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  • Why do many (but to be fair not all) of the people who insist the Moon Landings were faked also believe that the government of the time had secret high technology (from aliens or secret science programs or whatever) stashed away somewhere like Area 51? The two theories [1] are completely incompatible. There are so many people that can vouch to the validity of the moon landings, and since it happened during the Cold War and a lot of the reasoning behind the space program was to show off to the USSR anyway, the USA had every motivation to use high tech if they had it.
    • Agreed. I think it's telling that nobody from NASA has come out and said "Yes, I participated in a cover-up." It would be VERY difficult to maintain a cover-up involving that many people.
    • This question really bothers me, and it runs on the disturbingly common and extremely faulty logic that if someone believes one conspiracy theory they automatically believe in all of them. Not all conspiracy theorists are lunatic nut-jobs with untreated or ignored mental illnesses. Some of them are just stupid or mistrusting.
      • Or better yet, maybe a few could even be correct. But in accordance with the above post, I agree it's unfair to say that every Conspiracy Theorist thinks that All Myths Are True. It's like telling me that I must still believe in Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny because I'm a Christian. And some theorists will source their arguments and site news reports from mainstream to back them up.
      • Do they tend to believe both? I'm pretty certain that believing in animal rights and fetus rights anti-correlate, when all logic suggests that the opposite should be true. Also, I don't see why those two theories would be incompatible. It's less likely that they faked the landing if they have advanced flight technology, but it's not impossible.


  1. except for the wackiest of the wacky who think that the reason the moon landings were faked was to cover up that there was actually aliens or something else on the Moon.
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