Cosgrove Hall is a British animation studio, founded in 1976 by Brian Cosgrove and Mark Hall. Its products, mostly created for ITV, include:

Original series:

Adaptations of:

Most of its productions are traditional cel animation, but it has also done a number of stop-motion model animations, notably including (among those listed above) The Wind in the Willows and Truckers.

In 2003, Cosgrove Hall created Scream of the Shalka, an animated Doctor Who adventure starring Richard E. Grant. It was produced to mark the series's 40th anniversary, and also as a pilot for a possible revival of the series in animated form (although this fell through when Russell T. Davies independently got the green light to revive the series in its original live-action format). The studio returned to Doctor Who a few years later, commissioned to create new visuals for the two missing episodes of the serial "The Invasion" when it was released on DVD. It is not known whether they will be doing the same for next year's DVD release of "The Reign of Terror".

The company since disbanded, and Mark Hall has died, so there seems to be no going back.

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