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BnS dramatic pause

Steve Pauses Very Dramatically

You've Seen It a Million Times. The characters will be in a conversation when suddenly the scene changes to another location entirely... but the conversation continues as if no time has passed at all, despite how far away the new location was from the original one. Sometimes this will be avoided by a "I still don't get...", to make it seem like the characters have been talking all along, but usually they just scene transition and keep talking.

Subtrope of Time Skip. Related to Traveling At the Speed of Plot. The supertrope of Gilligan Cut and "I Know What We Can Do!" Cut.

Examples of Conversation Cut include:

Anime & Manga

  • In Ichigo Mashimaro, Hiroki Matsui, cosmetics salesman, is punched in the eye, breaking his glasses and causing them to hang under his nose by one ear, thanks to Nobue becoming convinced that he's a pedophile. A few panels later, he's in front of the company president, resigning. For whatever reason, he has not removed his glasses.


  • In the second chapter of My Immortal, Ebony and Willow have a conversation with the line "as we went out of the Slytherin common room and into the Great Hall" thrown in at one point. The Slytherin common room and the Great Hall are hardly next to each other, but Ebony and Willow apparently traversed the whole distance between two lines in their conversation.


  • This is played straight in Speed, where Keanu Reeve's character and his SWAT teammate start a conversation in a skyscraper, then the scene cuts to the roof of the building, where they finish it after running up several flights of stairs.
  • Scott Pilgrim vs. the World jumps around erratically in this manner several times.


Web Animation

  • Homestar Runner uses this in the sbemail "rock concert"; Strong Sad and Strong Bad carry on a conversation through several such cuts.


Western Animation

  • In one episode of Kim Possible, Drakken and Shego go from a flooding underwater lair to a supermarket and their conversation continues as if they'd never moved.
  • Lampshaded on The Simpsons, where someone who was trying to win Marge's heart said "Why ride when we can [scene switch to plane] glide!". She responds "I'm just glad you're talking. You didn't say anything for 40 minutes".
    • The Simpsons has started to breathe this trope lately. It's now impossible for them to do this straight, but they just love it too much.
  • Used in the second episode of My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic, with Twilight Sparkle reading the last known location of the Elements of Harmony, and the scene dissolves from the library into the location as she (and the other ponies) say "...the Everfree Forest!" Pinkie Pie does another one at the end of the episode:

 Pinkie Pie: "Hey, you know what this calls for?" (transitions to Ponyville) "A party!"

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