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Conkers Bad Fur Day, maybe as part of its nature as the game equivalent to South Park (in more ways than one), contains a lot of pop culture references.

This page only exists for a reason: listing them, which may well be as hard as the game itself.

The references are as follows (please list them in chapter order):

  • It wouldn't be a game by Rare unless there were shout outs to some of their other game franchises; during the main menu Banjo's head can be seen mounted on the wall over the fireplace in the bar, and Kazooie's head can be seen on the handle of an umbrella in the closet where the chapter select is.
    • Also, like the main page says, one idle animation has Conker pull out a Game Boy Color and play Killer Instinct on it (though Live & Reloaded replaced it with a made-up XBOX handheld for obvious reasons).
    • The Live & Reloaded version added a shout out to Grabbed By the Ghoulies in the menu: you can see Cooper vomiting in a toilet in the save file 3 select section. Also Live & Reloaded has a few shout outs to it's N64 counterpart. During the Hangover Chapter if you look around closely you can find Conker's old N64 War chapter helmet (since he gets an entirely new war costume and helmet in that chapter in Live & Reloaded), And in Windy in Live & Reloaded you can see a tree that shows it's time rings that counts how many years it's been between the N64 version of the game and the XBOX remake.
  • The opening to the game is a reference to the opening of A Clockwork Orange, with Conker narrating, holding milk in his hand, and with the same music from said scene (though Live & Reloaded replaced the milk glass with a goblet making the reference to the scene a little odd).
  • Conker's Helicoptery-Tail move is a reference to Tails and his ability to fly using his two Tails.
  • The Professor is of course a Captain Ersatz of Doctor Strangelove.
  • The Haybot boss in the Barn Boys chapter is a parody of the Terminator.
  • When Conker first throws sentient sweet corn to the Great Mighty Poo it mirrors a scene from Jaws.
  • During The Great Mighty Poo's song, a back and forth between Conker and the Great Mighty Poo ("My butt!" "Your butt?") may have been a nod to the Bugs Bunny short What's Opera, Doc?, where Bugs and Elmer have a similar exchange mid-song about his "spear and magic helmet".
  • When the Great Mighty Poo gets flushed away he paraphrases the Wicked Witch of the West when she melts.

  I'm flushing! I'm flushing! What a world! What a world! Oh, what a world! What a world! Who would have thought a good little squirrel like you could destroy my beautiful clagginess?

  • The password for admittance into the rock-men's club is Fellatio -- err, "Fidelio". The creators do seem to love their Kubrick.
  • The Bulldog Shark parodies the shark from Jaws, and the scene where the Catfish are killed and Conker runs up a pier to escape from the Bulldog are taken right from the movie.
  • In the Updated Rerelease, "Live and Reloaded", the Spooky chapter came with a Van Helsing costume for Conker.
  • Count Batula's appearance is modeled on Francis Ford Coppola's Dracula, though he lifts lines from Bela Lugosi's portrayal.

 "I never"

"Listen to them. The children of the night...what music they make"

  • The boat scene during the War chapter where the Squirrel Soldiers are being slaughtered on the beach by the Tediz, almost mirrors the D-Day scene from Saving Private Ryan (or at least as close as Rare could get what with the graphical limits of the N64).
    • A minor one but one of the scenes in the chapter select spoofs Saving Private Ryan's title as the scene is called Saving Private Rodent
    • The War chapter tips the hat to plenty of other war films as well, from Full Metal Jacket to Apocalypse Now.
  • Conker at one point early in the War chapter says "Tediz? I hate these guys!"
  • The Little girl experiment boss; when she reveals her true form her eyes change green and she turns her head 180 degrees. To drive the point home she says the following:

  Do you know what your fucking daughter did?

  • The beginning of the final chapter (Heist) is called Enter The Vertex. If the title isn't obvious enough, the first scene will drive the point home.
  • The final boss is a reference to Alien; in fact Conker repeats the "Get away from her you bitch!" line from Alien 2.
    • Also the last Alien boss is fought in a similar way to the Bowser boss fights in Super Mario 64, where you have to pick the Alien up by the Tail and spin them around, then let go to try and throw him out the airlock.
  • The sign next to Birdie reads "Feck off crows!".
  • Don Weaso beating Paulie to death with a Baseball Bat mirrors that famous scene from The Untouchables.
  • Greg the Grim Reaper seems to be the polar opposite of Discworld's Death. Whereas the first is portrayed as a deep-voiced, tall and imposing figure with a fondness of cats, the latter is a squeaky-voiced midget that hates those bloody critters with an undying bloody passion (but hates The Undead even more).
  • When Conker and Berri first meet the Panther King the shutters behind him open much like the ones that do in a scene from Star Wars.
    • Another Star Wars reference is that one of the bosses is named Buga the knut, which is a spoofed name of the character Jabba the Hut.
  • Before the final confrontation, Conker exchanges a chainsaw for a katana.
  • When offering Conker the manual to use the slingshot, Birdy first asks for some 'Mepsi pax'.
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