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Not to be confused with the band Conception.

Conception is a self-published (though not widely recognized) novel by the author under the pen-name of Seth Hodge. It is the Lighter and Softer prequel to his first work, Fatal-A Novel of Corrupted Innocence. It revolves around the young Maria Sonne, who, much like Senn, joins the Eternix Society, an archaeologic society, meeting Veros, Asen, and Melody. Everything is fine and dandy barring some confrontations with the mysterious K as everyone gets their weapons, starts training, and they go on their first excavation.

And then bad things happen.

This novel contains examples of:

  • Beach Episode: Chapter 7.
  • Expy: There's a lot of them.
    • Asen is an expy of pre-Purity's death Senn.
    • Veros is an expy of post-Purity's death Senn.
    • Asen also has a few characteristics of pre-Face Heel Turn Seya.
    • Chase is an expy of post-Face Heel Turn Seya.
    • Rylee is an expy of Shion.
    • Maria has VERY many aspects of other characters. She's essentially every Fatal character in one.
  • Flat What:

 Asen: "I know what you're trying to do. But I doubt she has feelings for an emotionless pit like yourself."

Veros: "What."

  • Fountain of Expies: Various aspects of Senn are recycled into the three core characters, as well as Chase.
  • Love Dodecahedron: Asen and Veros love Maria who also loves both of them, as well as Asen loving Melody, but Lyn also is implied to love both Asen and Veros, but Skye seems to love Lyn, but Sera is implied to love Skye and Vant, who loves Dawn.
  • Mind Wipe: Subverted. After Veros kills Chase and is confronted by his sister Rylee, Maria regains conciousness and while the commotion is occuring, silently takes the three Artifacts of Doom and wishes to the Stronghold for everyone to "start over". She gets one last meeting with Asen and Veros before Erestia takes a 180 turn and almost everyone is given a new roll and identity, though still maintaining a very small portion of their memories.
  • Mood Whiplash: Inklings start at around chapter 6 or so with Dawn's death which is quickly dropped but it goes full force at the end of Sector A when Melody's Heroic Sacrifice to keep Chase from killing Maria occurs. The story then gets nearly as dark as Fatal before culminating in a very light Fridge Logic-y ending.
  • Parental Incest: Maria's father raped her prior to the events of the story. Unfortunate Implications given the title, though which means something else entirely.
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