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  • According to the end credits, there's a character named Xaltotun in the 2011 movie. I don't recall the name ever being uttered during the film. In the original stories by Robert E. Howard, Xaltotun is the major antagonist of The Hour of the Dragon - and he happens to be an Acheronian sorcerer. It would have been so natural to include him in the film, but apparently his name has been relegated to some minor character?
    • He's probably the Acheronian necromancer from the film's prologue. And if that's the case, they may have been planning to include him in a sequel at some point.
  • I haven't read any Conan stories but how come Conan is always pictured as wearing barely any clothing or armor? Is he that sure of himself that he is never going to get cut or wounded?
    • Covers Always Lie. Conan does in fact wear armor whenever he has the opportunity in Howard's actual stories, and one of his canon talents is the ability to remain stealthy and silent while wearing heavy armor. Though admittedly, there's quite a few stories where he ends up captured or something and stripped to his skivvies and is forced to fight near naked, but that's not the norm.
    • Basically Conan gets shown mostly-naked for the same reason his girl-of-the-episode usually gets shown mostly-naked: to catch your attention and/or titillate.
  • In The Hall Of The Dead there is a giant slug that spews acid and can't be killed with a sword.Conan eventually kills it by dropping gargoyles on it.My questions are

1:How can a slug grow that big? 2:How can the slug's skin be able to resist slashes from a sword?

3:How can any animal spew acid? I looked up slugs and none of them can spew acid or any other poison or liquid. 4:How can it be restless? It said it never tires.

    • You're not terribly familiar with the concept of "fantasy", are you? Conan the Barbarian is Swords and Sorcery. Nobody's expecting the giant slug to be scientifically, biologically viable.
  • What is the most vicious,terrifying creature Conan has ever fought?
    • All of them. Or, if you want a more clever-sounding and pseudo-philosophical answer, "Man."
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