: Halloween isn't about making friends. It's about TERROR!

Reynold: And CANDY!

Wren: It's about showing the world what you truly are.

It's Halloween night in suburbia, and twin siblings Wren and Reynold are going trick-or-treating. Mom puts one sibling in charge (while the other gets stuck with the lame candy corn costume), and they saunter forth in pursuit of sweets.

But one house doesn't go exactly as planned. Where the kids expect a dorky grown-up with candy for the taking, a hideous monster pops out the door and abducts one of them! It seems that a horde of Grubbins have invaded Auburn Pines under the orders of a Hot Witch named Dorsilla. Out to steal every lollipop, jellybean and jujube in town, they mistook your brother or sister for a huge chunk of candy corn. It's up to you to save your other half. Not out of love - but out of fear of getting grounded!

Costume Quest is the first of four titles from Double Fine for which Tim Schafer took a backseat to the most trusted members of his team. This game is from the imagination of Tasha Harris, former Pixar animator and Lead Animator of the creatures in Brutal Legend.

In this simple old-school RPG themed around Halloween, the player goes on quests to find their kidnapped ally and save Halloween . . . by trick-or-treating. You must visit each house in the area and knock. If it's an adult, he or she will reward you with candy. If it's a monster looting the house, a battle encounter begins.

During a battle, for no reason other than Rule of Cool, whatever costume you are wearing transforms you into a massive, Kaiju-sized version of what your costume was supposed to represent. You start off in a blue cardboard box that's supposed to be a robot, so what happens when you transform? You become a Voltron-esque, missile-blasting mech! Attacking and defending is performed with well timed Action Commands, like those seen in Super Mario RPG, Paper Mario, Shadow Hearts and Penny Arcade Adventures.

Outside of battle, players explore the neighborhood in search of new houses and costumes; there are eleven outfits in all, most of which are built from scratch. Each costume consists of three household materials, such as cloth or rope, and an instructional blueprint. Finding all the pieces yields your snazzy handmade digs, which unlock both combat skills and "Exploration Abilities" for reaching new areas.

Candy is the game's currency and can be used to purchase Battle Stamps. These helpful stick-on accessories can power up stats, enable Standard Status Effects, or unlock unique single-use abilities in combat.

The game initially released in October of 2010 for XBLA and PSN. A DLC expansion, "Grubbins on Ice", which was a follow up with a Christmas theme, came out in December of 2010. In October 2011, a PC version was released through Steam and included both the original game and the DLC as one package.

Costume Quest provides examples of:

 Hero:"Now you'll taste my Missile Barrage!"

Dorsilla:"What's that? I couldn't hear you over the sound of that sudden tornado. *snaps fingers*"

NPC in Dragon costume:"Fire Breath! Fire Breath! Why aren't you burning from my Fire Breath?"

 Everett: I can't believe you thought of a way down that was so simple and practical.

  • A Hell of a Time: One monster says Dorsilla is so bad that they don't want her to return to Repugia.
  • Healing Hands: The Statue of Liberty's power is to do this through sheer Patriotism.
  • Homage: Tasha Harris says the game is inspired from many things. The isometric diagonal view of the town is from Earthbound, the monsters are inspired from Labyrinth, the art is inspired from Hayao Miyazaki and Wind Waker, and the whole game is a love letter to Halloween and costumes (in particular, handmade ones.)
  • Hopeless Boss Fight: "Grubbins on Ice" starts you off fighting against three Level 14 Repugiarchs; at this point, it's impossible to be higher than Level 10. You actually can win the fight if you hit all the prompts and catch some luck with the enemy's choice of targets, but Failure Is the Only Option and it dumps you into the next scene as if you lost. (You still receive a hefty experience bonus if you win, though.)
  • Hot Witch: Dorsilla, in universe, and she boasts it. After her defeat, she wonders if her failure to conquer the world is because she's too pretty.
  • How Unscientific: Lucy does this a lot.
  • Idiot Hero: Reynold leans to this in the DLC.
  • I Got Old Marzipan
  • Ironic Echo: Dorsilla uses a recording of the main character to tear the sibling away from him/her. Dorian uses a recording of his sister to expose her plot to usurp Big Bones.

  "That's inadmissible!"

  • Kaiju: The battles become these. The various silly goblins transform into massive, uglier monsters, and the children transform into giant, more lifelike versions of what their costumes are supposed to represent.
  • Kids Are Cruel: The gang of mummy children. But it turns out the gang leader is the only one keeping their violent tendencies in check. This is played for laughs.
  • Kids Prefer Boxes: The first costume.
  • La Résistance: You help out the monsters against their oppressive new government in Grubbins On Ice. They even dress like Che Guevara. Citizens wonder why, despite being members of the resistance movement, you lack beards and berets.
  • Leaning on the Fourth Wall: Everett does this the most. Or maybe he just really likes Dungeons and Dragons.

 Everett: A mall? This looks more like a dungeon! Which I am totally prepared for! Hey look! A dungeon map!

Everett: He just took a natural 20 to the face and didn't take ANY damage!

  "Perhaps the full version will be a bit kinder to the fourth wall."

 Metxel: Now look what you made me do! I think one of them was my brother-in-law!

  • "What the Hell?" Dad: Played for laughs, the twins dad appears surly, glued to his chair and newspaper.
    • At the end of the game he finally gets off his chair and puts away his newspaper, to take a piece of candy from his kids, saying it's a "Dad Tax."
  • Woman Scorned: When Big Bones discovers Dorsilla's plot to usurp him, he breaks the deal with her and tell her to get lost. Not happy at all, she obeys, but not before boosting the heroes' power so they'll kick his ass.
  • Wrong Genre Savvy: Lucy, big time. Spouts a lot of science fiction (and science fact) in a magical setting.
  • You Mean "Xmas": Yeti Fest is a cross between Christmas and Groundhog Day.
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